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  1. The Ten Commandments In The New Mexico Desert | History Daily
  2. Arguments in favor of the inscription being a hoax include:
  3. The Los Lunas Stone (Decalogue Stone)

Wish I could share more but if you were really interested to know about this mystifying artifact then take the time to go find it, report back why the location was chosen and what type of location is it, and the meaning for the location!! It seems you have made up your closed little mind with out doing any physical investigation what so ever. What conclusion have I come to which makes me believe that you are but would be the biggest fraud of all? Who is this someone who writes an article with no supporting documentation or evidence that it is a fake stone with a Hebrew inscription!!

By the way, who are you? Where do you live? After reading your article I can tell you that you have no experience what so ever to even talk about the Los Lunas Decalogue Stones!!

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V bible the twelve tribes. There is much evidence that the Phoenians traveled vast distances by sea all over the wold and certainly South America and North America where unique evidence exists. Much evidence exists of major manufacturing sites in the territories of ancient Israel including the use of copper which had to have come from elsewhere, surely the Phoenians who mined it from far away lands. History has been so Euro-centric that great empires are hardly known by most of us. Huge perfect stone formations in the high mountains of South America, and countless other seemingly impossible construction projects?

And the Phoenicians along with their later heirs sent out hundreds if not thousands of large ships filled with men and tools. They had several hundred to even 1, or more years to do it, and certainly left people to settle in various places all over the world. May I gently scold for including this old supposition by Hibben himself without any supporting evidence? Bad Archaeology needs good proof if it intends to shut down bad claims. Some of those men were deeply religious and also believed the Indians were of Hebrew origin.

Why not ascribe the Stone to one of them? How about the many thousands of Mexicans that lived in the area over the time period in question. They were mostly Catholic — who believed in the Bible. Perhaps it was an zealous priest who cut the stone?

Why pick on the Mormons? Where is the good, hard science on this stone? Carvings leave evidence in the grooves and one would think at least a high resolution microscope would have been taken into the field by someone to have a look. Morehouse despite his amateur status seems to have made one of the few attempts at forensic analysis. We need more hard science. The Church itself makes no claim. My research is to better define routes used by the Mormon Battalion MoBat during their enlistment year of July My wife and I hiked the entire Battalion main route Iowa to San Diego in conducting field research.

Peterson of the Utah Historical Society. They were not able to conduct field work, so we did. Here are the main problems with the Mormon Battalion being involved in creating the Stone: 1. He even had senior Captain Jesse Hunter arrested and placed under guard for a day because he left camp without permission Oct Indian threats — the Navajo were stealing animals and killing shepherds in the area.

The Ten Commandments In The New Mexico Desert | History Daily

The regular Army soldiers were also in danger as proven less than two weeks later when a small detail was assaulted near their camp, barely escaping with their lives. Distance and Time — from the camp area of the 26th out to the Stone and back is just a titch under thirty miles. Then you need time to carve the stone.

My analysis shows that if afoot, it simply cannot be done. If on mules — just barely possible. Additional constraints exist, weather being an important one. Most notably — there is no evidence that any Battalion participant or their descendants ever claimed to have seen or even heard about the los Lunas Stone. A series of forensic tests should be conducted to determine the method used to create the inscription and the potential time frame in which it was created.

Send additional information or inquires to: kevin battaliontrek. There is no possibility of dating this stone by its patina as it has been cleaned and chalked over many times. This chart shows the constellations and a solar eclipse. The positions of the constellations in conjunction with the eclipse show a date of Sept 15 BC.

To those who embrace the evidence of Diffusionism it will bolster their conclusions..

Arguments in favor of the inscription being a hoax include:

I urge you to read them. There are many other petroglyphs on the top of Hidden Mountain the meaning of which I am ignorant. Its pretty good and presents a lot of the info David Deal and Panther Yates wrote about. Just remember about that one principal which cannot help but keep a man in ignorance, that principal is condemnation before investigation.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Privacy policy and copyright Bad Archaeology: what is it? Cherry picking the data Only the oddities Sceptical archaeology? Letters inside marble?

The Los Lunas Stone (Decalogue Stone)

Contemporary claims Assessing the claims Barry Fell Other dimensions? Experiencing the past? Recent Bad Archaeology blog posts:. Subscribe via Email. Like this: Like Loading Brad Graham on 29 December at am. Nick on 3 March at pm. Bobby on 22 March at pm. Stephen on 20 May at am. Where to begin with this? Lanny on 17 May at am. Robert Columbia on 1 October at pm. The Samaritan alphabet is a direct descendant of the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet. One argument against the stone's antiquity is its apparent use of modern Hebrew or otherwise atypical punctuation, [11] though amateur epigrapher Barry Fell argued that the punctuation is consistent with antiquity.

Problems with the inscription

According to archaeologist Kenneth Feder , "the stone is almost certainly a fake. He argues that to get to the location of the stone would have required whoever inscribed it to have "stopped along the way, encamped, eaten food, broken things, disposed of trash, performed rituals, and so on. And those actions should have left a trail of physical archaeological evidence across the greater American Southwest, discovery of which would undeniably prove the existence of foreigners in New Mexico in antiquity with a demonstrably ancient Hebrew material culture From an archaeological standpoint, that's plainly impossible.

British Archeologist Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews has concluded that "Viewed dispassionately, the Los Lunas inscription is a clear, but well constructed forgery for its day. Despite the claims of high antiquity, there are features of the text such as the mixing of letter forms between two separate alphabets that are much more likely to derive from the work of a modern forger than from an ancient Hebrew or Samaritan scribe. The evidence for its origin is poor, but a comparison with the Bat Creek Stone suggests that it was a Mormon forgery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And did you know that the Phoenicians also founded the Etruscan civilization in Italy?

Interestingly, several of the Utrurian coins discovered were minted in honor of their deity, which was none other than Yahweh, God of the Hebrews! So just how did the 10 Commandments inscribed in the ancient Hebrew language show up in New Mexico? Nobody knows the answer for certain. Some people have asked if this stone has anything to do with Mormonism, and the answer is that it most definitely does not.

Mormonism is a very dangerous deception, and we need to pray that anyone trapped in the Mormon religion will wake up and find the true gospel of Jesus Christ. What this stone does give us is a clue. Just as God said in His Word, He scattered the northern kingdom literally all over the face of the earth. This stone indicates that they may have even been scattered all the way to North America. Why God. Share on Facebook.

Perhaps the key to this mystery is in studying the Phoenicians. Why Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Converted to Christianity. Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus Christ. Christian Heaven.