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As she put them into the washer, Elizabeth felt her breasts surging against the confinement of the bra, and an uncomfortable tingle in her loins. Shaking off the sensations, she busied herself about the kitchen, tidying up. She would have to have a talk with them, she thought, let her new children know that this was to be their home, that she'd try to be a mother to them, and what she might expect in return.

But no prison-like rules, Elizabeth decided; no rigid discipline; the poor kids had already had enough of that. Hesitantly, she climbed the stairs, deciding that they'd had time enough to get clean and hoping they'd changed from the disreputable jeans-If they had a change. When she knocked softly at the first door, she heard nothing inside, and knocked again; still nothing, and her heart fluttered. Could they have run away?

The social worker had warned her that something like that might happen; that tendency was why they had been confined for awhile, separated from each other in a juvenile home. Elizabeth opened the door, hoping desperately that they hadn't done anything foolish. That first moment was like having a pall of Ice water thrown In her face. Shock raced through her body, stunning her mind and Immobilizing her feet, almost stopping her heart. Elizabeth felt her skin go cold, felt her breath hang in her throat. Because Jody and his sister were on the bed together, stripped to the skin, their naked bodies glistening as they held each other close and kissed.

Elizabeth couldn't believe what she was seeing, and the Impossibility of it was paralyzing. Her hand clung to the doorknob for support, or else she might have gone to her knees. There It was-it-the boy's sex organ, and the thing was standing out stiff and erect, all swollen and hard, and she could see the throbbing of the distended veins along the creamy white shaft. Its end was shining, a deep pink that looked as if It had been highly polished by some master artisan.

Far down, there in the thick bronze curls of Jody's pubic hair, lay the wrinkled sack containing testicles. Mesmerized, Elizabeth's eyes clung there for a long and breathless moment, then slid questingly back along the pulsing staff, back to that beckoning glans, and a sharp little aftershock jolted her as she made out a growing droplet of some clear fluid that was gathering upon the blunt tip. She had never seen a man's thing so clearly, nor had she ever wanted to, but now the sight held her in a weird, frightening grip; it was the serpent, and she was the immobile sparrow.

Wanting to flee, to slam the door and run screaming into the yard, Elizabeth just stood there In full view of the couple upon the bed. If either of them turned their head, she would be seen. Yet she couldn't run, couldn't force her legs into action, couldn't even stop looking. Elizabeth saw their hands moving, caressing, sliding over nude bodies pale and smooth, and the boy reached down to cup his hand between his sister's slender thighs. She saw the dark red fur of the girl's mound just before Jody's palm closed over it, and heard the sigh that broke from Charlene's lips at the loving touch.

There was grace in the straining rhythm of their bodies, and although part of Elizabeth's mind screamed that it was wrong, another part admitted to the beauty of them. I missed this sweet pussy and your fine ass, and the feel of your tits. The girl said throatily, "And my pussy has been lonesome without your nice, hard pick sliding in it. Come on, man-stick it to me.

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Those words slapped across Elizabeth's consciousness; she and her husband had never talked when they were doing it, much less said such raw things to each other. She tried to let go the doorknob, but her fingers stuck to the metal. Elizabeth waited for the outcry, the choked gasp of pain, but there was none. The girl said, "Ahh-oh, Jody-yes, yes-that feels so good, moving up inside my cunt. I'm only alive when I have a prick in me, and I like yours best of all. Oh, oh-shove it deep, darling-push your cock all the way In me, until I feel your balls against my ass. No, Elizabeth thought dazedly; no.

This wasn't what It was like. No girl should enjoy doing it like this, wiggling and moaning with pleasure as a man's meat pushed into her most intimate part. And the way Jody was moving-not just. Fuck me, baby-fuck me for a long time, slow and easy. Oh Jody, Jody-I can feel your balls.


Night of the Wild Stags: A Reverse Harem Romance

Right out in the open daylight, Elizabeth thought; not hidden in the dark and shamed in the awkward fumbling, but openly and eagerly, as if they were very proud of what they were doing. And it was much worse, because they were not married, and could never be; Jody and Charlene were breaking one of the strongest, oldest taboos of all. Brother and sister, they were committing incest. Her thin legs lifted, and as Elizabeth watched in helpless stasis, Charlene wrapped them about the small of Jody's slim and pumping back, crossing them at the ankles and tightening as if she meant to plunge the boy's entire body Into the narrow, heaving slot of her churning pussy.

She wanted it, Elizabeth realized, needed it with a wild and unreasoning urgency, and what's more, seemed to be madly enjoying the steady back-and-forth penetration of her vagina. With an effort, Elizabeth forced her hand to drop away from the doorknob, and although she swayed, retained her balance and began to once again take control of her own body. Entranced, Elizabeth stared at the way Jody's testicles leaped, at the contraction of them, and she could vividly Imagine the hurtling of semen up through the rounded stiff meat that was buried to the stem within his sister's vagina.

