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'Ahmadinejad challenges Iran's power structures'

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Ahmadinejad for his part violated taboos with gusto, eschewing the baroque civility and manners traditionally expected of an Iranian leader. Unmoored from custom and insulated by the profession of faith, he defended without restraint his administration and its policies before parliament and on television, typically with a rudeness that left his opponents stunned and speechless. Most consequently, Ahmadinejad deliberately, at times diligently, defied his own boss, Ali Khamanei.

Elite relationships in Iran revolve around the pole of consensus politics as a way for the nezam or system to function and survive. Remember that? Trump would play the role of Nixon-in-China, now updated for the current stable of international enemies and rogues: Iran, North Korea, and perhaps Venezuela. Any damage caused by his time in office would, switching metaphors, be like the action of a pathogen in a vaccination, on balance acceptable as an unavoidable but necessary risk. The same spontaneous and undisciplined behavior that had made both men such appealing figures on the campaign trail and on television fueled the mismanagement and corruption of their respective governments.

Ill-mannered by disposition and constantly drawn to the din of unnecessary conflict, Ahmadinejad presided over an administration marked by constant turnover and the absence of ability among the rank and file. Disappointment and outrage would have a galvanizing effect on the population, the Ahmadinejad administration an unwitting catalyst for the mobilization and rapid expansion of what had been a quiet if not entirely quiescent democratic opposition, long in retreat.

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Ahmadinejad won in because millions of Iranians stayed home. Ahmadinejad left office in disgrace, and remains a toxic figure within Iran, shunned by his peers and much of society. All indications are that the current US administration will come to a similar, ruinous end. Like Ahmadinejad, Trump has manufactured enemies at home when none were available abroad. Lacking legislative accomplishments of any note, the president has turned to an accelerating performance of symbolic outrage within a narrowing trap of identity politics, each new and fresh outburst promoted by the latest policy failure.

Finally, as with Ahmadinejad, Trump has managed to mobilize ever-larger segments of the population into the ranks of the opposition, including many Americans who until this year had little use for politics. For all of their shared qualities, one crucial difference sets Trump apart from Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad barred from re-running for Iran presidency

No such b oundaries exist for Trump, despite the best efforts of his aides. There is no Supreme Leader, no version of the current Congress competent or brave enough to stand up to the administration as it continues on its unconstitutional , perhaps treasonous path. There will be no international force or treaty capable of preventing Trump from starting another war in the Middle East or on the Korean Peninsula.. Ahmadinejad regularly sent his critics into fits with his artful dodges and thinly veiled threats against the United States and Israel. There is none of that with Trump, who barrels straight into his threats without embellishments.

How Iran's Ahmadinejad found meaning in rap - BBC News

The truth is that America had its own Ahmadinejad from the start. Trump is a projection of our base desires, an amplification of the worst parts of ourselves.

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He turned out to be a simulacrum of the real thing. What we imagine tyranny to be was already there, glimmers on our computer and telephone screens, flickering in the early light of the morning and the scroll of a twitter feed, in the frantic search for news of the latest catastrophe. As a result, Iran has served as an example to other nations e. China encouraging them to follow their own interests and not kowtow to the US.

Anyhow, Ahmadinejad and Trump have nothing in common except their sense of individuality, a human trait shared by many not all. Now it looks like Iran, given Trump, may need the likes of Ahmadinejad again. When Khatami was in office and reaching out to the US, the Iran hawks in the US assured us that Iranian presidents were irrelevant nobodies who should be ignored.

They went after Ahmadinejad even before he said anything, or they lied about what he actually said, precisely because they wanted to undermine any chance of talks from happening. Monitor Daily. Photos of the Week.

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Iranian politicians flock to controversial social media in election campaign

Select free newsletters: The Weekender. Spiritual Lens. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during Friday prayers ceremonies, after attending an annual nation-wide pro-Palestinian rally marking Jerusalem Day, in Tehran, Iran, today. Ahmadinejad made his final public speech as president today before he steps down and Hassan Rohani comes to power, bringing with him expectations of sweeping change.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's top 5 quotes to the UN, Rohani vows to reset Iran's relations with the world. Share this article Copy link Link copied.

TIMELINE: Iran’s Eight Years Under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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