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Magic Bites is a hard book to describe. If you are a genuine, die-hard urban fantasy fan, you will like this book. At pages, it appears deceptively slim. However, there's a lot of information, adventure, description, and incredibly good writing in that relatively small amount of pages. I will admit that this book made being confused and baffled fun for me. I had a lot of questions as I was reading. Still do.

But that's kind of nice. Kate Daniels is one of the best urban fantasy heroines I've had the pleasure to meet. I've said before that I don't care for arrogant, braggadocious, posturing characters. She doesn't posture. She simply is a bad-ass, but down to earth, at the same time. She doesn't run around in bustiers, low-riding leather pants, and stiletto heels, climbing out of bed with some random guy long enough to kick-butt.

She wears clothes that facilitate her ability to kick ass and to keep herself alive. Being cute is all good and well, but in her world, being cute might get her killed. Her only vanity is her long hair, which she keeps in a braid most of the time. Lethal abilities aside, Kate is very feminine. She can appreciate a cute guy, and she had flaws and weaknesses just like the rest of us armchair kickbutt heroines.

I like her no-nonsense view of the world, her snarky sense of humor, and the fact that she likes to pull the lion by the tail, sometimes literally. I thought she was an interesting character. She has some emotional wounds that she is dealing with, and tends to keep her own company. It's nice to see a thoughtful, almost brooding heroine in this genre. Andrews earned my respect. The Atlanta that she has created is a very fascinating place.

I still don't understand all of what occurred to make Atlanta very much like a dystopic wastleland, but I didn't have to understand that to enjoy this book. I do know that magic plays a huge hand in the catastrophe that hit this fair Southern city. It seems to surge and ebb, like the electricity brownouts that were hitting California when I lived out there.

For all the importance that magic plays in this story, Ms. Andrews is never heavy-handed with the use of magic. In fact, she lightly and skillfully builds a storyline that is credible and interesting around the tendrils of magic power wielded in different ways by many of the characters in this novel. And better yet, she was able to create a female magic-wielder who wasn't a witch. I believe there are far too many witch urban fantasy and paranormal heroines.

It's gotten to the point where it's almost cliche'. Her use of folklore is clever and well-placed. She takes a different direction with vampires, shapechangers, and mages. I must say I've never seen vampires described in the manner in which they exist in this story.

They are quite gruesome and almost pitiful in Kate Daniels' world. I have to say that Ilona Andrews writing is high class. She sets the scenes very well, using language in just the right way, to keep the story flowing forward. She employs the noir elements that I enjoy in urban fantasy and occult detective novels very well. Better yet, she treats the reader with respect, understanding that popular fiction readers like to be challenged and fully engaged.

She seems to understand that just because we enjoy fantastic, escapist material, it doesn't mean that we want to read something meaningless and without substance. In fact, I felt as though I was reading a police procedural with magical and horrific elements a sure sign of a good occult detective novel. I thought I had figured out who the killer was fairly early on and was about to be disappointed , but I was way off.

When the reveal happens, it comes at you in such a manner that you cannot help but admire how skillfully the red herring and clues were laid out. As I read this book, my brain, which always tries to make order and sense of things, tried to think of a way to categorize and classify this book and the world within it.

I never came up with a concrete classification. But that's a good thing. It's nice to find something new within a well-loved genre, and to encounter a novel reading experience at the same time. This book delivered that to me. If I were to make any literary allusions, I would consider this book to have incorporated the story traditions of the tales of medieval knights, with a modern and often horrific spin. If I could describe Kate in any quick way, I would call her a knight-mercenary. She has the requisite sword, although she lacks the steed that usually goes with the package To my pleasant surprise, there is quite a bit of horse-riding in this book, but Kate doesn't have her own horse.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see her wearing her armor. Maybe in the next books. Any urban fantasy heroine has to have a potential spark, if you will. That's where Curran, The Beast Lord, comes in. He's impressive, let's leave it at that. He's not just a potential love interest, but a powerful ally. These two butt heads in the most delightful ways. As the Beast Lord, and a lion shapeshifter, Curran's used to being in charge, and Kate lives by the 'you're not the boss of me' philosophy. I look forward to more fighting alongside, and flirting with Curran in the next books. This book is quite dark.

Blood and blood magic and guts aplenty, dark deeds, dark magic, dark creatures. This is a book for a reasonably mature reader, in that regard. Being a big fan of Magic Noir thank you, Brad, for letting me steal your fantastic term , I enjoyed those aspects. But I did wince at a few particularly gruesome scenes. The villain is a very disturbing individual, in more ways than one. Everything in this story has an edge to it.

