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  1. Critical thinking case study essays
  2. The Growing Problems Within the Faith Community Hospital
  3. Case Study Hospital Supplies
  4. "Let It Pour" Case Study Analysis

Tague, The process of the Charette Procedure is quite detailed, but very rewarding. First, the participants are divided into small groups, either by numbering off, or by some other method. Each group must select an individual recorder, and then they are given a discussion topic or question. If there are many small groups, then some groups may receive the same discussion topic or question.


Critical thinking case study essays

Otherwise, each group should receive a different topic for discussion. The small groups usually number five to eight individuals per group. An established time limit is set for the groups to generate ideas in response to the topic. The time limit is usually eight to ten minutes in duration. The recorder should write all responses on a pad or something.

The Growing Problems Within the Faith Community Hospital

The group's designated leader gives a two minute warning then calls time at the end of the time period. The recorder will take the group's responses from their group and rotate to the next group. In other words, the topic goes with the recorder. After the recorder joins the new group, all groups are asked to review the information generated by the previous group and add any other ideas they may have.

Case Study Hospital Supplies

This is done quickly in the interest of time. The process is repeated until each group has had an opportunity to discuss every issue. In the last rotation, each group should prioritize the most important ideas generated for that particular topic.

The entire group is reconvened for a presentation by each recorder. Each recorder then presents and summarizes the group's discussion and priorities generated by the topic. It is at this point the entire group may want to discuss the individual group reports and review priorities to reach consensus.

The overall process seems long and overwhelming, but can be very effective. So how does the Charette Procedure work in the practical world? The following is an illustration of the procedure in a real life situation. A community group of bankers have decided that they want to build and donate a family recreation center for the area's families and youth. The first task is to decide how to implement their.

"Let It Pour" Case Study Analysis

The mission statement that forms the foundation of the care to be provide is: "With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values. The hospital has a multitude of interpretations of this mission statement being made from all of our stakeholder groups and few of the Faith Community members and partners seem to be enamored by the mission statement.

The religious heritage and commitment of Faith Community to the public is well know, and this openness attracts a wide variety of stakeholders - Board of Directors, staff, patients, as well as family members. The uncertainty of whether these stakeholders understand or realize the mission statement and the differences that is between ethics, laws, beliefs, and oaths. If the stakeholders understand the above, how many can or will except the fact that Faith Community draw our value lines at diverse junctures when it comes to execution of the mission statement.

Faith Community is having a problem of drawing a definitive line between what services or medical interventions, conflict with the religious beliefs or personal moral convictions of all our stakeholders. Faith Community has had several situations arise that have brought these issues to bear. This has led to situations where the hospital has been accused of not providing the necessary services when these actions were done in agreement with the patients.

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Faith Community has also had conflicts when the staff has performed service or not performed services because of their own personal believe. In WriteWork. WriteWork contributors. The content was complete but extremely tortorous to read.


Possibly a more narative format would have been a little better and perhaps the use of a Thersaurus. I was soo lost on my critical thinking assignment related to this article. This at least gave me a format to work with.