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  1. Thirst: The Sacred Veil 5 by Christopher Pike (2013, Paperback)
  2. Review: Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil
  3. Review: Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil | The Chronicles Of A Children's Book Writer - Earl Dizon
  4. Book Review: Thirst No. 5 – The Sacred Veil by Christopher Pike

I hate the new series title, extensively. What with the aliens and flying saucer, the return to Lake Tahoe, the mental returns to dark ancient times in Sita's past It felt as if the author really didn't have too many more places to take the main character, hence the return to the storyline first used to end the series. I kept waiting for the motivation behind his supernatural idiosyncrasies to become much more apparent, which they didn't I didn't feel the 'tension' really played a part and wasn't needed. I sincerely hope the main reasoning behind their relationship was not for sex appeal, because that aspect didn't enhance the plot or climax.

I was really disheartened by the character of Simon. While I found myself loving him in the previous collection, he rather annoyed me in these books. Although I can appreciate this fundamental distinction on the part of the author, because we're given evidence that he really did narrate the first books, and now we're seeing him from Sita's perspective.

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We're shown that he is a real human with flaws, which I can appreciate. I tired very quickly of continuing to hear about 'Teri. I have read the series at least 5 different times over the years. It is one of my very favorite series to return to, and I imagine I will continue reading the first collection for many more years.

I was very much looking forward to continuing Sita's adventures since she did not feel finished after the first books. I believe this series is Pike's greatest accomplishment and I know many of you share my gratitude for this continuation. For those of you who feel that the series may continue because the author left the last line so open for interpretation, I am sorry to inform you that there will be no more books.

Thirst: The Sacred Veil 5 by Christopher Pike (2013, Paperback)

The author feels tired, and Sita feels very tired. Unless there's another Vampiric phenomenon in 15 years Sita has lived for centuries. She has seen more than most people could ever imagine. There was one series in particular that caught my attention when I was younger, and to this day I am still a huge fan.

His books turned me into the reader that I am today, and inspired me to choose writing as both a hobby and a future career path.

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My love for this character fed into a lifelong obsession with those dark and sexy nocturnal beings that fed off of human blood and had us wishing that we could become a member of the immortal children of the night. Sita, our heroine, was the last of her kind — a monster who would repent her wicked ways and protect humanity from those that would harm us. Sita is a very strong and well-written character, as well as a great female heroine that was not seen that often during those days. Sita is an ancient vampire who has lived for more than 5, years.

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Her story begins in India, where she grew up and lived with her family for many quiet years, until one eventful night would change her life forever. As a child growing up, Sita witnessed one of her friends dying while giving birth to her child.

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He offered to turn her into a vampire or kill her and her husband, Rama, and her daughter. Reluctantly, Sita chooses to go with Yaksha and bid her family farewell, never to see them again. As a vampire, Sita was a bloodthirsty creature at first, and the world was starting to notice that they were up against demons that they had never encountered before.

Yaksha, Sita, and their fellow vampires had a run-in with the Hindu deity Krishna in their travels. Krishna and Yaksha planned a battle against one another in a pit of serpents. Krishna used his flute to hypnotize the serpents into biting Yaksha. Afterwards, he made Yaksha swear a sacred vow to him that was kept secret for thousands of years, until Sita realized the truth — Krishna told Yaksha to kill all of the vampires he had created. Throughout the centuries Sita traveled from country to country, to avoid wandering eyes and suspicions about her youthful looks and immortality.

She encountered people with good hearts and people with ulterior motives, but she always prevailed. But her longevity on this planet was threatened countless times by some menacing adversaries, ranging from psychotic vampires, the government, ancient beings, and even her own maker.

Review: Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil

She even masqueraded for a short while as a high school student named Alisa Perne, a name that she would use frequently with her human contacts, but only a select few knew her true name. Sita also has quite a long and tragic romantic past as well. It is also a new novel that has never previously been released. You can check out the main Facebook page on all updates regarding this upcoming release.

I hope this article has cleared up any confusion of the difference between "The Last Vampire" and "Thirst" series respectively.

Review: Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil | The Chronicles Of A Children's Book Writer - Earl Dizon

I mainly wrote this because this question comes up very often. So do yourself a favor and if you are looking for the complete chronological history of Sita, buy the "Thirst" series instead of trying to hunt down the older releases. If you purchase "Thirst No. The "Thirst" series is also cheaper, more convenient and helps support the author and publishers.

Thank you.

Book Review: Thirst No. 5 – The Sacred Veil by Christopher Pike

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