That's not a bad thing to this reader, since she enjoys a little darkness in her fiction. But if you tend to enjoy the lighter urban fantasy stories, you'd want to be prepared when you read this one. Now there is humor, but it's of the drier, more wry, and grimmer variety. If you like the hero to get banged up and injured quite a bit, you'll enjoy that about this novel. Kate definitely faces jeopardy, again and again. The stakes are particularly high in this novel, in ways that you need to read to find out.

Vampire vs Werewolf - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

So, after so much rambling, I have to say that this urban fantasy fan has found a new series of which she intends to fully avail herself. Kate Daniels is my newest knight in shining armor. Let the adventures continue.

Truckstop Bloodsuckers - First Bite (Prequel)

View all 72 comments. Jun 27, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , urban-fantasy , read-in , paranormal. This was a really dry book. I mean So, I originally read this at the prompting of my BFF back in , and was so underwhelmed it took me 4 years to pick up the second book. And, no I didn't bother doing a re-read of book 1 beforehand.

I was simply so sick and tired of all my friends telling me what a great series I was missing out on, that I just snatched up 2 and dove in. I fully expected to hate it. However, Magic Burns was fantastic, and set me on the path of becoming a rabid fan of no This was a really dry book. However, Magic Burns was fantastic, and set me on the path of becoming a rabid fan of not only this series, but of anything the Ilona Andrews duo writes. And even though I've pretty much read everything else that I can get my hands on, I'd still never attempted a re-read of Magic Bites.

All I could remember was what a chore it felt like to slog through, and some vague Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty It was love at first sight for those two Fast forward 7 years, and here I am. Finally going back to see what happened to kick off one of my favorite series ever! I felt sure it would be awesome! THIS: Ok. So, yes , it was better this time around. Now that I know what the world is like, see where all of this is going with Kate and Curran, know what's up with all of the cryptic references to her father and her blood, and recognize characters that will become important staples in this universe in later books - it wasn't chore to get through it.

I still say this is one of the worst intro books ever. At least, to such a fabulous series. The first book of a new series should WOW you. It should be so delicious that it slaps you across the face, knocks you off your feet, makes you want to come back for more. This was dry and crunchy with an oddly unspecific taste to it. This time around, I'd give it 4 stars because I love these characters SO much, and seeing them meet and fight was unbelievably worthwhile. But there's still a teeny-tiny part of my brain that realizes this book was boring enough that it took me 7 years to bring myself to do a re-read.

I wish I could just be like, Nah, this was great! I don't know what you fools are talking about! And admitting that I understand why a lot of people don't continue with the series after reading this pains me Ok, so here's the deal: if you read this and thought it sucked, for the love of God, just read the second book before you decide to give up. And, NO, don't go back and try to do a re-read of this one first! Move on to book 2, and the recaps will get you through. For anyone who truly did enjoy this book the first time around, know that I'm not saying it's crap, just that I don't believe it does a good job showing how awesome these characters or this world will become in the future.

View all 60 comments. Oct 23, Katerina rated it really liked it Recommended to Katerina by: Vippi. Shelves: paranormal , urban-fantasy. But then in safer times, I'd be a woman without a job. The safe-tech world had little use for a magic-touting mercenary like me. Where necromancers control vampires and every nightmarish mythical creature turns out to be real , eager to devour human flesh.

Welcome to Atlanta. Greg Feldman was my legal guardian and the closest thing to a family I've had for many years. I want to find the scum who killed him. When her guardian is brutally murdered but no one seems to know by whom and why, she takes matters in her own hands and crosses paths with shapechanger lords, necromancers and vampires trying to get answers. But when she is targeted by a creature more devious and ruthless than anything she's ever encoutered, she has to make choices that will affect others and decide who is worthy of her trust and who deserves to be run through by her magic blade.

Thoughts Magic Bites was the introduction to an action-packed , drama-free and gruesome saga. I must admit there were many times I felt confused and my brain hurt from the effort to understand, because the world-building was slow with many questions unanswered, and that's the reason I rated it with 4 stars. That being said, I immensely enjoyed this book!

Despite being difficult to get into, it kept me hooked and I was eager to learn more, to dive into magic adventures and bloody fights! I've read my fair share of urban fantasy but this series was different from my regular YA ones. More mature, darker, crueller and slightly disgusting unless you are unfazed by mutilated corpses and a huge variety of body fluids , yet fascinating and extremely engaging. Sarcastic, confident and smart-ass, she'll face danger without blinking and she'll slay anything that gets in her way.

