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  1. January 23, 1869, Vol. 8, No. 187
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The syndicate will purchase the bonds for a specified amount from the issuing firm and re-offer the bonds or securities to the public, usually at a different price. Having the underwriters purchase the bond issue, instead of passing the sale onto the public, removes the company's risk of not selling the entire issue. The investment banker will re-offer the bonds to public investors at a higher price, which may be above premium slightly below discount par value. In a serial issue, most common to municipal general obligation bonds , the first bonds to mature are frequently at a premium with a higher coupon rate.

The last bonds to mature in the offering are sometimes sold at a discount, but carry a lower coupon rate. The re-offer price is that resale price.


January 23, 1869, Vol. 8, No. 187

This practice ensures transparency in the primary market. For the issuer, the fixed price re-offer method has the advantage of lower underwriting fees. Career Advice. Fixed Income Essentials. Municipal Bonds.

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Investing Essentials. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money. Personal Finance. Another very frightening thing that happened this past week was the clash between white supremacists and those who protested against them. Hate is hate.

Evil is evil. We need to stand up against those who would make our country smaller and less free. Keeping in the governmental decisions vein, several laws were passed by the Arkansas legislature concerning education, hoping to increase the number of high school students who graduate college and career ready. They also have changed the measurement by which colleges will be. Higher education will be judged on not how many students they enroll, but how many they keep in school until completion. This has been coming for a long time I wrote my dissertation on the subject.

Expect higher standards for college entrance requirements and higher tuition rates. One way the state could help with college retention rates would be to have universal Pre-K in Arkansas. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. You never want teachers to be hungry i.

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Especially this early in the new school year. Bancorp South fed the administration, faculty, and staff members on their first professional development day.

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Football player and Hazen Hornet Booster Club members joined together to get Hornet Field ready for the first home ballgame last Saturday. Looking for a clean, quiet place to live?? Mayor Kenny Anderson was absent from the meeting. The first order of business was to discuss the Arkansas Legislative Audit of the city which was dated April 10, The next subject discussed by the council concerned payment for the police academy training for city policeman, Amos Taylor.

The academy will take place in Camden on September 17th. After the training, the officer will be fully certified as a policeman. No vote was taken on spending the money, but when the question was asked as to whether the officer would stay in DeValls Bluff as an officer after the training, it was stated that he had committed himself to 2 years.

Allen Childress spoke to the council about the purchase of the old Castleberry Hotel in downtown DeValls Bluff to use for his non-profit organization. He said that he had looked at the building and that the roof is leaking and there is floor damage. His intent is to make the building structurally sound, repair the roof, and make it look aesthetically pleasing and. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Metcalf suggested waiting to vote on the matter until the mayor and missing member Wanda Atkins could be present to. Allen Childress looks on as the city council debates his offer.

In the meantime, she said that she would look into grants that might be available through the city before making a decision. The council voted unanimously to table the matter. The second order of business addressed was the building of a house by Dallas Taylor on a piece of property that Taylor owns on the corner of Cypress and Clay streets in the city. According to Metcalf, Taylor had been asked by her to refrain from building on the property until the council had a chance to discuss it.

However, ground has already been broken, the concrete slab has been laid, and construction is continuing. Utilities Manager Gabby Delgiorno was asked if the city would have to do any work on the property. He said that streets will have to be cut up to put in the water and sewer lines. He felt that the council should make a decision for or against the construction so that Taylor could be notified. Metcalf moved to deny Taylor permission to build a house on his property, but no one seconded the motion.

Then Arnold moved to table the matter. This motion also sat on without a second while more discussion took place. Eventually, the council did decide to wait until Mayor Anderson was present to make a decision on the matter. Utilities Manager Gabby DelGiorno reported that the wet wells had been vacuumed out. It was decided that an ad would be run in the newspaper and that someone would be appointed at the June council meeting.

He told council members that the city needs to create job requirements for city positions like this. He said that the clerk is elected, but the position of treasurer could be separated allowing the city to hire a treasurer. He presented a copy of the Arkansas Municipal Accounting Law to the council.

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In it, the penalty for any municipal treasurer who refuses or neglects to maintain the books and records shall be deemed guilty of malfeasance and upon conviction in circuit. MFA is in the process of selling this property. It is unclear whether the city property is a street or easement, but Delgiorno thinks that it has been surveyed. Stewart said that the new. Arnold moved to adjourn the meeting and the council dismissed without further discussion.

