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The campaign has been marred by violent attacks in a country with the highest per-capita homicide rate in the world. At least five people were killed near a polling station in the eastern part of the country before voting began Sunday. According to the group Rights Action, at least 18 members of the Libre Party were murdered in the run-up to the election, more than all other political parties combined. On Sunday, Castro said results proved she was the winner.

Nearly 30, police and army officers were deployed to oversee polling. President of the National Lawyers Guild was one of about international observers monitoring the vote. I mean, on the way here from Atlanta we saw scores of military people from Honduras who had just got, received training at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning and they were just coming back to Honduras and there is impunity for murder, for all kinds of human rights violations and it is truly unfortunate that the law is not being implemented in the U.

He has been subjected to repeated harassment and torture the hands of police. The results are not fully in yet. Your response? My partner was killed by teargas in September 23, after President Zelaya came back to the country to the Brazilian Embassy. She was exposed to teargas for a long period of time. A couple of days after we were evicted from the Brazilian Embassy she passed away in a public hospital because of the excess of teargas in her respiratory system. The thing is that the doctors at the hospital, they were trying to cover her, the reason she died.

Then they tell me she died by the flu disease and not from teargas. They were trying to hide the real reason that she passed away. This electoral process is very important to me and my family because we the social movements and the community organizers, we have been targeted by the military and the police and the government. But, just like the [Indiscernible] organizing people in our communities to improve our communities and educate people in our communities about the political situation in our country.

She has been in hiding for the past two months. With the absence of construction of real power from the communities, but now these people are voting enthusiastically for the Libre Party that we hope will be distinct from the other political parties. The scenarios playing out in all regions of Honduras, in Zacate Grande, Garifuna Communities, Campesino Sectors, women, feminists, artists, journalists and indigenous communities. We all know how these people have been hard hit, especially the journalists, LGBT community, and indigenous communities.

Here there is a policy of the state to instill terror and political persecution. Adrienne, would you put this election in context? I mean, Democracy Now! Then he returned to the country and we were on that plane when he flew from Nicaragua to Honduras, but could not run again. His wife, as we were on that plane — interviewed Xiomara Castro. She right — back then, when they were returning — was already planning to run for president. Hernandez, is, and the significance of his possible election. This election, for most — I think most Hondurans, it represents the possible overturning of the coup finally, because the elections that took place in were fraudulent, they were militarized, they were not recognized for two years, in fact, by most of international community.

And they were boycotted by everyone who had opposed the coup, but candidates and voters. So, people, in Xiomara Castro, have seen a leader who is not just the wife of Manuel Zelaya, but really has come into her own as a leader, and there has been — it is impossible to overstate the amount of hope and excitement and mobilization that people have been engaging in leading up to these elections. Yesterday, the feeling on the ground was one of exuberance. You could see that the turnout was higher than ever before in Honduran elections.

People were turning out for the Libre Party. His main platform has been one of militarization. He has promised to have a soldier on every corner in order to combat the crime situation, which is quite dire in Honduras, but in his reach the levels of — the extreme levels where Honduras is now the most dangerous country in the world, only since the coup itself.

That is a direct result of the impunity that comes from the coup. So, very radically different models of governance being proposed by the two major candidates. One of which has to do with greater democratization and the other which has to do with greater militarization. AMY GOODMAN: In after almost two years in exile, when Former President Zelaya and his family were greeted by tens of thousands of supporters as they flew in from Nicaragua to Tegucigalpa, I had a chance to ask the former first lady, now the presidential candidate, Xiomara Castro, about her likely candidacy, back then.

I do not have any obstacle in order to participate in the process. It is in the electoral process, but at this moment —. The law does not stop me from doing it. The law does not stop me. That is very clear. The law does not stop it. The law does stop Mel from doing that because the process of the same law establishes only one president can be president for 4 years. Is there any kind of allowance that is made for that? The same thing happened to President Aristide. That is the famous Spanish judge who held Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, to account, calling for his arrest when he was in Britain.

The significance of what he has just said, Adrienne Pine? But, international observers, in fact, have been subject to harassment and intimidation by police here in Honduras in the two days leading up to the elections. Masked police entered the hotels of several international observers and demanded to see all their documents and have been basically intimidating them.

These are migration police. What will it mean to you if Hernandez is declared the winner or Castro? The violence, the poverty, the misery has just increased in this country. We cannot just wait until another four years being in this country with Juan Orlando as a president. Me and my family and Honduran people in general, we are so scared that the situation will just get worse and this country. I hope the international community keeps their eyes on this country and help us to put pressure on the government and at least to be transparent with Honduran people because — we witnessed yesterday that the electoral process was not transparent at all.

