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They purposely try to keep you immersed in conflict to divert your attention away from your spiritual path. With regard to your physical and mental health, evolved conscious energetic cording is capable of causing health issues and attaching to symptoms of diseases and injuries. You end up treating the organic reason for the injury or symptom and ignoring the energetic component. They are said from the heart, calling for accountability, not vengeance, with unconditional love and forgiveness.

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Not you? These were the very feelings he was trying to avoid by controlling his son. A wise parent encourages his child to express his talent and is not attached to the child following one pathway. Fear-based choices come from our lower will. Wise, courageous choices result in happi- ness, health and abundance. Choices that promote love, harmony and joy come from the higher or divine will and always empower us. We all like to be appreciated.

When someone thanks us from the bot- tom of his heart for something we have done, we feel a sense of satisfac- tion and delight and often want to give more. And so it is above. The heavens smile on us when we appreciate and say thank you for what we have received.

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The powers of the Universe then send us more. Many people tell me that they are screaming at their angels for help and simply cannot understand why assistance is not forthcoming. Take an example from Earth below. Your child is screaming at you to help him with his homework. Ten to one you feel exasperated and disin- clined to satisfy him. No wonder the angels turn a deaf ear to selfish screams for help. When your child asks pleasantly and you have a sense that he is ready to value your help, you are undoubtedly delighted to give it.

So, too, are the forces of light. They will be delighted to let you have it. Value it when you get it. It is repellent to be with a negative person. If you try to help someone who prefers to wallow in misery, after a while you will probably walk away. If you care for him you may keep an eye on him from a distance. It is the same in the heavens. The angels find it very difficult to access you through determined negativity.

They can only stand by to help. If someone is kind to you or your animals, you warm to them. When someone is enthusiastic you feel sparked and motivated to action. So it is with the energy of the Universe: it will support your passion. If someone has faith in you, you live up to his faith. When we have faith in God, He responds to our faith. We respond to generosity. God does likewise. You cannot manipulate or bargain with a wise parent. You cannot manipulate or bargain with God.

If you are angry inside, even though you may have buried the anger so deeply you are unaware of it, you will find angry people in your life. They are mirroring your denied anger back to you. If you have a deep sense of abandonment, which may well have orig- inated in another life, people will reflect that back to you. They may leave you, withdraw emotionally or even die. If you are self-critical and constantly beat yourself up with your thoughts, you will attract people who will reflect this by putting you down or even physically hitting you.

The person who feels secure, loved, safe and happy inside will have a secure, safe and happy life surrounded by people who love him or her. Your inner integrity will be matched by those around you. The people in your life will be creative, generous-hearted, honest or modest to the extent that you are. The Universe rearranges itself to reflect your reality. Literally as within so without. Bob and Marguerite had ended their relationship and were in conflict. He kept telling her and everyone else that he wanted them to make up. She was not interested. She verbally attacked him whenever she saw him.

Bob was in despair. He hated fighting and simply did not know how to bring peace into the situation. She feels threatened by you. The only way you can handle it is to find peace within yourself. Spiritual law is so simple. Peace within leads to peace in your life. When everyone finds inner peace there will automatically be world peace.

Inner feelings are reflect- ed in the way we build our bodies. If we feel emotionally or sexually vulnerable inside, we may build a protective layer of fat over our abdomen or hips, the places where we hold our emotions and sexuality. If at an inner level we feel not really lovable, we may build a big chest to protect our heart center. Macho men with muscular chests are often hiding feelings of vulnerability. A woman will unconsciously build big breasts to indicate her need to nurture or be nurtured.

If we feel deep inside that we must shoulder the responsibility for our family or even the world, we will build ourselves big shoulders. If, on the other hand, we have no intention or desire to carry responsibil- ity we will build sloping shoulders that allow burdens to slip off. Your body is a mirror of your deep, often unconscious, inner feel- ings. It is also possible that you are being a pain to yourself! He was a young man of great wisdom. He was involved with a very difficult business partner who kept pulling the rug out from under him.

