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The development of scientific thinking in elementary school: A comprehensive inventory. Child Development, 86 , — British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 33 , 57— Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 62 , Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 28 4 , Home-based literacy activities and children's cognitive outcomes: A comparison between Australia and Germany. International Journal of Educational Research, 71 , Sense of community in academic communities of practice: predictors and effects.

Higher Education , 69 2 , Generative online learning communities: The effect of peer participation perception on the acceptance and use of conceptual artefacts. Finding open-ended learning environments on the Internet: Automated dialogue assessment in academic virtual communities of practice. Computers in Human Behavior, 47 1 , Frontline Learning Research, 3 4 , 56— Does working memory training transfer?

A meta-analysis including training conditions as moderators. Educational Psychologist, 50 2 , — A bird in the hand: Understanding the trajectories of development of young children and the need for action to improve outcomes.

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Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 40 3 , Trempler, K. Auswirkungen digitaler Medien auf den Wissens- und Kompetenzerwerb in der Schule. GameLog — Gamification in der Intralogistik. Gretsch, S. Springer Fachmedien: Wiesbaden. Kaufmann, S. Nutzungsabsicht von Reportingsystemen.

Analyse von inhaltlichen, formalen und systemtechnischen Erfolgsfaktoren. Verlag Dr. Luchterhand Verlag. Innovative Waldprojekte. Wohlwender, A. Analyse der Wissenskommunikation in einer Matrixorganisation. Springer VS: Wiesbaden. Explicit fun, implicit learning in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas: Methodological proposal for studying development of cognitive skills using commercial video games. In Proceedings of VS-Games 7th international conference on games and virtual worlds for serious applications pp.

Gruber, H. Apprenticeship and school learning. Wright Ed. Oxford: S. Model for analyzing value education in schools in Germany. Porto Portugal. Planspiele und Serious Games - Basis einer neuen Lernkultur. Bielefeld: Bertelsmann Verlag. Murillo Montes de Oca, A. Supporting integrative interdisciplinary research discourse: A case study analysis. Schirlitz Hrsg. Fostering dimensions of self-determination theory by moderate constructivist designed e-tutor training programs.

Madrid, Spain, March , Herausforderungen, Erfahrungen, Perspektiven S. Li, M. Chang, M. Kravcik, E. Popescu, R. Chen Eds. Informal learning in online knowledge communities: Predicting community response to visitor inquiries. Conole, T. Klobucar, C. Rensing, J. Predicting newcomer integration in online knowledge communities by automated dialog analysis.

Online knowledge communities as student-centered open learning environments: How likely will they be to integrate learners as new members? Lindwall, P. Koschman, P. Ludvigsen Eds. Learning analytics: Trends and issues of the empirical research of the years Stavarache, L. How does time shape a virtual community of practice? Roceanu Ed.

Antosch-Bardohn, J. I nkubation im Studienalltag. Vortrag auf der 3. Alqassab, M. The impact of peer feedback on mathematical reasoning: role of domain-specific ability and emotions. Psychological research. Poster presented at the 9th Psychological congress - Psychology in Profession and Practice e. What eye movements can reveal about the coupling of attention and context memory in visual search. Informal feedback practices in the workplace: A study of perceptions and feedback experiences. School readiness and the transition to school. Parents leading learning: A non-intensive intervention study to support the home learning environment.

Interaction and engagement mediating perceived learning outcomes of group learning activities. Dingyloudi, F. Core and periphery in learning communities: Do they value experienced participation differently? Conceptuele review van modellen voor het ontwerp van groepsleeractiviteiten in het hoger onderwijs [Conceptual review of model for the design of group learning activities in higher education].

Fostering scientific reasoning: A meta-analysis on intervention studies.


Eine metaanalytische Betrachtung der Effekte von Interventionen auf wissenschaftliches Denken und Argumentieren. Paper presented at the 3. Structured briefs Help to communicate research more efficiently to practitioners. What kinds of resources do teachers rely on in their professional practice? An interview study.

Implementation model for the gamification of business processes - A study from the field of material handling. Current Practical Value Education in Germany. Model for analyzing value education in institutions. Wertebildung in Sozialisationsinstanzen — eine empirische Erhebung in Deutschland. Vortrag auf der Formative assessment practices in mathematics education among secondary schools in Tanzania.