We are really sad because we had hoped on the candidates of Xiomara Castro that she will bring big changes for our country and the reality in our society to make big changes that could change the way we live our lives. We want changes. There was, yesterday, an electoral process, was, Honduran people showed to the to international community what was their choice. We choose to change the government that are using their [Indiscernible] to stay in power. I hope the international community and we as Hondurans take actions to take to the actual government out of power.

This is Former President Zelaya talking about these election results. The facts show that Xiomara won with a 3. And yet when the court speaks, it has placed us at seven points below. So results handed down by the court are totally contradictory to what took place. There is an important point I want to underscore. It contains information that can help you plan your job search and be successful in it.

You will hear a lot of discouraging talk about getting a job with a record, and you may be discouraged by the wages paid in your home country. However, if you are persistent with your job search, you will find work, even if it takes longer than you expected. In many parts of Mexico, background checks are rare, and the cost of living is much lower. This chapter includes the following sections to help you get meaningful employment: thinking about your job search, identifying possible jobs, and the application process.

It also contains a section regarding how to access unemployment insurance and job training, especially for residents of Mexico City or certain rural areas. The last section addresses building a long-term career. This is something that you can start planning for even now. Thinking About Your Job Search When you return to your home country, you will chance to prove you are dependable and self-reliant. Oftentimes, taking any job used to the culture and learning about the job is better than not working.

PROGRAM NOTES of works by Grammy nominated composer Miguel del Aguila

However, this does not market. This is a tall order, so, for this reason, we mean that you have to keep working in a job you propose that you think of your first few jobs after strongly dislike or where you are being mistreated. These jobs will help you become financially stable and eventually move Remember, building a fulfilling career takes place you into a career that you enjoy. They might have over many years, and over many different jobs. Keep your eye on the big picture. However, they will help you get where you want to go. For long-term career advice see Building a Career on page In addition to a paycheck, there are lots of benefits to working a transition job.

Such jobs give you a. But be honest Mexico or will be working in a border town, there is about what types of environments are best suited a likelihood that the company will run a background to you and your personality. There could be work check. It is important to keep this in mind and environments that may not be a good fit or where consider which jobs may be a good fit for you, given you might be at risk of re-offending. If this is your situation, you will not have anyone In other parts of Mexico, namely away from looking over your shoulder to make sure you are on the border, or in Mexican or other international the right track.

This will be your responsibility, and companies, background checks are not common. This fact may be, at first glance, to be liberating. Many people choose not to work for this Mexico. With the often aggressive rhetoric in the amount, and you will find that entrepreneurship is US concerning the deportation of Mexican citizens, thriving. People are making a living by selling things a kind of civic pride has grown up in Mexico, and in the street, opening small shops, often in the front changes are being made to offer more opportunities room of their house as well as performing services to returning citizens as well as to facilitate their such as cleaning and auto detailing.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that opening One incredible opportunity is offered for those a business is much easier and much less expensive living in Mexico City who have strong English than in the US. Renting a commercial space is very skills and are interested in teaching. The training inexpensive, and the government even allows you the program is completely free and lasts four to six first year tax-free.

It culminates in a TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language exam after which the One concern that is the same in both countries is participant is qualified to teach in Mexican schools. You could be in in Mexico, you will notice that a salon, restaurant, or a great position to help fill this need.

The Mexican car wash is here one month and gone the next. For more information on this program see page US factories near the border, known as "maquiladoras", are the same places that are referred to as "sweat shops" in English. There are opportunities working for Mexican-owned companies, of course, and the top 10 largest are listed for your reference. America Movil Mexican telecommunication company 2. Grupo Mexico The largest mining company in Mexico 4. Liverpool Owns the largest chain of department stores in Mexico 5. Grupo Televisa Multimedia company 6.

GFNorte Banorte Banking and financial services 7. Grupo Bimbo Mexican baking company 8. Grupo Inbursa Banking and financial services 9.

Returning Home_12222_English.pdf

Arca Contintental Bottles and distributes Coca-Cola products Grupo Carso Operates in the industrial, retail, infrastructure, and construction sectors. Think about the type of business you want to start and be sure there is really a need. Consider location. If you want to start a laundry or a restaurant choose an area where there will not be much competition. Opportunities exist teaching English to adults or children though public or private schools, work in the telemarketing industry in various call centers throughout Mexico as well as employment in the tourist industry, particularly in popular beach towns.

Call Centers as club promoters, housekeepers, and museum and Bilingual call centers offer customer service, tourist attraction personnel, among others. There is a demand for Airports and airlines are in need of bilingual this throughout Mexico. If you have knowledge of employees to direct travelers and assist with ticket English grammar or even experience as a teaching sales.

