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Notify me of new posts by email. Great suggestions on book 2. I think yours and Elle's ideas are good about what makes a book 2 good and not just a rehash of book 1. Yours is brilliant BTW. Thanks for this post; I'm definitely bookmarking it. One book that I think did a great job being the cream of the Oreo is Catching Fire. It seems like it shouldn't have worked--Katniss even went into the arena again--but it so did.

I think it worked partially because it sort of served as a foil to pre-Hunger Games Katniss: instead of looking out to save her own life, she's willing to die to save Peeta's. Instead of playing lone wolf throughout the thing, she teams up with other tributes. With a little prodding from Haymitch, Katniss does pretty much the opposite of what she did the first time. So there was always new material, new directions being played out.

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I've read some second books that were just more of the same. Not sure how I managed to make my second book so different from the first. I'm now more worried that the third one will be too similar to the second. Excellent points here Elana! And perfect timing as I dig back into book 2 re-writes. I think I'm on the right track according to your post, but I'm bookmarking it to refer to as needed.

Wow, such a great post! I'm not at a book 2 part yet, though hope to be at some point. I wanted to make sure it was it's own book, so I made sure the ending of book 1 could introduce a new problem for book 2. Still trying to figure out how to make the character arcs though so this really helped! I like the "next" books to be totally different than the first books except be the same.

HA figure that out. I guess it's like going to a family reunion in a different location than the year before. The peeps and the dynamics are the same but things are different. I agree, second books do often seem to suffer from "sagging middle syndrome" like we get when writing some stand alones The pace also seems to suffer sometimes to me Differences can work, but sometimes it's the patterns that hold interest..

Every book a different school year, a different Dark Arts teacher I love fresh characters and conflict in a second book! I feel that they enrich the conflict and the storyline that is already put in place. Great tips, Elana I hope I can get to working on my trilogy sometime soon after revisions are done!

The Bible (miniseries) - Wikipedia

This is great. Some second books are a waste of paper. Others are kind of bummers, but that can be the nature of the trilogy format, sandwiched in the middle.

The End Time Revelation Strategy II.

I'm definitely going to bookmark these. And then I hated book two. For me the biggest problem was that the main character knew it all now. She no longer had an internal conflict, and she was so skilled in fighting, that I never worried if she would make it or not with her external conflict. So the tension and the yearning was totally lost. I made a mental note when I read it: characters must still have BIG struggles and still not be perfect!

I really enjoyed reading this post and getting your thoughts on this. It makes me think back to the Star Wars triliogy the original three, not the additons recently. The problem was revealed and the underdog made a statement, briefly coming out on top until the sequel where things looked their darkest. But out of the darkness, the MC and their great cas of characters came out on top to win again and bring things to a new place to start.

That's pretty amazing! I just don't think I have it me to do a trilogy! But this is some good advice I'll add to my stash for later in case I ever change my mind. Great advice. Trilogies are huge and it's nice to see some advice floating around. My favorite Book 2's usually don't just expand characters and settings, but the depth of both. In the early books of Harry Potter we learn a new secrets about Hogwarts, new characters make an appearance. The ladder books though deepen these secrets, even making you question other facts and events. Your perspective of the characters shift and change into simething new.

The world and people are no longer a map but a globe. And we all know that you can't see the entire surface of a globe. But you want to. Does that make sense? Elana, I bookmarked this post, because this is exactly what I need right now. Desperately hoping. I'm more inclined to think that every book in a trilogy should be about the main character changing, or overcoming some obstacle, not just waiting until the second book.

Otherwise, I feel like I have no interest in reading Book 2 because in Book 1, the MC was so uninteresting and unchanging. I'm less inclined to root for a character who didn't learn anything by the end of the 1st book. Just my two cents. I like this post series of yours! Great post!

I'm currently putting off writing the second book in my trilogy precisely because I'm afraid it'll simply be a repeat of Book 1, but your fantastic tips have definitely helped me think about what makes it different! I'll be sure to keep this in mind! I completely agree that Book Two is probably the hardest to write in a trilogy. Such great things to consider! Forget the wisdom of Justin Bieber - bring on the wisdom of Elana!

That really puts things into perspective for me. A great example of the second act of a trilogy is Back to the Future Part Two. It's just the middle. The story of Part Two is resolved, but its main purpose is to get us to Part Three. Heavy, huh? I think the best thing to do to make sure each book has its own story is to make multiple story plans or arcs--one for the series as a whole and one for each book. Give the characters a unique set of objectives, set of trials, everything.

Everything that happens, of course, must tie into the overall series story, but in a way each book must have a story that uniquely belongs to it. Harry Potter is an excellent example of this. The "Save the Cat" method is great. Post a Comment. Find Me Online. Okay, so last week we started our exploration of writing a trilogy. I'm back today to talk about the second part of the trilogy: Book Two. I think Book Two is the hardest. Let's just get that out in the open up front.

The author has the challenge of living up to Book One, and the characters aren't new. The world isn't new. The problems aren't new.