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The resolution of this image does not yet exceed the best views of Ceres, which were obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope see PIA Nonetheless, Ceres' spherical shape is clearly revealed here. Sunlight illuminates the dwarf planet from the right, leaving a sliver of the surface in shadow at left. The image was taken on Dec. If you get the chance to try it do so!

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I cannot wait to see it on Kickstarter. Tsukuyumi on Facebook. King Racoon Games on Twitter. King Racoon Games on Instagram. In this postapocalyptic setting, every faction ist different, not only in their origin story but also in the way they are played in the game.

Iron Sky Official Trailer #2 - Nazi's on the Moon Movie (2012) HD

Each faction has unique abilities, mechanisms and strenghts that matched their epic background stories. King Racoon Games is a small publishing company that was founded not too long ago. Even though we have the support of many great friends, we are still really only two guys who created this game. In order to realize such a big project, we need your help.

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We need you to spread the word, play the game, send feedback and - even though we hate to ask - we also need your financial support, to be able to produce at a fair price. In the three years it took to create Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down , the game has been tested more than times and at this point we can confidently say that we are very satisfied with the way it turned out and that it is - in fact - a great game.

Because we need your support here on Kickstarter, we came up with a ton exclusive content as a way of saying Thank you to our backers.

Dawn of the Space Age

The more people support us on Kickstarter, the more stretch goals will be reached. And the more stretch goals we reach, the more cool material can be included in the final game. Everybody wins! We listen to your feedback, we take your criticism seriously.

It's two steps forward and one step back in the fight against malaria

We appreciate your help in making this game into its best possible version. There is no secret mongering! According to our current offers, this is what we need the money for:. More than test games made the balancing of such asymmetric factions possible. At the moment, we are blind testing the game again and put the finishing touches on the rulebook.

The illustrations are done and we are completing a few last graphic elements.

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But all in all, Tsukuyumi is ready for take-off! Depending on the amount of games produced, the production and fulfillment period may differ. Please note: Although most illustrations and designs are already finalized, some things will still look different in the actual game. We have been working with self-printed, cardboard-crafted prototypes as you can see in the photos but we promise: The final game will look much better!

Dawn of the Space Age – Fulldome Show

Retailers can also support this project and offer the retail exclusive promo materials. You can ask your local shops to support Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down , benefit from reduced shipping and get your copy of the exclusive promo material reserved for retailers. Results appear in today's edition of the journal Science. Scientists now see Vesta as a layered, planetary building block with an iron core — the only one known to survive the earliest days of the solar system.

Dawn Stone

The asteroid's geologic complexity can be attributed to a process that separated the asteroid into a crust, mantle and iron core with a radius of approximately 68 miles kilometers about 4. The terrestrial planets and Earth's moon formed in a similar way. Dawn observed a pattern of minerals exposed by deep gashes created by space rock impacts, which may support the idea the asteroid once had a subsurface magma ocean.

A magma ocean occurs when a body undergoes almost complete melting, leading to layered building blocks that can form planets. Other bodies with magma oceans ended up becoming parts of Earth and other planets.

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Data also confirm a distinct group of meteorites found on Earth did, as theorized, originate from Vesta. The signatures of pyroxene, an iron- and magnesium-rich mineral, in those meteorites match those of rocks on Vesta's surface. These objects account for about 6 percent of all meteorites seen falling on Earth.