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So if you take a book of 24 pages that is an average of 30 — 40 words a page. Needles to say you need to write a very compact story. Writing for a picture book is to delete a lot of words and sentences. You need to boil it down to the essence. IDEA Ideas can come from anywhere. Usually when you are not actively thinking about it.

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The idea for the Cubby the Lion story came from a design I made of the character. I have been developing the character for 4 years now. I took Inktober to explore the world of Cubby even more and it was a good chance to develop the character even more. Because he looks different with his dreadlocks it was clear Cubby was a different kind of lion cub. So I started the idea to make him a painter and tell the story through his eyes. Young kids like to explore a lot and find out things on their own. Cubby finds out the art of painting and creating which sets him apart from all the other lion cubs.

Pitch: It is always smart to pitch the story to yourself in two sentences. Boil the idea down to the essence. This was my pitch line: Cubby the Lion likes to paint and is different and is not accepted by the pride. The pride is in danger and Cubby saves the day and is accepted. A good story has a beginning, middle and end. When you start out writing your story it is good to break down the story in these three parts. Begin: Introduce the characters and world. Middle: A problem occurs that has to be solved.

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Or the main character develops into something different End: resolution. Story Beats In the beginning I started writing the story in prose. I wrote to story beats.

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A small description of each page, to see where the most important parts of the story would go. First of I checked what kind of animals are living near lake Manyara. I also downloaded a lot of pictures to get an idea of the environment. That can really help to get inspiration for the story you are writing. I used inktober to make ink drawings of Cubby the Lion and where he lives. I got a lot of ideas when I was making the drawings and have used some of them for my story. Tap or click on the i in the upper right corner to see all of the 31 videos of Inktober.

Or download the free eBook Cubby in Ink on iBooks. I will also leave a link in the description box. You also have to write with the visuals in mind.

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Is there enough space for the illustrator to draw and does each page offer a new scene to enhance the story. Luckily I am the illustrating my own story, but most of the time these tasks are executed by two persons.

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The author and the illustrator. After I had layed out the basic structure of the story I started to write the story in rhyme. Writing in rhyme is something totally different, but if you find the right beat and rhythm to your rhyme you are good to go.

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I wrote the story in English. I must say I am not an English Native. I am from the Netherlands so I generally speak Dutch. I wanted to write the story in American English. This gose for epipens too! My dad argues that because someone invented it that person should be allowed to make as much profit off his invention and I call bull shit! When you put money over the lives that you can save if only it was easier to access you are a shithole person and nonprofit organizations should take your lifesaving discovery away from you!

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