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  2. The "soul" of language does not use statistics: reflections on vowels and consonants.
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Thoreau resonated with the effervescent essence that is me, so remarkably raptured the very soul of me wholeheartedly.

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It is as if for a moment in time, I was Mr. Thoreau and he was me.

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For living life deeply is what gives my life purpose. It so promisingly propels me towards my most divine destiny. I am enamored and inspired by every astoundingly amazing aspect of this belovedly blessed life. From marveling in awe at the beautiful bounty of nature, keenly listening to the whispers of wise willow trees to gazing at the gorgeous glare of ever so brightly shinning stars. Progressively Pontificating our very existence here on earth, forever inquisitive about why we are the way that we are.

The "soul" of language does not use statistics: reflections on vowels and consonants.

Finding solace in those solitary moments when I comforted in clarity by the ever-translucent fact that we are most radical reflections of our most glorious galaxy. Realizing that although our universe appears to be ever reaching, ever expanding, out of reach, and ever so far, we are cosmically connected and thus this kismet connection has an impact on the very reason that we are who we are. It is my hearts hope that my spiritually enlightened writings on; life, depth of emotions, the power of love, and the interconnectedness of it all shall stimulate and invigorate the; mind, body, and soul like that of the most gracefully refreshing rainfall.

Overall, I can only wish that it serves to inspire others to become increasingly more in tune with the love and light that resides in us all, propelling others to respond to every call that excites are wonder-filled spirits once and for all. All in all, working towards the most marvelously miraculous mission for positively peaceful inspirations to behold each and every soul with overwhelming elation, so graciously taking flight, laying a most felicitous foundation across our nation.

Many people dream of winning the lottery.


And often times, the dream is for many millions of dollars. Imagine what you would do if you became an instant millionaire or an instant billionaire. Do you find yourself daydreaming about this?

If so, perhaps the question above is a good one to ponder. What good is it if you win the biggest lottery in history, become the wealthiest person on the face of the Earth, but lack the grace of God in your life and lack faith? Would you trade your faith for being exceptionally wealthy and gaining the whole world?

THINK. BELIEVE. BECOME: Ep 34 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Many people probably would or else Jesus would not have asked this question. Very often in life we have the wrong priorities.

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We seek instant satisfaction and gratification over eternal fulfillment. I want the whole world and the salvation of my soul! We must pick which one we choose to pursue. Choosing a life of faith and the salvation of our souls requires that we let go of many things in this world. This is hard to do and requires a very deep love of God.

It requires that we are convinced, on the deepest level, that the pursuit of holiness is more important than anything else.

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