The winner was Sam Clayton. Cabot North Brinkley Carlisle 7th Gr. Felony Drug Paraphernalia. Resisting Arrest. Fleeing on Foot. No Bond. The vehicle and its contents will be dismantled, destroyed, or sold at public sale to the highest bidder if not claimed in 45 days and constitutes a waiver by the owner and lien holder of all right, title, and interest in the vehicle.

To take possession of this vehicle, you must appear during normal business hours, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, provide proof of ownership and pay all associated charges. Freedom Plumbing Co. Free 14 inch Rim that will fit anything that has 4 holes. Farm Implement. FOR SALE Mobile Home Parts: doors, skirting, bath tubs, windows, screens, faucets, showers, sinks, locks, roof coating, steps, range hoods, portable building doors, shop doors, carport doors, and portable building anchors.

Free Ads for Free Stuff Ads must be 25 words or less and must be placed in person, by mail, or by telephone. Free ads will run in paper for one week. Box , Hazen AR web site: www. Glenda and her crazy quilt. She calls it her "Miracle" quilt because she pieced it in and quilted and finished it in Glenda opened the meeting with the thought for the day, "I'm just a material girl. They saw many lovely quilts and there were lots of vendors selling all manner of quilting notions. Eddie Landreth also had several quilts in. Glenda had several quilt photos on her camera. She will have them printed off at the next meeting.

There were also several demos going on, they especially. The pillowcases will also be collected at the next meeting in September. Xmas pillowcases for Arkansas Children's Hospital liked the long-arm quilting machines. They were there all day and thoroughly enjoyed everything. Members brought over. All baby items are needed. Also, Glenda asked for everyone to bring some new ideas to the next meeting for projects for the group. Show and Share Glenda showed her finished crazy quilt. Shirley Cleek will be showing us how to do Filet crochet.

Bring a 5 steel crochet hook and bedspread cotton thread. Don't forget that September 13th will be a Sit 'n Sew meeting.

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Bring your own projects, your lunch, and something for the Baby shower for the Hope Women's Resource Center. See you there! The Commodity Credit Corporation borrowing rate-based charge for August is 1. The interest rate for crop year commodity loans less than one year disbursed during August is 2. In an effort to preserve the legacy of those who sacrificed all in Vietnam, the VVMF is committed to finding a photo to go with each of the more than 58, names on The Wall of Faces, which allows family and friends to share memories, post pictures and connect with each other.

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Anyone with photos of a loved one or fellow veteran whose name is on The Wall is asked to help honor these individuals by submitting the photos. A complete list of names and submission instructions are available at vvmf. According to this list sent out by AETN, the. Another hero from our area who is missing from the collection is James W.

Nothern, Jr. Crowder, the new superintendent for the Hazen School District addressed the faculty and staff members on Monday, August 7th. The district provided three days of the required summer training on campus. Hazen Elementary Principal, Tiffany Glover, addresses her staff during professional development this past week. Students will return on Wednesday, August What would you like to see in your local newspaper? Elementary students do not have the sandwich line option. Crowder told the board that the Arkansas legislature has voted to hold board elections in either November or May after this next election.

Over 60 people attended. It is published weekly by Herald Publishing Company P. With Love, Linda, Danny, and Lindsay Rieke Dee, Dave, Weston, and Noah Hare Obituary policy Because of the year history as a family and community newspaper, The Grand Prairie Herald is happy to publish a picture and the first words of an obituary for free as a courtesy to the families of our community. Those who would like to organize an event in their community or volunteer for a local event can email info keeparkansasbeautiful.

KAB will also provide cleanup materials and supplies, such as T-shirts, trash bags, gloves and safety vests, to local events while supplies last to those organizers who register their local cleanup with the KAB office.

8 16 17 by heraldpublishing - Issuu

President Trump just recently drew a line in the sand over nuclear bombs in North Korea another country that America fought in and lost approximately Arkansans. Allen Minton funded by the state. Evangelist, Bro. His intent is to make the building structurally sound, repair the roof, and make it look aesthetically pleasing and more like how it looked originally inside and out.

Metcalf suggested waiting to vote on the matter until the mayor and missing member Wanda Atkins could be present to Allen Childress looks on as the city council debates his offer.