She's not a team player and she can't tolerate any form of authority. She doesn't have any friends, her life evolves around blood and magic. And she has a sword named Slayer. That's what we call badass. But Kate isn't the only badass here. How about a shapechanger whose beast form is a lion, sexy as hell, arrogant and stubborn alpha-male asshole?

Meet Curran, also known as sex-on-a-stick. While romance isn't the main focus of Magic Bites, you can sense that things will get intimate between Kate and Curran because holy. They barely tolerate each other because they're so much alike, and they constantly bicker and that's why when they finally get together I expect explosions and fireworks! If you're in the mood for a darker urban fantasy book full of blood and gore , then don't hesitate to grab the Kate Daniels series! Instagram Twitter Facebook BookNest View all 41 comments. Oct 30, Lola rated it it was amazing Recommended to Lola by: missEvi [can't commit to a book].

Shelves: recommended-by-a-friend , werewolves , magic , mystery , vampires , shapeshifters , kick-ass-heroine , adult , urban-fantasy , action. Curran, where have you been all my life? Because he simply stole my heart from the very beginning. Must be due to his sense of humour, handsomeness and, of course, alpha personality and status. Damn you, lucky Kate.

First Bite

I wish I could pay him a visit myself. And not a single moment of boredom, throughout the read, was present, especially when he was around. Kate Daniels may remind you of some other strong, kick-ass, sarcastic and brutal honest heroines in other UF series. Gift of the Raven. I am my father's gift. She was completely unpredictable, a little reckless sometimes I admit, but definitely entertaining and intelligent too.

The world-building is one of the things I liked best about this first book in a series, along with every element composing it, such as the characters, the different types of supernatural creatures, the magic which was fitting the plot well, the mystery which held me captive until the very last page, the pacing that was at a perfect speed and the little bit of romance that the author aloud us to witness. Or an 'and'. So, I would highly highly recommend this story to you, if you normally enjoy urban fantasy books.

The IT team thinks the site might implode if I do. PM me for details. Let's dance. I'm the short one in the middle, in case you were wondering. The more inconspicuous, the more nefarious and stuff. Up up up the rating goes. Bye now. Looks like there's something on your wall. Well hello there you friendly neighbourhood spiderman. Throw a knife, slice a throat. Today's going to be a good day. Discuss your investigative techniques : annoy the people involved until the guilty party tries to make you go away. Always works wonders. Try to radiate integrity and decency of character.

Doesn't work. Give him your knockout smile. She just had a vision of you sitting cross-legged on the grass, eating a corpse. A big cat! Here kitty kitty kitty! Give the beast your best cryptic smile. Try to impress him with Slayer's useless but very cool white glow. Fail miserably. Watch him go from bombshell blonde to barbarian king in less time than it takes to blink. Throw up in your mouth a little.

Head to shower. The phone rings. Step out of shower. It's Mr Hot Toothpaste asking you out. Wow, did you just say yes to a date? Yes you did. Head back to shower. Oh goody. Somebody kill me now. It's Jim. Gives you hell but puts up with your shit. He doesn't have a choice. Who else is going to help his furry ass anyway? Pay your new Pack friends a visit. Piss His Furry Majesty off a little. He better get used to it. Go visit the People's shithole. Look at lovely vampire family pictures : intestines, brain, heart, bladder, colon, oesophagus, lungs, liver, kidneys.

It's like a build-your-own-vampire Ikea kit! Very cool. Take it home to try a new recipe. Add some herbs. A drop of blood. Chant a little. Wakey wakey vampire head! Chat about tattoos, ravens and the odds of getting an orgasm with a blind date. Hey, it looks like someone is trying to take advantage of an injured, naked woman.

About time! Someone knocks on your door. What now? Oh look, the Beast Lord! And here you were thinking it would be someone important.

His Fussiness compares you to an elephant. Try and refrain from kicking his ass. Cut cut cut, slice slice slice, cleave cleave cleave. Play the disembowelment game. Fun times. A blanket of undead on the ceiling! Rip a heart out , mix a blood cocktail, pilot a few vamps, play with fire, pass out. Same old, same old. Want to jump in? Err, no thank you. Places to go, things to do and all that. Dress up. Fancy restaurant. Well if that isn't His Furry Highness sitting across the room from you!

Here, have some milk kitty cat. Get some sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed. Err, is that a human head on a stick? In your yard? Will this day never end? A giant bone puzzle! It's just like sorting out dirty laundry! Vamps on the right, shifters on the left! Good times. Feel like shit. Get drunk. Uh-oh, bad idea.