Even without this knowledge, you may be hired in areas where there are few English speakers. Businesses are also looking for bilinguals to work in In major cities where the competition is higher, you human resources, as administrative assistants, and could work as a tutor or conversation partner. In in logistics. Some of these positions require a degree. Additional opportunities may be available. Others require a Masters. Some require work include www. They provide all the materials. You need a smartphone or computer, which is currently the 1 English speaking country.

A few companies all in Many Chinese families enroll their children in after China to get you started are VIP kid, UStalk, and school and weekend online English classes. There are Boxfish. Freelance or ESL to make this a successful career. Charisma Sites like www. In most cases, the materials. Market yourself either as a "community emphasis is on vocabulary and pronunciation.

Most tutor" or a "professional English teacher. Get hired by a company Required qualifications vary greatly. Some prefer teaching experience, but others do not. Some require. Jobs for Monolingual Spanish Speakers While Monolingual Spanish speakers can expect to particularly in the sectors of automotive, aerospace, qualify for jobs in a variety of fields, those interested metal-mechanic, and medical devices. Source: www. In November of , an agreement was signed between the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Industry INDEX and the National Institute of Migration to promote the hiring of people who have been deported for manufacturing jobs throughout the country.

The pilot program has begun in the Tijuana area with 20 individuals hired. There is currently a labor deficit in the country,. Job seekers desperate for work may see these as attractive offers. Be aware of the possibility of getting "stuck" in these exploitative jobs. It may be best to treat them as transition jobs and keep searching for better-paid employment for the long-term. Identifying Possible Jobs Networking There are many ways to find jobs. Networking is Jobs" on the home page. Sometimes, the link to job probably the most important.

Successful job seekers postings is labeled "Careers" or "Employment. The Spanish this information is often signaled by "Bolsa contacts in your network may not have a job for you de Trabajo. However, they could have career advice or might know someone who knows someone else with Keep in mind that in the US it is standard practice a job lead. They might learn of a job in the future. We for a company to list a vacancy on their website. This suggest that you mention your interest in employment is not the case in Mexico. Just because a particular to friends, family, and casual acquaintances.

Contact the company interest in finding work. One good strategy is to contact people who perform Job aggregators websites that gather information and the sort of work that you are interested in. Ask them provide links to many different jobs are also powerful for ideas, suggestions, and information that can and very useful, including sites like www. Online Searches Other common websites that publish jobs in If you have been in prison a long time, you might Mexico include the following: not be familiar with online job searches.

These days, Occmundial www. Computrabajo www. However, they are much less important than they used to be, so do not LinkedIn is currently the most effective professional invest a lot of time in them. Instead, focus on visiting social network. Head to www. Often, you will find a link to "Current link below the search bar at the top of every page.

When searching for a job online, be careful to avoid On page 49 is an example of a log you can use. Never give out your SSN or any other personal information on the internet. The Application Process Job Application Forms The purpose of a job application is to get you a job wages in your home country. Give a positive reason interview. Employers use written job applications for leaving all previous jobs, even if you quit or were to narrow the applicant pool for a particular job, let go.

Think about what happened after you quit or deciding who is worth talking to in-person. To were let go. Did you get a new job? Did you start a maximize your chances of getting an interview, focus training program or pursue education? Downplay the negatives poor work history, felony convictions, The Job Application Will Also lack of experience, minimal education. Most Typically Ask for the Following: employers do not have a lot of time to review a stack References.

On average, employers ask for three of applications. In fact, most hiring managers will references for each candidate. Be thoughtful about review your application for approximately 15 to 30 whom you list as references. See Forms "Solicitud de institution. Perhaps select ones that have some knowledge of Spanish. The "Employment" section or "Previous Employment" section is usually the most detailed section of a job Criminal History. When answering the question application.

Here are some tips on filling it out "Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Wait until the interview so you can made in your past positions. Think about and list share how you have taken responsibility for your everything of significance that you did in past jobs, actions, what you have learned from the situation, from the beginning of your shift to the end of your and how you are different today.

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Do not list your wages from past employment, especially since they will not be comparable to the. Your resume employer, wait to be contacted. Hopefully, they will maps out your employment history, giving details be interested in scheduling an interview with you. However, please be advised that most applications You will submit the same resume to each employer. This is an area where it will be helpful to be patient. You should continue to Your cover letter is an actual letter from you to each send out applications until you have an actual job offer.