The situation was going around in circles. The left side reflects our attitudes to women, the past or our home life. We discussed what he could do to change. Life in the amazing school of Earth gives us constant opportunities to learn about ourselves. Your animals will reflect your inner qualities back to you. What are your animals like? What qualities do they have? When we laughingly say that someone is just like his dog, little do we realize it is not by chance. If your animals have seemingly different characteristics, each one is representing a part of your personality.

That is why it has come into your life. The person who appears to be very pleasant and calm, yet has an ani- mal that is aggressive and nasty, is not expressing his underlying angry feelings. If someone appears to be flaky and messy yet has a beautiful, magnificent animal, he is not in touch with the magnificence of his being. The Law is simple and exact. Inanimate objects also represent an aspect of their owners. When someone drives a battered, dirty old clunker, the car reflects their cur- rent inner state.

A smart, shiny, clean car is the outward manifestation of inner worth. A family car represents the underlying collective family feeling. The Higher Beings who have you in their charge cause the material objects in your life to alter according to your inner state. Leaky faucets, roofs or radiators in your external life reveal leaky emotions within, while raging fires outside reflect burning issues within. Our leaders reflect the collective inner feelings of the country in which we live.

The teachers in our schools reflect our collective inner beliefs about the worth of our children. Prison systems, governing bod- ies, all aspects of society directly mirror the deepest feelings of the col- lective consciousness of the people. When we who have signed up for this course on Earth wish to change something in our lives, we must look within to alter our beliefs and attitudes in order for our outer world to change.

If we wish to change society, enough people must change themselves. The Universe rearranges itself to bring you what you believe. Furthermore, when you help someone who has not asked for it, you prevent him from sorting out the situation for himself, which is his learning process. Quite likely you become an enabler who helps him to continue in his old, unhelpful ways.

When you force your help or advice onto someone, you bear the karma if it goes wrong. It is consid- ered bad manners to rush in uninvited and most likely your help will be ignored or unappreciated. Of course, if someone is drowning, you help. You guide the blind person around the hole in the pavement. You comfort the sick and bereaved. However, if you feel upset by the mess someone has gotten themselves into, it is your stuff. It is an indication that you need to look at yourself rather than rescue someone else. Until that time look within at the part of you that wants to meet new people or the rejection you feel when someone does not accept your help.

How can I help? Perhaps she knows at some deep, inner level that this is not the right man for her. Maybe she knows it upsets you and this is her way of punishing you. She could have a million reasons. However, she is clearly serving you by bringing up some of your stuff. Unless she asks you for help, quit trying to help her and look at what it means to you. It prepares you for pro- motion. You would not expect someone to leap in and take over the sit- uation without asking permission. That would be interfering and block you from being ready for a better job.

In the spiritual realms no angel or Higher Being of Light would dream of interfering in your life. Yes, they will save you from serious accident if that is not your karma, or death if it is not your time. However, they will stand by with total compassion and patience and watch you mak- ing a mess of your situation if that is what you need for your growth. Not only is it spiritual bad manners for them to interfere but it also stops you from learning and becoming stronger. There are times when it is appropriate to ask for help. By asking, I do not mean screaming with frustration like a toddler or crying like a vic- tim who does not want to take any responsibility for his actions.

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By asking, I mean carefully assessing the situation and then calmly and with strength requesting the help you need. As soon as you are ready to ask for help you are ready to receive it. You are ready to accept the wisdom that goes with it. Then the higher powers will align themselves to help you. These are demands rather than questions. They come from a place of desperation and neediness, not from a centered, open place. The person who is steadfastly walking the spiritual path goes within to look for answers.

As soon as you are ready to know something more, the teacher will appear to provide it. This may be in the form of a book, a person or a program on television. When you are ready to formulate the question you are ready to know the answer. You really do not expect to invite a lawyer to dinner, have him ask you about your will and then end up rewriting it for you over coffee. Nor does your neighbor —who is a painter and decorator — come in and touch up the paint in your home uninvited. You may be grateful for any of these services but it goes against spiritual law unless you ask.

