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  1. The Darkness And Despair Behind Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral
  2. The Downward Spiral - Wikipedia
  3. How Trent Reznor Spun Out A Masterpiece With ‘The Downward Spiral’
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Trent's best album by a country mile.

Outstanding journey into human frailty, self loathing, pain, hate and triumph perfectly encapsulated. Was groundbreaking and still remains a tour de force musically regardless of what genre ppl choose to hate this album upon. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful.

The Darkness And Despair Behind Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral

This album is what started my obsession with music. I was so blown away, that I rushed to the store to buy all of the singles, albums and remix albums. It took me a while to adjust to other types of music, because the world of NIN is hard to leave once imprisoned inside of it. Most of the other music of the time seemed uninteresting, since this was very exotic and dense.

The Downward Spiral - Wikipedia

This started my craze of audio production, which took me to college and from there to two degrees. This is required listening in the field of audio producers. It is considered one of the best engineered albums of all time, right next to Sgt Peppers and Dark Side of the Moon. A great collection of songs.

Second only to The Fragile. You have only two options with this album: Play it too softly, or play it too loud. But almost as soon as you rush to your pre-amp and squeeze in more juice, the loud comes back in, but so unimaginably loud this time that you think your speaker coils might melt, and old man Reilly in the next apartment has already started to bang his broomstick on the wall.

How Trent Reznor Spun Out A Masterpiece With ‘The Downward Spiral’

Then you turn it down and start the cycle again. Sure, bands like Nirvana play the soft-loud game, too, but Nine Inch Nails auteur Trent Reznor takes it to sadistic extremes, especially since the song — without the power riffing and the howl, the distortion and the infinite layering — would essentially be as melodic as a late Beatles tune. And when the steel-edged dance-punk hybrid known as industrial finally became popular, a lot of people were betting that Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, the two most important bands associated with the genre, had the potential to redefine rock in their own image.

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Fuck you. Use you.

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Scar you. Break you.

NIN - The Downward Spiral Live

Lose me. Hate me. Smash me. Erase me.