The geysering of that sticky stuff had always seemed repulsive to her, as If she was being soiled, and she could barely wait for her husband to sigh away from her before hurrying to the bathroom to rinse the clinging liquid away.

But Charlene gasped: "Ahh! It's so good and bubbly, flooding my cunt. I love It, Jody-oh, how I love your come in me! No, Elizabeth thought, managing to back one dragging step at a time from the doorway, no! It wasn't like that at all; she knew, she knew. Echoes of them murmuring endearments to each other followed her as she fled down the hall toward the stairs, running blindly, not really knowing where she was going, but realizing that she had made a terrible mistake taking these terrible children into her clean home.

By the time she reached the lower floor, Elizabeth had decided to call the welfare people and report the horrible incident. But the other boy was standing there in front of the phone, little Timothy Goodall, with only a towel wrapped about his slim waist-and there was a nasty bulge showing.

wild wild wives roxanne Manual

Elizabeth slowed and tried to put on a stern face. Get back upstairs at once. You're obscene, standing around like that. Somehow, she had invited a trio of young sex maniacs into her home; somehow, she had to get them out. I-you're not really children, It seems, but something else. Now, get away from that phone. The boy didn't move; and his eyes were insistent, probing at her clothing, sliding through her shapeless dress to touch her clammy skin. Why do you hide all that, and pretend it's not there? Timothy edged toward her, that ominous erection threatening to pull the towel free of his narrow hips.

The boy's skin was pale and flawless, his chest hairless, his tummy flat. He said, "The only chick I ever fucked is my sister. I never got to put my cock into a grown-up woman's pussy. I'll bet your pussy is real soft and deep, with plenty of farout black hair on it.

Does your old man Luck you much? Stunned, Elizabeth backed away, the forbidden words hammering at her, cutting through her determination and making her defenseless.

Roxanne's Reunion

Don't come any closer, do you hear? Does your old man suck on your nipples, or maybe rub his prick in between your knockers? I really like tits, but Charlene's are little things. She whirled to see Jody at the foot of the stairs, with the girl only a step behind her brother. Both of them were still naked, without shame; the boy's sex organ was still standing out, Its awful head glistening wetly with left-over semen, all pink and swollen.

Jody said, "Ease up. I was going to get to you next; but ever since they put us away, I never had a piece of ass, and I was so horny for Charlene's sweet cunt that I just couldn't wait.

Bad Feminist

Now, you want to come up to bed with me, or make it down here? His smile was slow and white and wise. I can feel It reaching out to me right now. You need it, lady; you need to be Lucked real bad. Timothy caught her arms from behind, clamping his bands upon her elbows with surprising force. Then the other two were leaping at her, so naked, so obscenely nude, and Elizabeth was swept down before their onslaught. On the carpet; she kicked and twisted, trying to scream against the palm that muffled her mouth, panic racing through her body and freezing her mind.

They couldn't mean to-they wouldn't-. But they held her and worked at her dress, and although she struggled weakly, it was lifted over her head and thrown aside. She kicked, but the girl pinioned her threshing ankles, and Elizabeth nearly choked as her bra was torn loose. Her freed breasts swelled out, big and olive tinted, their large nipples darkly flaccid. They're big and soft as pillows, and rye never seen nipples like those.

Arching her back, Elizabeth fought them as best she could, her mind spinning insanely and her body on fire with humiliation. She felt Jody's fingers hook into the top of her plain sensible panties, and trembled when his one hand peeled them down from her lunging hips and over her thighs.

Her mound was exposed to all of them now, open for their staring eyes, and Elizabeth knew horror. Over her knees, her calves and, as the girl let go, one ankle at a time, the panties were gone; Elizabeth Anderson was totally nude among strangers, for the first time in her sheltered life. Before she could get over the shock, Jody was suddenly between her legs, and although she twisted and turned, she could not force out his slim, warm body.

Hold her tight, Timmy-she still doesn't know how bad she wants to be screwed. She tried to bite his hand when the boy's fingertips felt gently around the outline of her mound, tickling into the thick wealth of her midnight pubic hair. Sharp tremors shook her body as he touched the sensitive zone, as his fingers felt down through the shaggy barricade to discover the recoiling of her labia. Was there a tiny droplet of pre-seminal fluid beginning to form at the little mouth?

She shuddered and told herself that this simply could not be happening, that she was caught up in some horrible dream. These were only children, and she was an adult woman, secure in her social position, married and respectable and more than old enough to be their mother. They wouldn't really dare to rape her; there were laws and-. His fingertip was nudging into her labia, forcing its way through the quivering lips and burrowing inside the entrance to her vagina. Oh no, she thought wildly, oh no, no!

But the finger moved inexorably in, sliding easier once it reached the oils of her membranes, and Elizabeth shook from head to foot. She doesn't get screwed much, I guess. But her cunt is turning juicy now, good and slippery and hot. Let's see-yeah, there's the hood and her clit-". Elizabeth jerked violently when the boy's fingertip bored gently beneath her clitoral hood and found the ultra-tender place.