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Advantages of co-sleeping

  1. My mother's bed will always be the safest space — for me, and now, for my children
  2. My Mother's Good Death | Family
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  4. Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing
  5. What is co-sleeping?

Only 60 babies adopted last year. Hospitals won't reveal babies' sex. It follows years of mounting concerns over cot deaths in Britain, and the risk that a mother could injure or suffocate her child while sleeping. A recent study of sudden infant deaths in the UK found that almost two-thirds of unexplained deaths happened when bed-sharing was involved. While the National Childbirth Trust is in favour of newborns sleeping in their mothers' beds, under a strict set of guidelines, the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths remains against it.

It recommends that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a cot in his or her parent's room - but not in their bed.

My mother's bed will always be the safest space — for me, and now, for my children

Dr Bergman, however, insisted that cot deaths and other infant injuries were not caused by the presence of the mother. Dr Bergman, who founded a movement called 'Kangaroo Mother Care', emphasising the benefits of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her newborn, studied the sleeping patterns of 16 infants for the research. He found that the babies hearts were under up to three times more stress when they slept in a cot, rather than on their mother's chest. The study also revealed disruption to the brain sleep cycle, which is vital in the organ's development, in babies sleeping in cots.

The Serious Stuff

Dr Bergman warned that a lack of sleep at this stage could cause behavioural problems for the child in later life. When I grew up and left home I maintained the habit of reporting in, knowing that my mother kept a weather eye on my small ship and my father had my back if I got into trouble. My unique relationship was a sturdy, three-sided, earthquake-proof triangle, with me at the apex and my parents, equal angles at the base.

How my siblings saw themselves, it never occurred to me to ask in my self-assured youth. Not until we were all a lot older and faced with the imminent loss of our parents did a few of us examine and compare our imagined positions in the family geometry.

Bottom left: With Mum at my graduation in Right: Mum and Dad's wedding in He chose this role after going into freefall in midlife — his job, his marriage, lost — and it suited all parties to have him move into the converted garage and satisfy his tendencies towards reclusiveness, introspection and a preoccupation with politics. The arrangement allowed the rest of us to breeze in, spend a few hours, then breeze out again.

My Mother's Good Death | Family

Increasingly, when I visited, my parents, especially my mother, would try to sell my brother to me, piling on the good and downplaying the rest — his lack of regard for putting things away, for instance, which always got my back up and must have shown on my face. I was talking to his back, taking in the full picture of a space that had once been a refuge furnished by my parents and now looked like a homeless dive under a bridge.

After no comeback from me he struck a match and flicked on the TV. Her world had shrunk to one room, twice daily nursing care and a hoist to carry her like a baby to the shower. A botched hip replacement in the 80s, followed by infections, further surgeries, and eventual removal of the prosthesis, had left her first lame, and then crippled, able to manage with sticks, then with a walker then a wheelchair then nothing. Certainly it was a kind of wistful regret which made its way to the surface in her dreams. I nearly caught her too. Was she afraid of the final moments?

Did she hope Dad was waiting for her behind the curtain? I already knew the answer, but was hoping she might elaborate on her non-belief.

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But now the game had changed. I had some leverage.

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I gained an inch by trying a lateral approach. This got her attention.

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While I tidied her bedside table and sorted out her tablets, she picked up the story. We went over his bizarre twisting contortions that looked to us like retreat from hot irons. We picked over our thoughts on the specialist palliative doctor who saw Dad for all of two minutes, wrote up his drugs, and vanished.

Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing

Together we rewrote the ending. Heroic we called it. At least, not in the specific way I was hoping for. All she would say was that matters were in hand. Top: Dad comforts Mum during a hospital stay in Bottom left: Me and Mum at my second marriage in Right: My youngest sister. Alice, my mother, was born in late January , the second of eight children. When she was 18 her younger brother Powell was killed at a railroad crossing, a passenger in a car driven into the path of a goods train.

We all came home from work or school or wherever, to find the house so still we could hear the clock ticking. Dad was the last to arrive. He came through the door with his important face on, which meant we had to be quiet and listen. No-one knew quite what to do. We girls peeled potatoes and tried to figure out how long it took for a leg of lamb to roast. The boys shoved their hands in their pockets and gave us wary looks.

We carried on this way for ten days, being awkward with each other, faking normal life in an atmosphere of unaccustomed uncertainty. On the eleventh day, Dad brought Mum home. She was pale and downcast, but happy to see us. The others crept around, but I wanted answers. Her preference for the indoors kicked in at about this time. Knowing that we will never know each other as mother and child even though I am his mother, and he my son. What I am continually realizing during this process is that that is okay. He has a mother and father and older sister, and he also has me.

When I need strength on those darker days, I remind myself of that.

What is co-sleeping?

This is an exclusive story to Love What Matters. For permission to use, email Exclusive LoveWhatMatters. You can follow her journey on Instagram. Do you have a similar experience? She turned and looked at me. Until now. Provide beauty and strength for others.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Buhrman My gyno told me by the time I took the at-home test I was already two months along.

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