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When you do blow- dry, straighten, or curl, apply a silicone-based cream or serum to tame frizz, promote shine, and shield the hair from heat. Common misconception: Clarifying shampoo makes dry hair look even drier.

Ayurveda’s View of the Hair

What's to love: You don't have to wash your hair as often. Real Simple: Complete hair care.

HEALTHY HAIR GUIDE - Everything you want to know about hair!

If not treated with care, curly hair is prone to frizz. The trick is to keep it well conditioned and work with the curl, not against it. Maintenance: Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so wash no more than twice a week, to let scalp oils hydrate hair naturally.

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Detangle hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, never a brush. And use a leave-in conditioning spray, which "can also be misted on when the hair is dry to help the wave bounce back," says Amanda B. Common misconception: Hair should be scrunched with the hands as it dries to enhance curls. Actually, scrunching disturbs the curl pattern and creates more frizz. Apply a product and either let the hair dry naturally or twist damp sections into the desired shape and let them air-dry completely. What's to love: Treat them right and your curls will be low-maintenance.

Real Simple: Alternatives for beauty products. Remember -- natural oils are beneficial, so don't entirely strip them for the sake of cleaner-looking hair. Maintenance: Wash oily hair daily with a mild, detergent-based shampoo. Concentrate on the roots. Rinsing out the suds cleans the strands sufficiently. After you shampoo, use a light conditioner from midshaft to the ends.

Styling: "Because oil blocks the follicles, oily hair is usually fine hair," says salon owner Johnny Lavoy. Avoid silicone, heavy pomades, and creams and opt for an airy mousse, applying it at the roots to add fullness. Common misconception: Oily hair doesn't need to be conditioned.

A Guide to Healthy Hair

You must replace lost moisture with conditioner, especially if you shampoo every day. Apply only where needed, beginning at the ends. What's to love: You save money on styling products. Stick to the basics, like a volumizing mousse, and skip the masks, the creams, and the serums. Biotin — White fish, carrots, cucumber, raspberries, eggs, and cabbage. Potassium — White beans, spinach, bananas, mushrooms, salmon, and avocado. Vitamin A — Carrots, sweet potatoes, cheese, lettuce, and red peppers. Thank you!

What to eat for healthy hair

I take it twice a day, with water, after food. These tablets are scientifically formulated with all of the essential nutrients for healthy hair, like the ones that I have mentioned above. Viviscal is one of the most clinically researched hair growth supplement brand worldwide, and with ten published clinical trials, you can most definitely trust it.

I learned so much about it when chatting with the brand manager at the talk, and it was great to hear that it is recommended globally by doctors, dermatologists, trichologists, nutritionists and hair stylists. Find out more here. Symprove — I mentioned shortly after returning from London, that the Viviscal Dermatologist highly recommended Symprove as a brilliant probiotic for overall body, skin and hair health.

I got my hands on it almost immediately and have been loving using it. I really hope that you found this post helpful and interesting. I absolutely loved putting it together. Your email address will not be published.

My Good Food

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