It tells a short story about who you are—why you are seeking employment, Many job seekers are nervous about interviews. Keep They want to say the right things and make a good your letter to a single page. Carry extra copies of apply for your first job. As discussed on page 26, your resume, contact information for your references, you can even begin working on them while in prison.

Bring a pen and your resume, and page includes a sample resume. It shows that you are truly interested in the job. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your interview. Arriving early shows you are responsible and eager to be there. Two great ones are: Wear appropriate clothes. It will serve you best to look as formal as possible. At the end of a job interview, most hiring managers will ask something like "Do you A Google search for "how to write a resume" have any questions for me? Be sure to search websites you seem interested in the job, rather than desperate. Examples If you brought a pen and notebook with you, you of a resume and cover letter from someone could prepare a list of questions in the back of the who has been incarcerated can be found in the notebook.

Forms section on page Here are a few tips to increase your chance of getting hired:. Comfort the Employer. Let them know that your Some examples of positive reasons for leaving: offense did not happen on the job, if it did not. Own It. Then steer the interview back to five years?

I come to this job? Keep it positive. Emphasize education and job training, community work, and other activities you have done since your release and in prison if they are relevant. Talk about your career goals, how you chose them, and how the job you are applying for fits those goals. Employers are more likely to remember their first and last impression, so if possible, try to address your criminal background history in the middle of the interview.

Encourage the employer. A list of employment resources can be found in the directory.

A sample job application can be found on page There are programs that cover workers in Mexico City and those who have formerly worked in the public sector long- term. Information on grant programs for returning citizens and people living in rural zones or economically depressed urban zones are included too. Read on for more information on each. City and only for a period of up to six months.

Mexico nor abroad. You must also not receive other income transfers, such as a pension. For more information, including documents required and where to apply: www. Unemployment Benefits for Formerly-employed Private Sector Workers, Mexican Social Security Institute IMMS If you were formerly-employed in a position in which you were eligible for IMSS benefits and have a pension with them, you may be eligible to access the pension earlier than the normal time of 60 years of age and weeks of work. To apply, visit your local IMSS office: www. Workers can work on these projects for a maximum of days a year and are given the necessary tools for projects.

For more information, including documents required for application visit: www. To find your local office see: www. This program provides funding for income- Networks of professionals can also receive generating projects initiated by low-income payment for mentoring services provided for the individuals, and supports them throughout the income-generating projects. Also, civil society project.

It is open to residents projects may receive grants from this program. The participating localities must be classified as having a high or very high rate of exclusion. For more information, download: Application: www. The fund will support individual projects with grants of 25, pesos as well as family projects with at least three family members classified as returning citizens. Non-related returning citizens can apply as well submitting their ideas for group projects as well. Lastly the fund helps individuals purchase land in their places of origin with grants of up to 1. For more information, visit: www.

Services provided skills that improve the chances of finding employment include: or self-employment. Job Fairs City governments often coordinate with local employers to offer job fairs to those looking for employment. Building A Career Some people aspire to have a career, a particular participation in prison programs. Building a career takes time and planning, but the result is that you get to do work What is out there? Which sectors of the economy are growing, and which are shrinking? Where are the greatest What am I good at? How do your Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an skills align with the priorities of your community and important first step toward a career.

Start by listing the larger society? This exercise will take some time and concentration. Feel free to ask people who know What do I want to do? Take some time to think about your work experience. Consider the following questions: This includes volunteering, mentoring, and especially.

What is your dream job? Do you Mexico you need drive and want to work with people, food, or animals? Or do you need patience. Are you drawn to building things, the service sector, or creative pursuits? Build Experience Aligning your skills and interests with the actual job to say you started your own after-school program, market will help you realize your career goals.

If you are committed to field you want to work in or the career you wish to this route, spend some time identifying what your pursue. That does not have to be an obstacle to your community needs and wants. Talk to others who have plans. You have some options. EJP alumni 1. Volunteer or intern with an organization part started all of these kinds of businesses.

Maybe this time. Volunteer positions and internships are a is the route for you, too! Search online, talk to people you know, and look on bulletin Be Realistic boards in libraries and other community venues to Not everyone gets their dream job, but many people identify organizations that use volunteers or interns. You can increase your Be proactive and contact them to learn how you chances by planning and by being realistic.

Some can apply to intern or volunteer. This can be both careers take more time and money than others to professionally and personally rewarding. See our achieve, and some take many tries to break into. Community Engagement section and Directory. Seek higher education. Some fields and jobs require college degrees. Being a student can be rewarding. It can be a Puebla, Mexico, it was a year change of pace from full-time employment.

