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New charges in college admissions scandal

  1. There's only one way to combat the next financial crisis
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  3. 2008–2011 Icelandic financial crisis
  4. Fighting Financial Fires: An IMF Insider Account - Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds - Google книги

The IMF dedicated much of its recent Global Financial Stability Report to discussing how different compensation structures impact the amount of risk bankers take. This isn't a new idea - for years regulators and politicians have been arguing that when bankers are working toward big annual bonuses, they don't think as much about the long term effects of their actions.

The IMF recommended that Wall Street tie pay to longer term performance by forcing institutions to take more ownership of themselves through stock , and by instituting clawbacks. So if you're a banker, and something you did years before blew up in the bank's face, the bank can take back some of your pay. On Monday President Obama met with financial regulators and urged them to continue working on capital standards and compensation regulation as a way to curb risk taking at banks. The President acknowledged the collaborative work of the regulators, specifically recognizing their work in finalizing the Volcker Rule, and also urged participants to consider additional ways to prevent excessive risk-taking across the financial system, including as they continue to work on compensation rules and capital standards.

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There's only one way to combat the next financial crisis

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A lackluster start of the year for the global economy has prompted the International Monetary Fund to downgrade its predictions for growth in the coming months, the WSJ reports. The decline has been broadly felt, with all major advanced economies, including the U.

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But not a dramatic one. These numbers are a ways from one I.

It might be messy, and there will be regional divergences aplenty. The economy may not feel great, particularly depending on where you are. Federal prosecutors unveiled new money-laundering charges against 16 parents in the college bribery case, including the actress Lori Loughlin, the former TPG executive Bill McGlashan and the former Pimco C. Douglas Hodge. The new charges carry tougher penalties than the first wave of accusations of mail and wire fraud.

Some legal experts think jail time is possible for these defendants. The new charges may be an attempt to force cooperation , legal commentators added.

Analysis of current economic conditions and policy

Some defendants, including the actress Felicity Huffman and the onetime corporate lawyer Gordon Caplan, said this week that they would plead guilty to the lesser wire fraud charges. McGlashan still plans to fight.

2008–2011 Icelandic financial crisis

But a lawyer for Mr. McGlashan is deeply flawed and ignores important exculpatory facts. Lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are clamping down on misleading tactics used by some major tech companies to gain data from users. So-called dark patterns, like user-interface designs that encourage people to share data that they may otherwise have kept private, are the focus of a new bill introduced by Senators Mark Warner and Deb Fischer.

Fighting Financial Fires: An IMF Insider Account - Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds - Google книги

Warner said in a statement. These are the latest efforts to regulate Big Tech , part of a campaign that is gathering pace among lawmakers around the world. Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain is in Brussels again today for a summit meeting with European leaders, where she will seek an extension to the troubled Brexit process. She visited Berlin and Paris yesterday to plead with national leaders to grant her more time to salvage her faltering withdrawal plans, Stephen Castle of the NYT explains.

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  8. May wants to delay Brexit until June But that would require her to get a deal through Parliament quickly, which seems unlikely. The E. The European Council president, Donald Tusk, is said to prefer an extension as long as a year, Bloomberg reports — with the option of an early exit if the British government ends its deadlock.