Looks like you're on the menu tonight. Piss His Furriness off. So what else is new? The Beast Lord wishes you good luck. Concentrate Kate, concentrate. Why me? Make a little magic, speak a few power words, play with fire again. Oh look! A see-through villain! Take that you vicious bastard! Feel like you're dying a little. Unexpected hellish nursemaid.

No nails. New job. The Beast Lord can't hammer shit. Oh boy. View all 58 comments. Jan 04, Tatiana rated it it was ok Recommends it for: urban fantasy lovers. Shelves: urban-fantasy , I've read enough urban fantasy to know that the genre is extremely formulaic, just like, let's say, the genre of historical romance. Basically, you are aware of what exactly you are going to get from the get-go.

Unfortunately, I will have to put "Magic Bites" into the pile of urban fantasy I doubt I will ever get I've read enough urban fantasy to know that the genre is extremely formulaic, just like, let's say, the genre of historical romance. I can see how Ilona Andrews might have lost numerous readers within just the first couple of chapters. She throws us in the middle of her world without explaining anything at all.

Only pages later do we get enough information to understand previous events. A perfect example is the opening scene of "Magic Bites" where Kate throws a knife into a vampire's throat and then this vampire starts talking to her in a voice of some other character. Finally two chapters later you find out that in Andrews' world vampires are basically brainless zombies who are operated by necronavigators. This kind of thing happens repeatedly. Some readers might enjoy such cryptic type of writing based on extensive withholding of information.

However in this case I don't think the effect is intentional, it seems to be more indicative of poor writing skills. I might have overlooked the bad writing after all, you do eventually get a better understanding of the world and start keeping up with the events , if only I felt attached to the world or the characters.

No luck here unfortunately. Patricia Briggs calls "Magic Bites" "an edgy, dark fantasy, touched with just the right amount of humor" in her blurb on the book cover.

Top 50 Vampires

The novel is not particularly or at all humorous, but it is dark indeed. In fact, "Magic Bites" is probably the darkest and goriest urban fantasy I've come across so far. Andrews doesn't shy away from incorporating split open chests, exposed colons, dead flesh eating monsters, etc. So if you are not into this kind of thing, you might want to reconsider reading this book. Sometimes it works I liked the shapechanger concept , sometimes it seems ridiculous "feeding" your sword a mixture of wheat with some iron bits. I personally find this world ugly and very vaguely defined.

For instance, I still have no understanding of what exactly "magic" is. Is it some kind of energy force? Who can be in possession of magic? How is it used?


I've seen it operate cars, I've seen it applied telepathically, through incantation, via a sword, with the help of herbs in this book. I still have no idea what it is. I would also love to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the human and magic world. Do they co-exist? How much are they aware of each other?

What is humans' attitude towards the magical creatures and vice versa? Or I would love to know what exactly the Guild and its diviners and protectors do. Or what Kate does as a mercenary. And finally, the main character. Kate Daniels will appeal to you if you like your heroines tough, almost man-like, very gloomy, with no sense of humor and irresistibly appealing to all the males in the vicinity to be fair, this is a common theme in urban fantasy.

I would have liked her more if Andrews didn't write her so ever defiant and in constant need to get confrontational with every person man of power around her. She softens up a little bit towards the end of the book, but unfortunately too late in the game for me to change my opinion about her. Overall, "Magic Bites" didn't quite work for me. The mystery kept me turning pages, but I finished the book without a desire to continue on with the series. It doesn't mean, however, that this novel will not work for you. It might, especially if you like your urban fantasy dark and gory and your sword-wielding heroines tough and defiant.

View all 35 comments. Sep 12, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it Shelves: book-boyfriend-material , re-read , fantastic-fantasy , reads , witches-warlocks-and-magic , super-sidekicks , uf-pnr , kick-ass-heroines , adorable-alphas , chick-i-want-to-hang-out-with. There is a little plotting issue that is fuzzy but overall great start to one of my favorite UF series. But I had totally forgotten who the bad guy was and why. I guess we all know what I really cared about. I even forgot there was a Zombie Dragon!!!

A freaking Zombie Dragon and I had totally forgotten about it…. It all just gets better from here. They have come a long way as a writing team and I enjoyed this book maybe even a little more the second time through. I love the early Kate and all the posturing she and Curran do to prove who is top dog or cat as the case may be. The humor is still there but it gets so much better in the later books.

I enjoyed the beginning a little more because I understand the magic or this world and I could focus on other details this time around. Add to Wishlist Free Ebook. Some stories have been previously published. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF.