Meier, E. Boredom as Epistemic Emotion. Der Effekt von Scaffolding und des Timings kognitiver Modellierung auf den Fertigkeitserwerb in empirischen Forschungsmethoden. Effects of scaffolding and the timing of modeling examples on skill acquisition in science education. Nguyen, C. Differential item functioning in measuring Australian home learning environment. Value education in the context of STEM — a project to integrate values. An implementation approach on value education in organizations. Implementation of work-oriented training on values in organizations.

Implementing training measures in organizations to foster value education. Can basic psychological needs be fostered by a moderate constructivist designed online training programs? Do moderate constructivist e-tutor training programs foster dimensions of self-determination theory? Early childhood development in the context of families and ECEC programmes. Home learning environment and the development of child competencies from kindergarten until the end of elementary school. Parents leading learning: Supporting the home learning environment. Using joint attention sequencing to promote expressive language learning — a lab study.

Introduction and first results of three SLRC projects. If scientific reasoning is what the tests test, then what is scientific reasoning? A review. Chicago, IL, April , Scientific thinking in elementary school: A structural equation model of distinct components and their influencing factors.

Influences of primary-school scientific thinking: Understanding the recursive nature of mental states and inhibitory control. How assessment for learning promotes self-regulation, co-regulation and shared regulation. Psychological need satisfaction via gamification. Using gamification to foster motivation and performance in the workplace. Watching people fail: Improving diagnostic competence by peer feedback on erroneous diagnoses. Fostering second language skills of primary school students with a migratory background. The role of basic cognitive functions and fluid intelligence for knowledge acquisition in learning environments with varying degrees of instructional support.

Bucharest, Romania, April , Umgang mit wissenschaftlicher Evidenz im Bildungsbereich. Symposium auf der 3. Discussant in M. Schwarz Organisatoren. Argumentation for learning: A perspective across domains. Using PowerPoint in lectures: What explains the speech suppression effect? Wermelt, M. Competency-based medical education: Certainty in evidence-based decision-making in own and other domain.

Problemorientierte Aufgabenstellung. Praxis Schule, 4 , 6— Eine Initiative der Stiftung Fairchance. Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen. Leitfaden "Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Werte". Praxis Schule, 4 , Vogl, R. Allgaier, A. Psychiatry Research, 3 , — Unfolding perspectives on networked professional learning: Exploring ties and time. Frontline Learning Research, 2 2 , Legitimate peripheral participation in communities of practice. Participation support structures for newcomers in faculty student councils. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 23 2 , Frontline Learning Research, 2 3 , Getting immersed in teacher and student perspectives?

Facilitating analytical competence using video cases in teacher education. Instructional Science , 42 1 , Promoting medical competencies through international exchange programs: benefits on communication and effective doctor-patient relationships. BMC Medical Education, 14 1 , Why it is hard to make use of new learning spaces: a script perspective. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 23 1 , Effects of collaboration scripts and heuristic worked examples on the acquisition of mathematical argumentation skills of teacher students with different levels of prior achievement.

Learning and Instruction, 32 , Evaluating social interaction and support methods over time — a pilot field study. Lernen durch Spiele: Leeres Versprechen oder echtes Potenzial?. Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell. Non-significant intention—behavior effects in educational technology acceptance: A case of competing cognitive scripts?. Computers in Human Behavior, 34, Designing Smart Knowledge Building Communities. Interaction Design and Architecture s Journal, 22 , Casting the die before the die is cast: The importance of the home numeracy environment for preschool children.

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Where is the evidence? A meta-analysis on the role of argumentation for the acquisition of domain-specific knowledge in computer-supported collaborative learning. Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 61 1 , Fostering diagnostic competence in different domains. Meixner, M. Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Bildungsbereich. Wertebildung im Unternehmen: theoretische Grundlagen und Implementation. Springer International Publishing.

Future learning spaces: design, collaboration, knowledge, assessment, teachers, technology and the radical past. Chapters in Books and Peer-Reviewed Proceedings. Hasselhorn, W. Tests und Trends, Bd. Bolzer, M. Effects of peer feedback content and sender's competence on perceptions and mindful cognitive processing of written peer feedback: An eye tracking study.

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Sandoval, W. The interplay of domain-specific and domain-general factors in scientific reasoning and argumentation. D'Amico Hrsg. Hense, J. Learning in or with Games?. In: Sampson, D. Aspekte der Feedbacknachricht. Creating a reference data set for satellite image content based retrieval. Marchetti Eds. Frascati , Proceedings of the conference on Big Data from Space pp. Publications Office of the European Union. Implementation model for developing training measures to foster values in an organization.