If someone offers help and you accept it, that is a contract. If they offer and offer and offer until you accept, that is pressure; it is their stuff. When you need help from the angels, Jesus, the ascended masters or any of the spiritual hierarchy of light, first quiet and center yourself. Meditate on what you really want and find clarity about it.

Then ask the beings to whom you wish to address your request for the help you require. They will always help you. My daughter was feeling exhausted as she was driving to work. The letters of the license plate were AUM. She knew that she was being given an answer. Aum, om or ohm is the sacred sound of the Universe and is a very pow- erful mantra.

She sounded the aum all the way to work and felt much better. Remember the answer lies in the question. The more clarity you have in your question, the greater the help you will receive. The Universe is waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask. Even more things appeared to be inert and indifferent to the magnets.

I did not understand the laws of physics but I thought it was great fun. If you had magnets stuck all over you, you would expect some things to stick to you, others to leap away and still more to show no reaction. In a sense this is what happens in life. You unconsciously transmit your energy; some of your qualities are magnetic and others repellent. You have drawn towards you everything and everyone who is in your life; other things and people you have repelled.

Many situations have no magnetic pull towards you. For example, you may not attract a condi- tion of starvation or homelessness because you do not send out the vibration that brings it to you. A radio transmitter broadcasts on a particular frequency. Anyone interested in a program going out on that wavelength tunes in; you are a transmitter. You broadcast the play of your life. You send out into the ether the story of your patterns, emotional energy, mindsets, denials, likes and dislikes and much more.

Imagine you want to find an interesting program. There are hun- dreds to tune into and you are flipping through the channels trying to decide which one to listen to. Most of them you tune out immediately. Now and again one will catch your attention. It may be heavy or funny, boring or interesting, violent or peaceful. Something about it draws you to stay tuned in. You may like some aspects but be repelled by oth- ers. Nevertheless you are hooked in. We attract people to us in the same way. People who do not resonate on our frequency simply are not attracted to us. They pass on by.

The vibration you emit is made up of your conscious and uncon- scious energy, some repellent, some magnetic, some neutral. The underlying law is like attracts like. We attract into our lives people and situations that have similar vibrations to our own. Negative qualities such as neediness, desperation, depression, greed, unkindness or thoughtlessness transmit on a low frequency.

Qualities such as love, kindness, happiness, delight or generosity transmit a high-frequency energy and also mag- netize people with similar energy. He is so negative and nothing like me. I am so honest. The Universe provides mirrors for us to look into. Look around you and note the characters in your life. They are taking part in the play of your life for a reason. The more vehemently we deny that we are magnets for a particular type of person or situa- tion, the more our Higher Self is asking us to look at our shadow. This is a negative aspect of ourselves that we deny. If you feel ready to commit to a relationship but your partner will not do so, look within at your own fear of commitment.

He or she sim- ply would not be there if you were one hundred percent sure. The moment you resolve your underlying belief, the other person will either commit to you or leave your life and allow someone who can commit to enter. The person who is always cheerful and happy but seems to be surrounded by depressed people has attracted them to mirror his inner unhappiness. They serve a purpose, possibly to make him feel needed.

Desperation repels. A couple I knew were absolutely desperate to have a baby. They tried everything and went everywhere. There was no physi- cal reason why they could not conceive. Psychics kept telling them that a soul was waiting to enter but their desperation repelled an incoming soul. They decided to surrender and make their lives fulfilling without a child. As soon as they did, an energy shift took place.

They sent out a magnetic energy of contentment, which drew in a spirit from the Uni- verse, and suddenly they were expecting a baby. A similar thing often happens when someone is desperate for a partner. People pick up the desperation on a subtle level and stay away. When they change that ener- gy into a loving, accepting, open energy the right person is attracted in. Our underlying beliefs attract situations and people to us. If you have a belief that you are not deserving, you will attract people into your life who mirror that belief back to you by treating you badly.

If you believe that you have to serve others, you attract people who need to be looked after in some way. If you have a belief that no one could possibly understand you, you will magnetize people who do not understand you. When she healed this belief, she attracted a trustworthy partner.