You can before I saw any profits. You have receive money through financial aid, scholarships, to be prepared for that. See — Oscar S. Start your own organization or business. If you have the time and resources, starting your own organization or business can help you build a meaningful career. This is a challenging career choice, but it can be satisfying.

It takes perseverance and imagination, but you will be proud one day to be able. Consider furthering your education after your release. Education stimulates the mind, opens doors, and helps a person better understand the world they live in. It is a way of meeting new and interesting people and supporting yourself upon release. This guide is produced by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so of course we are strong supporters of higher education!

Higher education is education beyond the high school level. This chapter also contains information about other kinds of education, such as getting your basic education, your high school diploma, as well as job training. The first part of this chapter deals with those kinds of education. The second part of this chapter deals with higher education and includes sections on applying for college, paying for it, and resources for college students.

It concludes with some tips from formerly incarcerated people about going to college on the outside. We encourage you to think of yourself as a lifetime learner. Enroll in courses and educational programs throughout your working life and after you retire. You may take a class or enroll in a program in order to explore a potential new area of employment. You can be in school part-time or full-time. Explore the options in your community. Life is richer when you feed your mind.

If you have been involved in educational opportunities while incarcerated, you probably already have a sense of this. And if you have not taken advantage of education programs in prison, we encourage you to do so now. Employers, apartment managers, and others may look upon this favorably. Enroll in an English course office. INEA one or two. Prices and time commitments vary, so also offers literacy courses for teenagers and adults. While government-sponsored English For more information on finishing your elementary courses are quite limited, there is one offered or high school studies visit: www.

This benefit lasts between one and three months and includes the equivalent minimum wage for that time period in addition to transportation assistance to your place of learning. You can find more information at: www. Various courses are offered, including basic computer skills, Microsoft Office, personal finance, robotics, and classes for children. Basic English courses are also offered. For more information, including a list of locations, visit: www.

While this is the only national program focused on vocational education, state, and local governments may offer additional opportunities. Similarly, the National Employment Service scholarship program may reimburse you for vocational courses you choose to take. Be sure and check out the requirements before you begin. For more information on how to transfer your credits see the following link: www.

If you have problems transferring credits, need assistance with university programs, or if Mexican schools are denying entry with American credits, contact the following organizations for help. The organizations listed above are just a few of those that exist that provide support and advocacy to returning citizens. We suggest you contact them to see about current programs and what kind of support they can offer. Also, if you find other organizations that have helped you in your process of returning to your home country, please let us know so that we can include them in the next edition of the guide.

Most colleges have exam, a next step on your educational path could be online applications on their websites. You can also to enroll in a college program. Living the admissions office and pick one up. If you are in Mexico offers a huge advantage as far as tuition submitting a paper application, get two copies. Use is concerned. Step 2: Gather Your Information. Not all schools will ask for the same information, but you For most Mexicans interested in attending college, will probably need your CURP, your INE or other their local public college is a good option.

Some applications may ask about your criminal history. If you indicate that For a list of technical schools and universities in you have been convicted of a felony, some schools Mexico visit: www. If you have decided that you want to Not all colleges are the same. The type Step 3: Submit the Application. After submitting of college will affect the tuition price. Put some time the application, you can expect to hear back from into thinking about what kind of college you want colleges from within a few weeks to a few months. Shopping for a college is similar office.

You make the best choice by reading up about the different options. Step 4: Take the admissions exam. Most institutes Almost all colleges have websites where you can of higher education have an entrance exam that is learn about their price, academic programs, non- scheduled on a specific day each semester. Be sure academic activities, the town where they are located, to find out the date, sign up, and mark your calendar.

Keep in mind that you will not only be paying in dollars. You may have to pay out of state or international student fees. Still, depending on your future plans, a degree from a US university may be in your best interest. Check to see if you are eligible for scholarships.

Compare prices of universities near you. Will it take you an hour to get there each day which could represent an additional expense , or is there a university just down the street? For example, University of Chiapas offers scholarships for students who cannot pay the semester fee around pesos per semester , and the scholarship is about 1,, pesos per semester per month this scholarship is from SEP , which covers transportation and food.

Private schools are more expensive but also offer scholarships. Resources for College Students Tutoring Centers Many college campuses offer free tutoring to their students. Some colleges have tutoring centers that cover all subjects. Other colleges have tutoring centers that focus on specific things like writing or math.

You should take advantage of the tutoring center. If you are on a campus that does not have a tutoring center, ask your professors if they can recommend a private or volunteer tutor. We expect that you have plans and dreams for your future life. Even as you look ahead to a bright future, you may struggle with day-to-day life. Many people struggle with housing, food, healthcare, utilities, and other basic living expenses in the weeks and months after they get out of prison.