In Polman, J. Sallat, M. Idstein: Schulz-Kirchner.

KIT - Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft - Forschung - Gesamte Publikationsliste

Spies, M. Akerkar Ed.

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Florida: Chapman and Hall. Towards a pattern language for Cognitive Systems Integration. Eolranta Ed. New York: Association f. Computing Machinery. Personale Faktoren im Feedbackprozess. The role of content support and transactivity for effects of computer-supported collaboration scripts on domain-specific learning: A Meta-Analysis. Xhafa, L. Barolli, F. Palmieri, M. Loia Hrsg. How do learners process information in lectures? The role of projected slides and type of Note-taking.

Lernen in Gruppen. Krapp Hrsg. Weinheim: Beltz. Secondary-task effects on contextual cueing of visual search. The application of eye tracking as a link between peer feedback characteristics, perceptions and performance. Experienced and observed value creation in communities of learning practice: Looking at the same scene from within and outside the box. Juni, Fowler, M. Linking leadership behavior to ethical and performance outcomes: The leadership development model.

Heitzmann N, Wershofen, B. Hamburg, Rotterdam, Frauenchiemsee, Argumentieren mit Evidenzen im Bildungsbereich. Kompetenzen der Bewertung von Studien. Konferenzbeitrag auf der 2. In which contexts of application do teachers use products of educational research as a resource? Findings from an interview study. Kompetenzen der Nutzung wissenschaftlicher Evidenzen im Bildungsbereich — Validierung eines Messinstruments.

Konferenzbeitrag auf dem Lowering the bar for evidence-based practice in teaching — what structured abstracts may contribute. Eine Interviewstudie zur Schnittstelle zwischen bildungswissenschaftlicher Forschung und professionellem Handeln. Kim, J. Involving student assessors in direct-performance assessment: A qualitative content analysis of provided feedback. Current value education in Germany.

Actual Practical Value Education in Germany. Melle, J. Der Effekt des Zeitpunkts kognitiver Modellierung und Scaffolding auf den Fertigkeitserwerb in empirischen Forschungsmethoden. A case study for user evaluation of a CBIR tool: An application of open-ended feedback with comment clustering and inductive categorization. S, Mandl, H. Implementation of a work-oriented training on values in organizations. An implementation approach of a training on values in organizations.

Implementation von Wertebildung im Kontext von Weiterbildung. Value education in german organizations — an implementation model. Vortrag gehalten im Rahmen der Home learning environments and child competencies in Germany and Australia. Bilingual children's language learning in Australian Kindergarten programs and formal childcare. Poster presented at the Bochum, Germany, September , Understanding the nature of science and understanding experimentation in elementary school: Cognitive influences and advanced theory of mind. Paper presented at the 2. Factors facilitating conceptual understanding in experimentation.

Advanced theory-of-mind abilities: Structure and relations to general cognitive development. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Developmental Section of the British Psychological Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September , Advanced theory-of-mind abilities: A latent variable model and relations to general cognitive abilities. The future of self-assessment: Known unknowns and probable directions. Strijbos Chair , The future of self-assessment: Considered reflections on new directions.

Pander, T. Feasibility of Gamification to Foster Learning and Working Motivation - A design-based research study in intralogistics. Vortrag auf der 2. Vortrag auf dem 8. Argentinischen Deutschlehrerkongress, Rosario, Argentinien, Symposion Deutschdidaktik, Basel, 7. An interactional framework for feedback as a dialogue: The role of inter personal factors.

Tayler, C. Leading the change: Increasing the quality of mathematics learning in play-based programs. What explains the speech suppression effect of computer-based slide projections? Do cross-domain skills of scientific reasoning and argumentation exist?. Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum. PowerPoint als Lernhindernis? Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell, 21 3 , Memory under pressure: Secondary-task effects on contextual cueing of visual search.

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Defining and characterizing the concept of Internet Meme. Toward a script theory of guidance in computer-supported collaborative learning. Educational Psychologist, 48 1 , Orchestration is nothing without conducting — but arranging ties the two together! A response to Dillenbourg Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 60, Home literacy environment and the beginning of reading and spelling.