A woman called Jane reminded me of an emerald-green swamp. She was beautiful on the surface but if you stepped too close you got sucked into the ooze. She was bubbly and jolly as an acquaintance but in close personal relationships she became demanding, needy, jealous and a dra- ma queen. Of course, unconsciously she broadcast her advertisement for an actor who would take part in this particular play. She attracted men who were ripe to be deceived by the outer appearance. She com- plained about the type of men in her life. They moaned about her.

It will almost certainly be unconscious. An empowered woman would not be drawn to this vibration. The person who keeps drawing the same type of person into their lives is continuing to broad- cast the same message. The Law of Attraction works on many levels. If you are out of har- mony with life you may attract food that disagrees with you. If you think self-critical thoughts you are taking little swipes at yourself; you may attract mosquitoes that bite you. They are serving as a reflection of the energy you are sending out.

If you are burying rage you may draw an attack. These things may, of course, be a return of karma, which is the inevitable balancing of right and wrong over lifetimes. Whenever you do something because you feel you should or ought to, you are in bondage. You will attract situations and people that keep you in bondage. If, on the other hand, you are sending out positive energy, you will attract help when you need it. A friend told me how she was completely lost in the country. You are lost.

I will show you the way. My friend had attracted the help she needed at that moment. If you think negative thoughts you attract negative situations and peo- ple. If you want a project to succeed but you have underlying feelings of boredom or you are scared or tired, the underlying energy will counteract the success of the project. When- ever something is not materializing as you expect, examine your under- lying feelings and change them. Then magnetize what you do want. The inner attracts the outer. If something in your outer world is not what you want it to be, look inside and shift how you feel about yourself.

You will then automatically attract different people and experiences to you. If, for instance, you want a committed partner, look at how you commit to loving yourself. The moment you truly commit to loving yourself, the exter- nal will change and you will attract someone committed to loving you. If you put yourself down and never think you are good enough, you will attract an abuser who will do the same to you.

Remind yourself of your good qualities and magnetize someone who appreciates you. What about the highly evolved spiritual person who works with drug addicts or violent criminals? This happens where they have made a pre- life agreement to work with these people. It may also be a karmic con- sequence of something unresolved from another lifetime. And, of course, there are cases where opposite poles attract.

Someone radiating light may draw dark vibrations towards himself but will not be affected by them. A dark place such as a prison may draw enlight- ened people who wish to take the light in. Do not send out negative energy and wait for a disaster to be mag- netized towards you. Send out positive light and wait for a miracle to be drawn towards you. You are a magnet: you attract like to you. The little girl had set out a tea par- ty in the garden playhouse. She called her brother to come in for tea but when he arrived at the door she pushed it closed on him and would not let him in.

A struggle ensued and the little girl became angry and tired as she tried to prevent her brother from entering. We may laugh at children and say how silly they can be. However, we often do similar things in life. Every time we focus on something we are calling it towards us. With our thoughts and beliefs, we invite people, situations and material things into our life. When they arrive, if we do not really want them, we try to push them away again.

I was chatting to a neighbor who told me she was sure her mother-in- law was going to stay with them for Christmas and ruin it for everyone. My neighbor was using her vital energy in resistance. Many people invoke the Law of Resistance without being aware of what they are doing. Your unconscious mind and the universal mind work exactly like computers.

You cannot tell a computer not to bring up a certain file for it cannot accept negative instructions. It will assume you do want that file and bring it up. Your conscious mind can discriminate between a negative instruc- tion and a positive one but your unconscious mind cannot tell the dif- ference.

If your conscious mind is fully engaged on driving, watching TV or concentrating very hard on something, your unconscious mind may receive the message. For example, when a child is concentrating on his homework his conscious mind is fully occupied. Some people have illness in their lives because they resist illness. Your computer looks for a program that will make you ill. Your unconscious mind is also open when you are relaxed. When you are relaxing in the sunshine, it is a bad time to worry, for you may manifest your fears. It is an excellent time to picture what you want to create in your life.