Others find themselves challenged by drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues. This is normal. Be patient as you figure things out and know that there are programs and people who can help. Prices of gas vary depending assistance as compared to the US, one thing to keep on where you live in the country, and the government in mind is that many goods and services are much tends to raise them nationally each year in January.

Clothing also tends to be more resource of organizations that provide assistance. Keep this in mind while shopping. You Electricity Commission who provides electric may want to consider buying less clothing of higher services is run by the government and provides a quality, understanding that what is available at many government subsidy, keeping costs low. While you will likely prefer to have a cell phone, use While most expenses are cheaper in Mexico, land lines whenever you can to make local calls since one exception is gasoline.

Mexico has a national the rates are cheaper. If you are having trouble meeting your basic needs, here are a few places to go to help you get started. Most major cities in Mexico have at least one soup kitchen or "comedor. The government provides a health care program for Mexican citizens called "Seguro Popular" Get information on this benefit and how to apply on page 62 and page Churches often offer soup kitchen and clothes closet services.

For contact information, see our directory on page There are organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous that can assist you with addiction recovery. For a list of offices, go to www. Food Soup Kitchens Soup Kitchens Outside of Mexico City Both government and religious organizations offer For more information about the requirements hot meals daily through soup kitchens called "come- to utilize government soup kitchens run by the dores.

These charge 10 pesos about 50 cents for meals while Many churches offer regular community meals as "public soup kitchens" aim to serve the same popu- well. For example, the Cathedral of Mexico City lation but are free of charge. They do require recipi- offers meals each Saturday between 8 and am. Check with your local Catholic archdiocese or other religious organization to see if they provide support. Mexico City "public soup kitchens" For a list of archdioceses see www. Mexico City "community soup kitchens" www. Visit www.

Benefits are given bimonthly hambre for more information. If you are eligible, they Beneficiarios Cabe ]. Seguro Popular abuse challenges, make it a priority to get is most often used by Mexicans who are not formally support in these areas. Consider joining a employed or who cannot afford to enroll in other support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous government or private health insurance programs. Anonymous www. In Mexico, Seguro Popular unfortunately suffering from high-cost illnesses or life-threatening does not cover mental health and substance abuse, accidents.

There is no fee to register. Most pharmacies have lists How to sign up: of service providers. For example, in Chiapas, www. In Veracruz, visit www. For more information on Seguro Popular, see the gob. For a general list of mental health services by state, visit www. If you have a good relationship with them, perhaps you are comfortable staying longer. There are many advantages to living in a stable, somewhat controlled environment. Keep reading to learn about your options. How to Choose Where to Live Perhaps you have multiple options as to where to in.

Is it well-lit? Does your building offer security? If you have multiple options, guests must register to enter. No matter where you consider them carefully. Where will you have family live, always be aware of your surroundings and take support or friends to help you get settled? Do you precautions to keep yourself safe. Which areas are your wealth, wear flashy jewelry, or use electronics safer and provide the type of employment you are while walking down the street. Another good tip is to looking for? You will likely see signs posted on telephone poles or at small businesses advertising this service.

Many housing expect to pay over that, up to 5, or 7, pesos, developments in Mexico City have been depending on location, size, and condition. Non-profit organizations exist to help families build low- While much apartment searching is done by word cost housing, such as: Habitat for Humanity of mouth or by responding to ads in local areas, www. These include www.

Make sure you arrive on time to that Breaking a Lease. If you find that you need to appointment, and dress for the occasion. You want to move out before your lease has expired, you can do give a good first impression. It might be a good idea so. However, you will be expected to pay a fee for to cover any tattoos you may have that are generally breaking the lease. The amount that you will pay will visible. Tattoos carry a stigma even more in Mexico normally be listed in the lease.

It is a good idea to than they do in the States. It may take some time before you find an apartment Some examples of questions you could ask the that you like. Fortunately, new units are always landlord during your visit: coming on the market. Simple rental contract forms are available at neighborhood stationary stores. Security deposits. Get a plan that you pay to a landlord before moving into an apartment.

If you choose not to move into the together to achieve short- apartment, the landlord keeps this money. There is term goals and long-term goals. Everything changes security deposit. It is important to secure a lease in writing before paying a landlord and to also get a receipt after paying. Things in the caused to apartments after tenants move out. Your landlord generally will not use your security deposit outside world move very quickly to pay for regular wear and tear of living in your and I think that you have to be apartment but for exceptional items—for example, a aware and accepting that you light fixture that is broken or carpet damage.