Contemporary Educational Psychology, 38 , Stability of attitudes and participation in online university courses: Gender and location effects. Computers and Education, 68 1 , Educational technology acceptance across national and professional cultures: A European study. Educational Technology Research and Development, 61 4 , The impact of a rubric and friendship on peer assessment: Effects on construct validity, performance, and perceptions of fairness and comfort.

Studies in Educational Evaluation, 39 4 , Feedback perceptions and attribution by secretarial employees: Effects of feedback-content and sender characteristics. European Journal of Training and Development, 37 1 , Psychological Perspectives on Motivation through Gamification. Interaction Design and Architecture s Journal, 19 , How to support prescriptive statements by empirical research: Some missing parts. Educational Psychology Review, 25 1 , Presenting theoretical ideas prior to inquiry activities fosters theory-level knowledge. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 50 10 , Zottmann, J.

Computer-supported collaborative learning with digital video cases in teacher education: The impact of teaching experience on knowledge convergence. Computers in Human Behavior, 29 5 , Bedingungen, Prozesse und Wirkungen. Schulinspektion als eine Form externer Evaluation. Hense, S. Widmer Hrsg. Bedingungen, Prozesse und Wirkungen S. Fostering learning and collaboration in a scientific community — evidence from an experiment using RFID devices to measure collaborative processes.

Rummel, M. Kapur, M. Puntambekar Eds. International Society of the Learning Sciences. Collaboration scripts in computer-supported collaborative learning. Hmelo-Silver, A. O'Donnell, C. Chan Eds. Chinn, C. Scripting and Orchestration: Recent Theoretical Advances. Puntambekar Hrsg. Germ, M. Lermen Hrsg. Die Idee und ihre Umsetzung S. Wirtschaft Schwerin. Betriebswirtschaft BWL bietet eine optimale wissenschaftliche und anwendungsorientierte Berufsvorbereitung.

Die Digitalisierung wird die gesamte Wirtschaft revolutionieren und innovative Jobs entstehen lassen. Der Studiengang Pferdemanagement B. Werden Sie zum Experten gleich zweier Fachdisziplinen. Eventmanagement schafft Erlebnisse mit Erinnerungswert! Veranstaltungsmanagement nutzen zunehmend Unternehmen, um ihre Zielgruppen zu binden oder besondere Botschaften zu transportieren. Kaum eine andere Branche ist so innovationsgetrieben. Was macht die Faszination Apple aus?

Mit den Auswirkungen und Chancen des digitalen Wandels setzt sich die Medienpsychologie auseinander. Das Besondere: wir betrachten mit Ihnen im Studium beide Bereiche gleichwertig und eng miteinander verwoben. Bildungsinstitutionen in Deutschland sind einem stetigen Wandel unterzogen. Medical microbiology and immunology , 4 , — Graichen, S. Advances in Production Technology.

Brecher , —, Springer, Berlin. Biomechanical Analysis of Manual Assembly Tasks. Reduced emotional stress reactivity to a real-life academic examination stressor in students participating in a week aerobic exercise training: A randomised controlled trial using Ambulatory Assessment. Psychology of sport and exercise , 20, 67— Haaren-Mack, B. Fitter but lazier? The impact of mental practices of motor performance of tennis skills in young boys and girls.

Advances in physical education , 5, 77— Hellmann, D. The effect of force-controlled biting on human posture control. Human movement science , 43, — Henn, A. Physical activity and body weight among German adolescents - a longitudinal consideration. Hill, H. Journal of sports sciences , 33 15 , — Hoffmann, A.

Prediction of elite triathlon performance by multiple linear regression models. Prediction of attendance at fitness center: a comparison between the theory of planned behavior, the social cognitive theory, and the physical activity maintenance theory. Frontiers in psychology , 6 6 , Art. Kanning, M. International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity , 12 1 , Art. Kappenstein, J. Effects of active and passive recovery on blood lactate and blood pH after a repeated sprint protocol in children and adults. Pediatric exercise science , 27 1 , 77— Karger, C.

Eine empirische Bestandsanalyse im Zeitraum von Koster, E. Examining the relation between mood and rumination in remitted depressed individuals: A dynamic systems analysis. Clinical psychological science , 3 4 , — Reproducibility of spatio-temporal and dynamic parameters in various, daily occurring, turning conditions. Krapf, F. Geschlechtsrollen-Selbstkonzept, Gesundheit und gesundheitsrelevantes Handeln. The journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences , 27 4 , — Mess, F. The lost war and its consequences for higher education students.