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These are 11 stories about love and paranormal romance. These works of fiction are from some of today's most exciting authors. May Rae of Hope by W. Download now while it's free! Tangled up in Ice. Book 1. I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I crash into him: Jackson Ludlow The recluse billionaire of New York Once, he had everything a man could want. Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved. We are all wrong for each other. The only thing we have in common is that we both have secrets.

And the closer we get, the more they threaten to destroy us. Erica Stevens. For mature teens or older. Outlander: A Novel. Unforgettable characters. Rich historical detail. And no, having an unabashed love for the early Seasons doesn't make you fan enough apparently. But if it will make you feel better I can gladly stop talking about BW alltogether.

I'll just join convos that don't have to do with the movie. Though call me crazy but when critics and moviegoers agree on the basics of a movie directing, acting, dialogue, plot, story, pacing, action etc. But I'm out of the BW discussion so have fun. I'm not quite out of it yet. I love the franchise. I just don't like the direction the last two movies took. If you don't like our opinions then just leave. I will not keep my opinion to myself just because it annoys someone. I also don't appreciate someone telling me that I'm not a fan of the Underworld franchise just because I don't like the direction that the last two movies took.

Yellowantphil wrote: Something just occurred to me: if Alexia and Marius are lovers, what if they had a child? I'm not convinced. To me Marius just seems to be using Alexia to further his plans regarding Selene and Eve and then the destruction of the Vampires , I doubt that if Alexia got pregnant by him that he'd allow the baby to survive. Also, since Alexia's a Death Dealer, I'm not sure that she would've been able to conceal a pregnancy from the other Vampires, let alone hide a half-Lycan child from them.

I just want to mention that everyone is free to come here and talk about the Underworld series, and that includes criticism of the series. And it would be tricky for Alexia to disappear from the Coven for at least seven months if she got pregnant. So, what are Marius motivations, other than wanting Selene and Eve's blood?

Does he has some personal vendentta against Selene or the Vampires in general? What he would have done after having enhanced his powers? Yellowantphil wrote: I just want to mention that everyone is free to come here and talk about the Underworld series, and that includes criticism of the series. I've never said that anyone had to leave or that they can't criticize a far from perfect franchise. I just said that criticism for the sake of criticism is not helping, especially about a movie that again they didn't have watched yet The result will be that when they eventually had the oportunity to watch it, their opinion will be already done before it even started Many or most Lycans would have vendentta against vampires for enslaving them for centuries then attempting to commit genocide of their race.

I doubt Marius will have deep personal history. One problem with Michael begging for mercy. It seems he was in his hybrid form during which he was never shown to speak. That's a problem. That also makes it hard to believe he is dead. Somebody posted a partial plot summary on IMDb. Yellowantphil wrote: Somebody posted a partial plot summary on IMDb. There's a little more info in the summary on the russian wikipedia only problem is that a little guesswork can be involved if you use google translate.

Rockchick 19 wrote: There's a little more info in the summary on the russian wikipedia only problem is that a little guesswork can be involved if you use google translate. Semira might even have been one of the few vampires who survived Lucian taking Castle Corvinus. Or maybe she was turned by Viktor shortly after he fled the castle. It just occurred to me that Viktor turned Selene only a few months after Lucian escaped, but we saw Tanis and the Elders escaping to the Black Sea as soon as the castle was lost.

They must have headed back inland very quickly if they were already in the Kingdom of Hungary later that year. Hopefully, someone will provide a full synopsis in English sometime soon, since the film is out it quite a few countries by now. It would certainly explain why she seems to be such a skilled warrior but isn't a Death Dealer hopefully Selene will have enough common sense to realise that Semira is more than capable of training the Eastern Coven's Death Dealer herself and that the offer of amnesty is strange and highly suspicious.

Basic rules are in the thread for the actual story. Looks like the summary on the russian wikipedia has been updated and explains how Semira seems to have got an entire goblet of Selene's blood without killing Selene - turns out assuming that google translate isn't completely wrong that the liquid in the goblet is mostly water with only a small amount of Selene's blood added to it.

Rockchick 19 wrote: Looks like the summary on the russian wikipedia has been updated and explains how Semira seems to have got an entire goblet of Selene's blood without killing Selene - turns out assuming that google translate isn't completely wrong that the liquid in the goblet is mostly water with only a small amount of Selene's blood added to it. But if Semira was second in command that's a higher job than Selene ever had. Selene was pretty far down the command chain as ordinary death dealer.