You become what you resist. Whatever you resist persists in your life and uses up your energy in struggle. Instead attract success and wealth. Always embrace the positive rather than resisting the negative. I visited a community where they decided to take the structure out of work groups. Instead they asked people to volunteer to help. The result was that everyone felt freer and had more time to relax. They realized that the structured rules put pressure on people and resulted in resist- ance, which took energy. Releasing control frees energy. A young man came to speak to me after a talk I gave on abundance.

He said that a switch had gone on in his head — click — as he listened. Up to that time he had felt he was not deserving. He realized he had been resisting anything beyond his level of deservingness. I saw him a few weeks later at an Angel workshop and he told me that he had stopped resisting and started to embrace what he really wanted in life.

This shift in attitude had transformed his prosperity levels. Sometimes change takes a little longer than this. If you have been resist- ing loneliness for a long time, there will be a huge thought-form of loneli- ness around you. You may have been using all your energy to hold this fear back, so it could take a little time to transmute it. One positive way of dis- solving a thought-form you have been resisting is to write down all your fears about it and burn it.

Then write down what you do want and start to attract what you want. You will find you have more energy. If two people want to push a boulder in a certain direction, they will both stand on the same side of the boulder and push so that it moves.

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If, however, they stand opposite each other and push, it will move only to the extent that one is stronger. This is what our inner personalities do when they struggle. If we have two personalities within us working for the same end, our life flows smoothly forward. If we have two inner personalities working in resistance to one another, we stay stuck. The relationship will stay stuck and we will wonder why we feel so tired. If you are working with someone on a project and you both have the same vision, the project inevitably moves forward. However, if you are in conflict, the resistance will result in delays.

That person is not in your life by chance. He or she is mirroring back to you your own doubts, fears or disquiet. Look within and decide what you truly want and what your vision really is. When you resolve your inner conflict, the other person must, under universal law, leave your life or change their attitude. The Law of Resistance is triggered by victim consciousness. A victim is someone who blames others for his fate, believes the world owes him a living and that he cannot possibly look after himself.

If someone is blaming another for what is happening in his own life, he is a victim who is resisting taking personal responsibil- ity for what he has created. He goes out every night and makes me so angry. She was resisting his good qualities. Andrea painted a picture of herself as an angry saint.

It was only when she stopped resisting and started to take an honest look at her own actions that she became calmer. Her husband stayed in a couple of evenings and she focused on the good qualities in him that she had discovered. They had a pleasant time. When she no longer blamed him, stopped resisting him going out and embraced him stay- ing at home, their marriage improved unbelievably.

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When we feel angry or guilty we resist the joy of life and the magnifi- cence of self. Most of us have at some time resisted doing some work. We resist doing the dishes until the pile is enormous or doing the garden until it is overgrown or that report that needs to be written until it assumes horrendous proportions. Any task appears difficult in direct propor- tion to our level of resistance. For instance, if you are resisting poverty, it is time to look at what poverty is trying to say to you.

Are you afraid of lack? What exactly do you fear? So, if you have been fired or laid off, it is not by chance.

(PDF) A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws | Mariana Gluch -

You have activated the laws of the Universe to take your job away. You have cre- ated this in your life for a purpose, so examine the underlying reason and learn from it. Did you feel dissatisfied or grumble about your work? The Universe received the message that you did not want that job. If you felt undervalued, affirm your value. If you did not trust your boss, build up your trust levels. If you have a recurring pattern of failure, picture yourself succeed- ing. Quit resisting.

Decide what you do want in life and start to send out magnetic, excited, enthusiastic energies to draw the positive to you. What you resist persists in your life and drains you of energy. Embrace what you do want and feel alive. The mirror of the Universe is so honest and accurate that your deepest secrets show up in the reflections you see of yourself.

Terjemahan «cording» ke dalam 25 bahasa

Every single person and situation in your life is a mirror of an aspect of you. As within so without. When you see yourself in a mirror you may not like what you see; you may claim the reflection is distorted but you rarely insist that it is someone else entirely that you see. When the Universe presents us with someone or something in life, this is equally a mirror. We can rant about it or deny it.