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Carnivals, as we are referring to them, are outdoor games, booths, rides, shows, and concessions. They travel from town to town, setting up on parking lots or grassy areas. Carny Slang.

Bart Carny

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Australian carnivals still often feature boxing sideshows with paying customers. Carnies still box.

Bart Carny

I found this Internet link , you can clearly see a Ring of Fire ride in the background. The fight lacks the "sweet science" aspect I remember when I boxed and accidentally won the heavyweight championship at the University of College Cork, in Ireland. But this is a genuine boxing brawl. When there's a knock-out punch, the videographer yells out "Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Millionaire Carnie Lee in California loved telling stories about fights with townies. In one fight, a townie was harassing a girl working a game.

Definition of Terms

Fighting was the reason Millionaire Carny Lee said he doesn't like Mexican carnies. He surmises they can't be counted on in a fight. There may have been some truth in that, given that a single fight could result in a Mexican carny being deported.

Fast Eddie said if a carny ever fought a townie, the local cops usually locked up the carny. Often that was the end of the line for the carny, the carnival would leave without paying bail. Tensions between townies and carnies are understandable given most games in the past were rigged, many still are.

Sideshows, not as common today, might show burlesque or black magic. Daniel Pratt Mannix was college educated, as I am, and spent three years in traveling carnival sideshows. I highly recommend both the book and looking up the life of Mr. He describes a "clem," a fight with locals in a small rural town. A sage older carny named Captain Billy told him why they occur. In this case they've got a moral duty to run a lot of foreigners like us out of town.

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In the book, the carnies charge the hostile townies with wood boards, iron tent stakes and a whip, setting the locals to flee in a blind panic. The modern day version of a clem is when a carnival sets up in a big city ghetto and carnies have to fight back against gangs.

I can't say if things were tougher in the old days but I can vouch that traveling carnivals are still macho zones with landmines for the working man. I worked at one carnival where I witnessed an owner threaten savage beatings to those of us he thought deserving. At another carnival, I didn't hear the owner threaten anyone first-hand but we all knew the score. I knew a carny who said he was paid by an owner to gang up on a fellow carny. I met a carny who said his assailant backed out at the last minute but asked him to lie about it so he could keep the carnival owner's money.

How widely practiced this kind of carny discipline is, I don't know.

Carnies Reveal Their Lives Not All Fun And Games – Urbo

I can say, it exists and I believe my year of blogging about carnivals will make me a target of retribution if I step on to wrong midway in the future. Tempers flare for millions of reasons, because people are too hot or too cold, hungry or thirsty, hung over or just ornery and sometimes because so little means so much. We all fight for our bit of colored ribbon, for what we want, however small or grand.

How strange is it then that people who work with their hands, fight with their fists. I recently completed "my time," a year in traveling carnivals and hitchhiking around America. I hitchhiked or drove more than 20, miles, across 36 states, Canada and Mexico. I'm seeking a publisher for a book.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American slang term for carnival employee.

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This article is about carnival employees and carnival slang. For other uses, see Carny disambiguation. See also: Polari. Oxford Living Dictionary.

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