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  2. A Week in the Future, Catherine Helen Spence
  3. Calculate the day of the week for any given date


The goal is to drive cascade effect and bring growth to the event partners, stakeholders and participants. Aleksandr Stommels Email: a. Main navigation. Select your language. During this trial period, apart from an increase in productivity, academics reported lower levels of stress and higher job satisfaction as well as an improved sense of work-life balance. The four day work week, hence, highlights the need of the hour — efficiency and productivity.


A Week in the Future, Catherine Helen Spence

To bring about efficiency with the workday, there has to be an opportunity to remove administrative tasks in exchange for more impactful ones. This can come into existence in a four day work week. When employees get time to rest, they become more productive, creative, and are healthier, meaning they take fewer sick days. This, in turn, builds the productivity of the company and the individual.

Despite the pros and cons, the biggest takeaway of this conversation is not whether the working community should move to a shorter workweek or that we need a time machine to get the work done.

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It is clear that employees want to work and do well by their employers, and many roles require people to be present or on call during specific hours to get the job done — such as teachers, nurses, retail employees, plant workers, delivery drivers, and nearly all customer-facing roles. Therefore, it is even more pertinent for organisations to help their employees eliminate distractions, inefficiencies, and administrative work to enable them to work at full capacity.

This will create more time to innovate, collaborate, develop skills and relationships, and serve customers while opening the door to creative scheduling options, including the coveted four-day work week. Despite the widespread enthusiasm for a four-day week, it is not convincing enough for India that such a schedule is beneficial for employees or businesses.

The Independent Woman and the myth of the Australian bushman

Today, when we are free to choose how we want to work, Indians are picking the traditional work hours over a four day work week. This mindset may change in the future, but for now, it is here to stay.

Views expressed are personal. However I do agree that shifting from 40 hour work week to 15 is hard in practice.

Calculate the day of the week for any given date

Since you have been disciplined to it your entire life, starting from school and by the time you get into working life, you already have followed that rhythm for over a decade. Most likely 15 hours workweek becomes reality for you when you are in your 30s or 40s.

I spent a week in a VR headset, here's what happened

Take a break, you already made it! As the technology advance and robots will take over human jobs we will no longer have to work at all. All we will have to do is own a company that is run by robots and the AI will take care of the rest. In this situation only periodical checking, some decision making and performing legal actions will be required, which will probably take around 1 hour per week or less, giving us absolute freedom to do whatever we want with our time.

But even this huge opportunity scares more people than it gives hope to. People really are the slaves of their habits.