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I didn't think. You didn't just throw this girly outfit together, did you, Lulu? I mean, with this blouse and skirt. This outfit is hardly within the dress code. Even for a female member of staff, having your bra so on show like that would be seen as likely to distract her male colleagues.

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I understand. I must be disciplined. I don't know I mean, I didn't want It's not something I've ever done Or I'm giving you a formal disciplinary write up and news of your girlish dress up will go right through the company and right up to the directors and clients. Nobody will know what goes on in this office.

You have my word. It made my little white dicklet look laughably small as it flopped into my face, already getting semi-hard and as thick as my wrist as Drake began to stroke the throbbing, veiny shaft. I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick across my boss cock, circling the head and tracing all along the shaft. It felt warm and fleshy and very exciting.

I might never have given much thought about sucking dick before in all my experimenting with dressing up, but right now I knew that this is where it had been leading. I couldn't help but feel weak, submissive and needy in the presence of my boss' dark powerful member. I just wanted it inside me.

Sissy in office

This wasn't enough for my horny boss, though. He grabbed the sides of my head and pushed deeper, making me gag.

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Still he wouldn't stop. He was fucking my face now with no doubt of who was in control.

My mouth, indeed my whole expensively made up girly body, were just for him to use and abuse. My little black lace panties were getting stained by my own precum even as my boss' dick made my mouth drool. Then I felt it, my boss' ejaculation hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow but it was all too much for me with a big black dick in my mouth. Cum leaked from the corners of my wet lips. Drake withdrew his cock from my mouth and, still jerking the shaft, shot a couple more streams of cum across my lips and cheek and over my glasses.

You make a good little white bitch for your black boss, Lulu," said Drake, "Looks like I won't have to write you up after all. Now, you can go. As I exited the office, still licking a little sticky salty manjuice from my lips - kind of enjoying the intoxicating taste of my boss' power - I was shocked by a cheer that went up around the office. My team had turned the screens of their computers to face the room and were livestreaming from a camera in Drake's private office.

Everyone had seen everything. How do you keep believing what everyone says to you? There were warm tears in my eyes, and not just from gagging on the monster black cock I'd just been swallowing. I couldn't believe my whole office had not just seen me dolled up like a slutty girl but willingly sucking off the boss at work as well! Utterly shamed, I hurried out of the room and staggered into the women's bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, I tried to calm myself by fixing my makeup. I wiped the last of my boss' cum from my lips and glasses, licking it clean from my fingers.

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Sure, I was humiliated, but I couldn't not admit to loving the feel of swallowing a real man's powerful masculinity. Then I reapplied my makeup and lipstick and soon felt a little better about myself. Hell, if I was going to be seen by my office co-workers as a slutty sissy, at least I made a pretty hot one. A perky, leggy blonde, Jenny had been my office crush from the moment that I started working here.

I knew a couple of guys in the office had been with her - including Shawn from my team - and she was supposed to be pretty easy. I had been trying to get her attention for months but had made no progress. But now here I was sharing the intimate space of the women's bathroom with her. Really enjoyed this series about a man who submits to his sister-in-law's will and finds there is no way back. Of course he is way more submissive than is believable, but that is what makes it fun to read.

The first part was definitely my favourite. Mindi marked it as to-read Jan 08, Stephanie Johnson marked it as to-read Sep 12, James marked it as to-read Dec 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Paul Zante. Paul Zante.

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