When you move in, take photos of any damages you notice, and let the owner or manager know that you are documenting these so that their repair is not passed on to you at the end of your lease. You should receive. Transportation is important for employment, connecting with friends and family, and generally building a meaningful life. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to navigate, depending on whether you live in a major city or in a rural area.

This includes a very efficient and inexpensive metro system that charges just 5 pesos per ride about 25 cents as well as Metro buses, regular buses, taxis, bikes and Uber or Lyft. Below we discuss the various transportation options that might exist in a community so that you can think about what will work best for you. Please keep in mind that you may choose to handle your transportation needs one way when you first return home and another way once you are more settled and have a higher- paying job. Mexican cities than others.

Ask around if you are Always take a taxi from an authorized taxi stand concerned about safety, and try to avoid traveling or booth. Avoid hailing taxis or going with someone late at night by yourself. Often outside of train stations and metro stops you will hear individuals In Mexico City as well as in other major urban cities, calling "taxi?

In Mexico City, riders purchase a Ride-hailing apps are a fairly new form of card and recharge it periodically. Rides are 6 pesos. It is a where services are available. Ride hailing services very efficient system but crowded as well. Be aware are just like taxis, but the drivers are self-employed, of your surroundings and carry your valuables in and, just like taxis, they are not without risk. There a secure place on you. Avoid keeping your wallet have been instances of kidnapping and murder in your back pocket, for example, while riding the taking place through these services as well.

Still, subway. For a map of Mexico City's subway system clear benefits over taxis exist. For example, the app please see page You also have the option of waiting Carpool and Rideshare Programs inside a building rather than outside on the street. Another option for saving money on transportation The app tells you when the ride arrives. There is also is carpool and rideshare programs. You can talk no need for money to change hands.

The payment of to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors about the fare and tip are handled on the app. Before you scheduling carpool days and sharing the cost of ride, read these tips on how to use the app safely. This site www. If you choose carefully. We recommend not buying a fancy, expensive to bike in your community, always wear a helmet, car until you can afford it. Typical car payments in and be alert to avoid serious injury. Make sure your Mexico range from 3, to more than 7, pesos bike has reflectors and lights if you choose to ride at per month, even for a used car.

If you do decide to night, and wear light, easy-to-see clothing. A few tips: In some cities, it seems that most drivers are not following the rules, but as a bicyclist you put yourself 1. If you bike, make sure sure you can afford the monthly payment. In general, Make a budget and decide before you begin bicycles should follow the same rules as cars: they your search how much you are able to spend on should stop at stop signs and traffic lights, use hand monthly payments.

See the Finances, Credit, and signals to switch lanes or make a turn, and yield to Taxes section for more information on page 73 pedestrians.

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In some cities, you can rent bikes, often about buying with credit and budgeting. In other places, you can look for second-hand bike stores. Be wary of companies or people who push you into purchasing a vehicle before you are ready. Ask the seller lots of questions, and test drive the car to make sure that you are getting a reliable vehicle. You should also ask a mechanic to look at it before you purchase it. Go to more than one place to compare vehicles. This can help you negotiate a good deal. Remember, While it is not required in Mexico it is advisable what counts is what is in the contract, not what and tends to be very economical.

At least consider the salesperson promised. You should get the title and registration before you 9. You should get the title circula. It is important to know and trust anyone you plan to purchase a car from. Always take the car to an independent mechanic so you know what issues the car might have. If you do not know the person you are buying from, it is advisable to check with local police to ensure the car is not stolen.

If you plan on driving in Mexico City, you must be aware of what day your car is allowed to circulate. Due to extreme air pollution, license plates that end in certain numbers are not allowed to circulate on certain days of the week. When smog is particularly bad, this restriction is expanded to include additional days. The world of personal and professional communication has changed rapidly in recent years. If you have been inside a long time, you might feel overwhelmed by all the technology and devices. It addresses a range of topics, from the basics of using the internet to finding a cheap cell phone quickly.

Even if you had access to computers and cell phones before you went to prison, this section still contains some useful information. The world of digital communications is changing all the time! Once in Mexico you will dial the area code of wireless internet access is available in many public the number you are dialing two or three digits , for places including restaurants, coffee shops, hotel example 55 for Mexico City, for Morelia. To call lobbies, chain stores and even parks!

You may have a local cell phone from a land line, first dial For more information on the somewhat complicated dialing system in Mexico, including a Getting an Email Account list of area codes see: www. The best way to do this is through Gmail, because Gmail accounts are free and have unlimited storage for emails. You also do not need a cell phone number or a current email address to create a Gmail account. You will select your own email username. It should secret and to change it periodically. Bear in mind that you will likely use your securely by following instructions on the website.