And Kraven was second in command. So If anyone replaced Semira it would be Kraven, not Selene. I could buy that Selene was first in terms of Viktors affections and she replaced Semira there. But really how does that, again, work with the time line? I'm not exactly sure what her job title was; I'm putting together info from a couple of different sources, one of which is russian wikipedia so I'm relying on a translation there. As for the timeline I would guess that either Semira was turned after Castle Corvinus was lost but before Viktor encountered Selene or Semira was turned sometim before Castle Corvinus was lost but it wasn't until Sonja died that Viktor began to favour her - Unless she's actually Viktor's previously unheard of other daughter or something.

I seem to me that Michael was already weakened when Marius captured him, He looked very thin and bony Apparently, Semira was in the Nordic coven during the events of Rise of The Lycans and also after when Viktor turned and trained Selene. Interesting though, if she spent time with the Nordic Coven but hasn't got any of their special abilites. Looks to me that Semira hates Selene for becoming Viktor's favorite and wants her dead for killing him.

Kinda like Viktor was when asleep. Of course it could be the new director just wanting him to look sick. Michael looked fine to me when Selene found him in the ice pod. Selene was fine too. Why would he look all thin and sickly. So did Marius grab Michael directly from Antigen? I would presume that Marius either grabbed him straight from Antigen or very soon after he escaped. If Marius held him captive for a significant period of time then it's possible that Michael's physical condition could've seriously deteriorated by the time that Marius actually killed him.

Not a clue, looks like there were other people standing in the room with the sick Michael, Marius just gunned them down, then he hang Michael upside down, sliced his throat and leaves him bleeding over a bucket. The scene is too blurry and fast, is hard to say what's going on.

Ok I gotta know. They give us a time frame? How much time passed between Awakening and this one? Because Michael would have been fine, physically, after getting out of the Antigen labs. FunnyBunnies wrote: Ok I gotta know. Somebody on the IMDb forums was asked that question. The whole Semira thing is still hurting my brain. And that the Nordic Coven has been around for that long yet was never mentioned before now? Kinda like Semira. Also did Marius get afflicted with 'stupid bad guy syndrome' as is typical in other movies?

If drinking Michael's blood only gives him temporary power makes no sense but whatever why on earth bleed Michael dry and dispose of his body? Why would you get rid of your power source? He should have done the Antigen thing, keep Michael stored so he constanty has access to more blood.

I would guess that the excuse for the Nordic Coven not having been mentioned is just that they're isolationist to the point where they actively avoid getting involved in the affairs of any of the other covens. Marius does seem to suffer from 'stupid bad guy syndrome', the whole temporary power thing makes no sense and neither does the idea of killing Michael when he's Marius' soruce of power; the only explanation I can think of for killing Michael is if Marius thought that the temporary nature of the powers he recieved from drinking Michael's blood was a result of only consuming small amounts of it and so decided that if he drained Michael he might be able consume enough of his blood for the powers to become permanent.

But at least make it make sense. Pulling random covens and characters out of nowhere who have existed for almost as long as when the whole thing originally started. It can make it confusing to the point of contradicting previously established canon. Also don't contradict characterization while you do that stuff. Amelia, from what little we saw of her especially Evo flashback was pretty much the female Viktor. She doesn't strike me as the type to go for a guy like Thomas, much less have a child and care about it so much she sends it off for protection. Seriously that woman ice cold.

Same with Viktor and Semira. It made sense in regards to Selene as she reminded him too of his daughter. But Viktor isn't someone with a ton of affection or love other than love for himself. And he aleady had an emotional connection back then, Sonja. I can't see there being any room for a Semira. The strange thing about Marius is that he didn't seem interesst in Selene's blood at all, since he had several oportunities to get it he only wanted Eve's blood to "end the war". No, he was in human form, but very ugly and pale. I didn't even realize that was Michael until Selene mentioned his name.

The only Michael in hybrid form that appears were in flashbacks from previous movies. The Underworld card game just released a Semira card pack. It has characters named Fabian and Istvan. Anybody know about them? I just realized that someone named Istvan appeared in Rise of the Lycans. Looking at the images on the cards Fabian, Istvan and Hajna all look to be other members of the Eastern Coven's Elite Council - you can see parts of the big circular bench thing that we've seen in stills.

Also, just wondering based on all of the new backstory stuff how old does everybody reckon Semira actually is? Who turned her, was it probably Viktor? Viktor recovered in minutes, and he wasn't even a Strain Hybrid. Hard to think that Semira is actually dead. Maybe it is a fake-out; I mean even if you discounted the fact that she was a Hybrid Viktor would've been about years old when he fought Lucian, Semira seems to be at least either we know that she was turned before Selene so this seems to be the absolute minimum for her age or more likely at least hundred I'm assuming that if the two Istvans are the same person and she's leading the council then she must be older than him and he's at least himself so theoretically she should be able to survive that kind of injury.

