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She's also particularly good at capturing how the upper classes try to cling desperately to their standing, even when it has become irrelevant. For all the talk about nation, and national honour, and a supposed willingness to do whatever is necessary, most of her characters -- especially the upper class ones -- are only looking out for number one -- and often oblivious to the actual state of affairs.

It continually destroyed the world of the imagination, the only world where he felt happy. It was like a shrill, brutal trumpet shattering the fragile crystal walls he'd taken such pains to build in order to shut out the rest of the world. The father is a curator at the Beaux-Arts, the oldest son a priest, another too young to join the fight but eager to. Their journey out of Paris is quite the ordeal, but covers the entire experience of the French collapse very well; the human toll proves, here as elsewhere, largely unnecessary, but they are desperate times, leading some to desperate actions.

A contrasting fate is that of the Michauds, bank employees who the manager, Corbin, promises he'll help evacuate, then ditches to make room for his mistress Arlette and -- in a typical touch -- her dog. Typically also, the two are then ordered to be in Tours "the day after tomorrow at the latest. I must have all my staff. The upper-class attitude occasionally verges close to the ridiculous, but it is very funny.

Corbin -- who complains about the Michauds having "a nice holiday" when they have no option but to stay in Paris -- is a particularly lovely example.

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The nudity itself might not have offended his wife -- she was a person with a great deal of common sense -- but the dancer was wearing a magnificent necklace. His wife refused to believe him. As for Arlette, there was no sign of her. He had heard she was in Bordeaux and was often seen in the company of German officers. The Germans hardly figure here. There's some bombing, and their presence is what drives everyone onward, but in many respects they're almost benign. It is not the slaughter that comes with them -- and most of the damage seen in the book is inflicted by the French upon themselves.

Dolce is, by comparison, more pedestrian, neither as sharp nor as bright as Storm in June. The action is more focussed here, on the town of Bussy, as it is occupied for the third time by the Germans. There is some overlap of characters from the first novel. Where Storm in June was a novel of unsettled flight, Dolce is almost static.

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Uncertainty still prevails, but the Germans seem more like a temporary inconvenience than a true threat. There are warnings, new rules, and a good deal is verboten , but the Germans are presented as being almost terribly civilized. One of the central figures is Bruno von Falk, a lieutenant billeted at the Angelliers. He gets close to Lucile whose husband, Gaston, is a prisoner of war while her mother-in-law refuses to even speak with him. He is a model guest, and helps where he can; only once does he let things get out of hand, but even there he maintains control before going too far.

Madame Angellier is not the only one who won't speak with the Germans; the Perrins even get Lucile to act as an intermediary to collect some of their goods from their house, a haughty attitude Bruno is willing to play along with. As Bruno told Lucile: "The very first day we arrived," he'd said, "there was a package of anonymous letters waiting for us at Headquarters. People were accusing one another of spreading English and Gaullist propaganda, of hoarding supplies, of being spies. If we'd taken them all seriously, everyone in the region would be in jail.

I had the whole lot thrown on to the fire.

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People's lives aren't worth much and defeat arouses the worst in men. In Germany it was exactly the same. They refused to share their wealth and food with anyone -- not only refusing to share it, but refusing even to sell the surplus they had. It's their right to do they as the please, they think, and even in these times they won't help the rabble. Your wood, your fruit, your fish, your game, your hens, you wouldn't sell any of it, you wouldn't give any of it away for all the money in the world.

Your husband the Mayor makes fancy speeches about helping one another and the rest of it. You must be bloody joking! Are we asking for charity?

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But that's exactly what bothers you, isn't it? You'd be happy to do it as charity because you like humiliating poor people, but when it comes to doing a favour, as equals -- 'I'm paying for what I take' -- you're off like a shot. Still, she handles it tolerably well, and it does move things forward, allowing for a realignment of interests and relationships that works quite well. She took the plate and glass from Lucile, rinsed them in her dressing-room washstand, carefully dried them and put away the bottle after checking the label. Table wine?

Suite Française Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Yes, well done! Thank goodness it was dark in the cellar and I was lucky enough to take a bottle of red wine worth only three francs. All interested attendees please contact us by e-mail at alliance afphila. About Us Board. Pierre C. Fraley Scholarship.

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