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On Board the World's Most Powerful Tugboat

Docker is a manager for the containment of applications. Tugboat is a small library that speaks the docker protocol for moving applications and containers in and out of your local seaport. Tugboat provides interfaces for interacting with a docker daemon over http, returning Scala Futures containing docker responses. This requires docker is resolvable via tcp.

See the docker documentation on how to set this up. In some docker-ready environments like boot2docker , this is the default. Specific API interfaces like build , events , logs , push and pull , responses are streamed. Since we will be interacting with Scala Future's, an implicit ExecutionContext is assumed. Create a docker tugboat client.

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You may optionally supply your docker daemon's host as a constructor argument. Despite a down market for new construction, there were some key advances in tugboat design and technology over the last year. The deadline for Coast Guard Subchapter M compliance is fast approaching, but within the towing industry there is still uncertainty around the new inspection regime. Seabulk Towing turned heads in January when it welcomed Trident, the first U. Lauderdale, Fla.

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Hank Kaplan and Rich Padden. When it comes to tugboat design and technology, some people believe North American operators lag behind trendsetters in Asia, Europe or Australia. Since then there have been four accidents worldwide that resulted in fatalities, all at plants. We're traveling at 9 knots, and it's time to slow down. From here on, Magwood, the docking pilot on the Princess 's bridge, calls the shots. The Edward shudders violently--it feels as though we're bumping over a washboard dirt road. The meter registering the load on the Edward 's line shows 54 tons. The Edward slows to 8 knots, as the Bulldog swings round to the Princess 's bow.

At 7 knots, Groover shifts to starboard. When the Edward , straining and digging, slowly pulls the Methane Princess's stern around, 94 tons register on the line.


The Edward 's bow is pushed down, its stern lifted up; it shudders as it backs against the strain. Bit by bit over the next half-hour, we slow the Princess down to 4 knots.

Two more tugs join us, the Bulldog "end on"--bow forward and perpendicular to the ship--against the Princess 's bow and two older Moran tugs amidships. The berth is now about yards ahead. As Magwood guides the behemoth in, a dance based on years of experience and intuitive knowledge between docking pilot and tugs commences. Over the next 45 minutes, the closer we get to the dock, the faster the commands come. Easy on the stern tugs, easy.

Stop, Edward. In position.

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Groover smiles. Hey, Rodney, nice job! When the Princess is safely tied up, the Edward and the Bulldog lie a few hundred feet away; they stand by for the next 24 hours of unloading. The two older tugs return to Moran's dock in downtown Savannah. John Johnson emerges from the engine room, and the smell of his homemade enchiladas soon fills the galley below the pilothouse.

The Evergreen 7Ps

The galley is better equipped than my kitchen at home, with a full-size stainless-steel fridge and oven. Out here on the water, as the sun dips below the river's green banks, it's easy to see why generations of men have plied the tugboat trade. The river is serene, ever-changing. The crewmen are removed from the world but also connected to it in a way merchant seamen in the open ocean never are. With such small crews, even deckhands get a chance at every job. And though they're on board for a week at a time, they remain in home port, and modern conveniences make the job less lonely--cellphones connect to friends and family, and flat-screen TVs in the galley and cabins and Wi-Fi keep the world at hand.

Late the next afternoon, it's hot, bright and blue, and the Princess is empty, ready to disembark. The Bulldog noses into the tanker's starboard bow and ties on. The Edward latches to her stern behind feet of line, and another Moran tug ties on amidships. The Bulldog responds with one long whistle and three short. Before two-way radios, tugs and pilots communicated by whistle; most captains still prefer it. One whistle acknowledges the request, three whistles means easy, and four means hooked up, slang for full ahead or astern.

The Edward 's engines throb, the river churns and foams, and the rope strains. The Methane Princess begins to slide away from the terminal and into the channel at the stately speed of 1 knot. The tanker is the length of a city block, and such an enormous mass has an inertia that is hard to grasp, yet the tugboats move it with choreographed precision and few words. We drift backward a bit, and Magwood calls, "Stronger, Edward , stronger.