Maybe she'll make a 'surprise' return in the sixth film or go on to lead the tv series if it's still happening. I recommended some of the stuff she's been in to yellowantphil a few days ago, the list should either be further up this thread or towards the end of the last thread if you're interested in it.

I have not seen the movie yet. But everything you guys discussed are based on logics or hope for consistency. So if the producers wanted Semira dead, they won't care about if her manner of death again which I have not seen is logical or not. And one of few constants of Underworld series is all antagonists die at the end, Kraven being the only exception only to die a few minutes in the next film. So I would place my bet on Semira being dead for sure. Looks like the final champion in the card game is Michael.

I think so, when the pack is released. The Champion card that I saw and didn't recognise as being one that had been released looked to be a man with longish hair; he didn't look muscular enough to be Marius and his hair also looked too light to be Marius. They're about the same length as the character videos but do have some new footage int.

Rockchick 19 wrote: Should we assume that Istvan is the same character as the Istvan in Evolution? Reading our Istvan page, it looks like that character is only named in the Underworld: Evolution novelization. Although Eve counts as a hybrid in the game, so I would expect them to classify Michael as a hybrid too. Well, every other name in the game has turned out to be from the film. They named Var Dohr weeks before I heard it from someone who had seen the film.

True, like I said , it ccould just be that the cast list currently on IMDB isn't the full cast list so Istvan isn't listed off at the moment. EDIT: IMDB definitely doesn't have the full cast list up yet; only just noticed that they're now listing off the actress now playing Amelia when they weren't a few days ago. Rockchick 19 wrote: True, like I said , it ccould just be that the cast list currently on IMDB isn't the full cast list so Istvan isn't listed off at the moment.

After I got that one, I tried to look at the loading screen again, but a game started. It ended in a draw, if anyone was wondering. Considering they are taking both Michael and Eve out of Blood Wars, it must mean they just want the focus of the film to shift back to Vampires VS Lycans. So maybe there will be time to bring them back thus reviving Michael to shift the plot to involve them again. I still think it could be Marius. That would also make more sense if the filmmakers are trying to downplay Michael.

He seems to be the most prominent character from the last two films who is still absent from the game. Also, just thought - Why would they put Gregor in as a champion when he serves under Marius if they were planning to put Marius in as a champion at a later date?

EDIT: Then again, having just watched a couple of tv spots on youtube, it could be a picture of Marius when the Lycans first break down the doors of the Eastern Coven's castle. Hmm, Vador, Var Dohr Or the castle is called Vador and the inhabitants are the Var Dohr Rockchick 19 wrote: Also, just thought - Why would they put Gregor in as a champion when he serves under Marius if they were planning to put Marius in as a champion at a later date?

It is odd. I would have expected them to release Marius first. Question for Trinity I guess. Are we to assume that Selene or Eve never found Michael again after Awakening? Because if so that would mean that Eve never met her father before he died. And Michael never even knew he had a child. FunnyBunnies wrote: Question for Trinity I guess. I don't think this was ever mentioned. However, Selene stated that was Eve that didn't want to be around her anymore, because everyone close to Selene ends up hurt or dead.

She also stated that Eve and her didn't leaved things on good terms. Also, it seems to me that Selene already knew about Michael's death, prior of Marius's revelation, but didn't knew how, why or who had killed him, otherwise, she would still be looking for him. Thanks for the answer. But plothole after plothole and we will likely never get an answer. Freaking over focus on action and lack of everything else Yeah that sounds like the storylines progression right now. Assuming that the sixth film isn't a reboot. And what's this about Eve fighting with Selene? I heard it was Selene who sent Eve away to protect her.

Ok another reason why it bothers me that no time frame is given for how many years have come between Awakening and BW. In the final confrontation with Marius, Selene bites herself to access her own blood memories to remember Michael and draw strenght from that.

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Now unless we are talking years why on earth would that be neccessary? Have Selene's feelings disappeared along with her memories or something? It doesn't matter so much whether she remembers every detail of their time together. As long as the feelings are still there shouldn't that have been enough to make her revenge kick into overdrive? FunnyBunnies wrote: Ok another reason why it bothers me that no time frame is given for how many years have come between Awakening and BW.

I watched Blood Wars a few hours ago. No, I didn't watch it in a theater; I found an online link but the quality was atrocious. Overall, if I were to rate this movie out of 5, I would give it a 2. There were some interesting moments, but also some very dull ones. The biggest problem with this movie that really bothered me was how rushed, short, and fast-paced it was. It almost didn't even feel like watching a movie. I'd say that the actions scenes and sequences were the best and strongest elements of this movie.