The international journal of the history of sport , Supl. Neudecker, C. Journal of attention disorders. PLoS one , 10 11 , e Oberger, J. Oriwol, D. Comparing movement variability between outdoor vs. Footwear science , 7, 30— Panchyrz, I. Physical fitness levels of a selected sample of Kenyan children from a comparison with a representative German sample. International sports studies , 37 1. Neurology , 84 9 , — Tracking physical activity in different settings from late childhood to early adulthood in Germany: The MoMo longitudinal study Health behavior, health promotion and society.

PLoS one , 10 4 , e Reiner, M. Stress: Personal matter or family affair? Intra- and inter-individual relationships between stress, physical activity, sedentery behavior, and nutrition. The effect of force-controlled biting on motor control - experimental studies under laboratory and field conditions. The effect of force-controlled biting on motor control — experimental studies under laboratory and field conditions.

Force-controlled biting alters postural control in bipedal and unipedal stance. Journal of oral rehabilitation , 42 3 , — The effect of oral motor activity on the athletic performance of professional golfers. Frontiers in psychology , 6 Postural stability and the influence of concurrent muscle activation — Beneficial effects of jaw and fist clenching.

Ambulatory assessment in borderline personality disorder: present state of research and new insights into symptomatology as it unfolds in daily life. Macht eine Gemeindereform aus zweien eins? Turnen in der Primarstufe. Grundschule Sport , 8 , Selbstkompetenz steigern durch Differenzierung. Das Deutsche Sportabzeichen als Ideensammlung.

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Grundschule Sport , 8 , 6—9. Open Science in der Sportwissenschaft?! Seegelke, C. Frames of reference in action plan recall: influence of hand and handedness. Experimental brain research , 10 , — Souverein, O. Prediction of fruit and vegetable intake from biomarkers using individual participant data of diet-controlled intervention studies.

British journal of nutrition , 9 , — Results of the MoMo Study. PLoS one , 10 12 , e Do media use and physical activity behavor compete in adolecents. Spielmann, M. Interlimb Transfer of Learned Dynamics. Interlimb transfer of learned dynamics. Adaptation, Consolidation, and Generalization Mechanisms in Human Motor Control and Learning - Development of a methodological framework and conduction of psychophysical studies.

Intermanual transfer characteristics of dynamic learning: direction, coordinate frame, and consolidation of interlimb generalization. Journal of neurophysiology , 6 , — Intermanuelle Transfermechanismen beim motorischen Lernen. Generalization characteristics of motor memory: symmetry and consolidation of intermanual transfer. Stokin, G. Harvard review of psychiatry , 23 5 , — Traffic injury prevention , 16 sup2 , S—S Motor memory consolidation leads to enhanced gamma band power in the EEG. Higher gamma band power coincides with motor memory retrieval. Trull, T. Affective Dynamics in Psychopathology.

Emotion review , 7 4 , — Elaboration of the Environmental Stress Hypothesis — Results from a population-based 6-year follow-up. Journal of Comorbidity , 5 2 Suppl. Issue , 45— Walter, K. Sport management review , 18 4 , — NASSM Wiese, S. Comparative biokinetics and metabolism of pure monomeric, dimeric, and polymeric flavanols: A randomized cross-over study in humans.

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Pediatric exercise science , 26 4 , — Hoch- intensives Intervalltraining mit Kindern und Jugendlichen im Nachwuchsleistungssport. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift , , — Feuerhahn, N. Exercise after work, psychological mediators, and affect: A day-level study. European journal of work and organizational psychology , 23 1 , 62— Fink, A.

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Psychiatry research , 3 , — Frank , , Feldhaus - Ed. Family health climate scale FHC-scale : Development and validation. International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity , 11 1 , Rabel, M. Kann man den Tag doch vor dem Abend loben? Eine empirische Untersuchung zur Umsetzung sportbezogener Intentionen im Alltag. Becker , —, Springer VS, Wiesbaden. Proximity to sports facilities and sports participation for adolescents in Germany. PLoS one , 9 3 , e Being stressed and active!?

An analysis of different aspects of the relationship between physical activity, individual perceived stress, and individual health. In Bewegung oder auf Stand By? Sportwissenschaft - Literaturrecherche in Datenbanken: Tipps zur erfolgreichen Suche. Force-controlled biting affects postural control in bipedal and unipedal stance. Maurer , 57, Feldhaus - Ed. Ecological Momentary Assessment in Borderline Personality Disorder: A review on recent findings and methodological challenges.