Your password should also be you were incarcerated, you may want to reactivate something easy for you to remember, but hard for them or close them. Change the passwords for other people to figure out. It is a good idea to write down your passwords and keep them in a secure place. Passwords and Online Security Eventually, you are likely to use the internet to set Searching Online up other accounts, in addition to your email account. Most resources on the internet are found using the Those accounts may do things like pay bills or access Google search engine.

Go to www. You files for school or work. The easiest way to keep your will type your search terms into the long "search personal information safe is to keep your password box" on the screen. It does not have to be an expensive, purchase a phone and a pre-paid balance or "saldo. Most people these days have cell phones. Prices vary depending on the model of the phone and the current rate of the peso. An affordable option for cell phone coverage in Mexico is Movistar. It might call the US or Mexico as well as text messages still work, but you may want to reactivate service a month.

Other cell companies include Telcel and or change the number. While these carriers offer monthly plans provider for help with this. Smartphones have programs called "apps" that Start with the basics. For use them. Smartphone plans come with network example, "pizza in Guadalajara. Choose words carefully. Apps can use up your data. There is usually a limited When deciding what words to put in the amount of data in a smartphone plan, and some search box, choose words that are likely to plans charge you for going over the monthly amount.

For example, instead of saying my head Carriers offer different plans and rates. Some carriers offer deals for sharing a cell phone plan with family members. A Computers search for "New York Times" is the same as There are four main types of computer devices. Laptops are computers that fold up and have a battery so you can take them with you. Smartphones are a cross between a cell phone and a tablet. After you are released, there may be circumstances that require you to go to court or request legal assistance.

Although your criminal record will not likely follow you to Mexico you may still need the assistance of an attorney, perhaps to regain custody of a child. Navigating the legal system can be challenging. Fortunately, there are resources to help you. This section includes information on finding lawyers who offer free services pro bono. Please note that we are not providing legal advice. We have done our best to provide information that will save you time and help you understand the legal options that you have. Hopefully, this will set you out on the right foot. However, we are not lawyers.

Please seek the assistance of a lawyer if you have any questions or need clarification. Pro Bono Assistance Navigating the legal system can be frustrating. Lawyers have a firm grasp on the rules Bar Association, and the independent legal aid and how local judges and courtrooms work. The ASL who work pro bono, for free. The law school programs are staffed with law students and law professors, all providing their services free of charge.

For more information, visit www. It is staffed ideological or political affiliation, with the sole primarily by law students, professors, and honorary purpose of achieving the greater good. For more members practicing attorneys who wish to join the information, visit www. These centers are run much cases as well as migrants like legal aid services in the U. In Mexico, mexico-pro-bono-directory. Take small steps toward managing your money, especially if you are going to be financially independent for the first time.

Thinking about money can be stressful. Making smart decisions about your money can help you gain control over your financial life. Having control over your finances will help you to avoid money troubles in the long run and feel more secure about the future. In this section, we cover banking basics and how to open a banking account. Then we address budgeting, financial planning, and credit.

At the end of this section, we go over filing taxes. There are is cheaper than paying fees for check-cashing many good reasons for having a bank account. In fact, most employers in Mexico require you to have an account where you receive your Advantages of Banking monthly earrings directly. It of cash. That transfer money between accounts. These services means that the bank will pay you a small amount are convenient and make it easier for you to stay of money every month very small, in the current organized.

You may want to A checking account keeps your money secure while choose a bank that has giving you easy access to your money so that you can many branch and ATM make purchases and pay bills. You can use a debit card or checks to make purchases and pay bills locations. You can also get cash from your account at any time using an ATM machine. A savings account and monthly maintenance fees.

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You government? If it is, that means that if cannot write checks from a savings account, but the bank closes or has other problems, some savings accounts will allow you to access your your funds are protected. Most major money through an ATM. Things to Consider When Choosing a Bank There are lots of banks to choose from, and they all offer different products, like checking and savings accounts, consumer and mortgage loans, rewards programs, and credit cards.

Sit down and talk to a bank representative to make sure that you understand their services and how they can meet your needs. Budgeting can help you understand where your money is going so that you do not spend more than you earn. There are thousands of different budget forms you can download online for free, or you can make your own. All you need to do is add up how much money you make every month, then make a list of everything you spend money on in a month and compare the two numbers. Some of the resources listed on the next page in "Financial Resources" can help you budget.

They provide examples and templates you can use to get started. A note about the peso- dollar exchange rate: The peso is currently very weak; in fact, in January it hit a record low of At the time of publication, the pesos is What does this mean for you? It means if you are making pesos your purchasing power is lower.