It was filled with action and gore but it wasn't tacky, cheesy, or overdone in my opinion, of course. Lara Pulver also did an excellent job as Semira. I really liked her and wish they didn't kill her off. Lena, too, was also a great character. And as you may all know, Eve is alive and we do get to see a short glimpse of her at the end yay! They definitely could've handled and executed Blood Wars better, even though I enjoyed and liked it better than Awakening. It seems to me that Michael's death is a matter of interpretation.

The review critics said his fate was ambiguous. I know it can be challenging, since they are limited to use only Vampires and Werewolves. I think It's time to bring new cultures and variations of Vampires and Lycans, like the Nordic vamps, which was a great addition! Isn't it enough with the new stuff already? They try something new every movie now and the runtime is too short to do anything justice.

Same with characters. A bunch of new characters every movie that they have no time to really develop. I'm just saying that it would be great to see some diferent stuff, I mean, vampires vs werewolves is cool but it starting to get too repetitive, in the way they are doing. It wouldn't hurt see new variations from this. Lycans samurais vs Vampire Ninjas or Lycans cyborgs vs Vampires zombies, expand their universe, play with different scenarios, I don't know, something to keep it fresh. Well its a good movie and most inportantly for me it shows another proof that a person can reason with transformed Lycan.

Just one question it is just me or are normal Lycans smaller than they were in other Underworld movies? Does anybody know who the actor is in the middle of the top image? Lovec wrote: Well its a good movie and most inportantly for me it shows another proof that a person can reason with transformed Lycan. Its probably just you. But who knows? And we all knew that transformed Lycans retained their humanity. Hulk10 wrote: It seems to me that Michael's death is a matter of interpretation.

I can't seem to find it I'd swear it was in a link on the blood wars threads, but I can't find it. I just realized something, at the very end of Blood Wars Selene says: "I have lived a thousand years I may live a thousand more TrinityOverlord wrote: I just realized something, at the very end of Blood Wars Selene says: "I have lived a thousand years That explains why humans are not mentioned even once and vampires seemed to have rebuilt their coven.

Very interesting. That raises some questions about what Selene did while on the run for at least years, but it would explain some things. The cities and motorcycles look modern, but this could be a somewhat pessimistic view of the future. I looked at the game data. There are data files for the six champions we know about and This makes me think that the card images for Marius are already in the downloaded data. Yellowantphil wrote: I looked at the game data. That might be tricky, and I was mainly interested in card names anyway.

This makes me think that there are awfully few named lycans in Blood Wars. Do we have any pictures of Alexia? Could someone look at our Blood Wars images and point out Alexia? I agree, given the amount of screen time she apparently has the reviews seem to imply that she has at least as much screen time as Kate Beckinsale it still seems odd that they never released a poster for Semira.

It reminds me of Nosferatu for some reason. It seems different from our other Blood Wars screenshots. TrinityOverlord wrote: It's not an official image. Looks like the final champion in the card game is definitely Marius; in addition to the game data that Yellowantphil found there's now an offer on in the game for a booster pack of Marius only cards even though there's no indication that the Marius deck is actually available yet.

Till the very end I was expecting that after Selene usual ending speech, we would've gotten to see Eve was able to bring back Michael. I really don't care if it isn't Scott Speedman anymore. Also Michael death contradicts what we saw at the ending of Awakening. In Blood Wars they made it seem that immediately after Michael exits the cryo chamber, Marius was already waiting for him, and took the advantage Michael was still very debilitated killed him and drained him of all his blood.

We've seen Michael return from death before, but something tells me that this was the pathetic ending they decided to give Michael. Rockchick 19 wrote: Looks like the final champion in the card game is definitely Marius; in addition to the game data that Yellowantphil found there's now an offer on in the game for a booster pack of Marius only cards even though there's no indication that the Marius deck is actually available yet.

It also raises the question why Eve still looked pretty much the same. I mean, years and she should already be a grown up woman. Also if years have really passed then the likelihood we're gonna get some plot twist in a possible sequel where Michael as somehow survived, is extremely low. I mean if Eve had found her father and gave him some of her blood he might have still have recovered from Marius draining him from his blood.

Also Marius actions didn't made that lot of sense. Michael would be much more worthy alive. They didn't needed Eve. Michael was the carrier of the original Corvinus strand. So his blood more than that of Eve would've fitted the Werewolves better. Marius could've created an entire new race of super-Lycans and we're to believe he spent years searching for Eve. Also by injecting himself with Michael's blood, Marius should've only needed one dose to make himself into a superior type of Lycan.