Journal of personality disorders , 28 9 , — Specificity of affective instability in patients with borderline personality disorder compared to posttraumatic stress disorder, bulimia nervosa, and Healthy controls.

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Go for gold? Jugendlich und 70 Jahre alt: Prof. Gibt es Sporthelden? Turnen ist mehr - Patriotismus als Lebensform. LIT, Berlin. Vitamin D supply of German children and adolescents. Prevalence, determinants and possible consequences [Vitamin-D-versorgung deutscher kinder und jugendlicher. Schredl, M. Imagination, cognition and personality , 33 3 , — Seidel, I. Skirrow, C. Everyday emotional experience of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Evidence for reactive and endogenous emotional lability.

Psychological medicine , 44 16 , — Longitudinal associations of health-related behavior patterns in adolescence with change of weight status and self-rated health over a period of 6 years: results of the MoMo longitudinal study. BMC pediatrics , 14 1 , Robotics as a tool to understand human motor learning. Catch trials in force field learning influence adaptation and consolidation of human motor memory. Frontiers in human neuroscience , 8, Intermittent practice affects acquisition and retest performance in force field adaptation tasks.

Modellierung und Simulation sensomotorischer Adaptationsprozesse. Maurer , , Feldhaus - Ed. Interlimb transfer mechanisms of learned dynamics in reaching movements. Event-related EEG changes during motor adaptation. Changes in EEG activity during motor learning. Current directions in psychological science , 23 6 , — Van den Herrewegen, I.

Dynamic 3D scanning as a markerless method to calculate multi-segment foot kinematics during stance phase: methodology and first application. Journal of biomechanics , 4 11 , — Cohort Profile: The Motorik-Modul MoMo Longitudinal Study: physical fitness and physical activity as determinants of health development in German children and adolescents.

International journal of epidemiology , 43 5 , — Walter, U. Jahrestagung der dvs-Kommission "Sport und Raum" und - 6. November - 7. Jahrestagung der dvs-Kommission "Sport und Raum", Konstanz, September im Rahmen des Der Netzwerkansatz zur Analyse sporttouristischer Kooperationsstrukture. November und Konstanz, Mai Netzwerktheorie und Sportentwicklungsplanung. Handbuch Sportentwicklungsplanung. Als wie belastend erleben Referendarinnen und Referendare mit dem Unterrichtsfach Sport den Anfang ihrer Schullaufbahn? Sportunterricht , 63 8 , 1—6.

The development of cognitive and motor planning skills in young children. Cognitive processing , 15 1, Suppl. Zamoscik, V. Increased involvement of the parahippocampal gyri in a sad mood predicts future depressive symptoms. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience , 9 12 , — Awmleh, A. Journal of social sciences , 9 2 , 54— Baadte, S.

Foot deformation during walking : differences between static and dynamic 3D foot morphology in developing feet. Ergonomics , 57 6 , — Bartenbach, V. The BioMotionBot: A robotic device for applications in human motor learning and rehabilitation. Journal of neuroscience methods , 2 , — Barth, K. Ich lerne turnen. Bode, L. In vivo and in vitro metabolism of trans-resveratrol by human gut microbiota. The American journal of clinical nutrition , 97 2 , — Bossmann, T. The association between short periods of everyday life activities and affective states: a replication study using ambulatory assessment.

The influence of different teaching methods on motor learning in school children. Bewegungslernen und —lehren im Schulsport. Sportwissenschaft grenzenlos?! September , Abstracts. Mess , , Feldhaus - Ed. Brehm, W. Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz , 56 10 , — Pharmacotherapy , 33 1 , 44— Interactive multimodal ambulatory monitoring to investigate the association between physical activity and affect. Frontiers in psychology , 3, Feige, B. PLoS one , 8 10 , e Finger, J. Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz , 56 , — The influence of catch trials on the consolidation of motor memory in force field adaptation tasks.

Frontiers in psychology , 4, Artikel The consolidation of motor memory depends on the adaptation parameter. Effects of age, sex and activity level on counter-movement jump performance in children and adolescents. European journal of sport science , 13 5 , — Fritz, B. Anthropometric influences on dynamic foot shape: Measurements of plantar three-dimensional foot deformation.

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