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Connecticut is one of only four states that sets its employee retirement benefits through collective bargaining rather than in statute. This is not the way that representative government works.

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The financial decisions of the state are supposed to lie with its elected officials — the governor and the legislature. Ultimately, equal negotiating authority is not supposed to lie with one unique special interest, here the government-employee unions. And that, without any question, is what you find in Connecticut. This is absurd.

History KS3 / GCSE: Russian Serfs - BBC Teach

This sets the unions up to make additional demands in exchange for the state ramping up its debt to ensure that state workers are afforded benefits of a quality largely unavailable in similar jobs elsewhere in the state. Our taxes were just yanked up. Comparisons of Connecticut to the countries trapped behind the iron curtain are certainly overblown, except as a rhetorical device.

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But another detail from the budget is worth considering in that vein. Until this corrupt relationship is finally broken, nothing will ever improve in this state. I really though that this article was well-written and timely. Your email address will not be published.

Freemen, Serfs, and Slaves in Feudal Europe OR They Even Had to Clean the Moat

About Issues News Reports Donate. Search Back. Seems Legit. A constant barrage of propaganda is spewed out. Farmers continue to be criminally prosecuted all the time. Others have had to join the protection money racket where they have to pay ZANU PF ministers to be able to stay farming.

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Others are beaten and made examples of — or killed. I arrived unseen at the grave site. It is unmarked. We left it like that. There seemed little point in putting up a gravestone after Mike was buried and the farm was then invaded. It was likely to get vandalised. My father-in-law was a leading commercial farmer who had been made an example of. He approached the law — and finally the Tribunal of the Southern African Development Community - and got a judgment to try to stop land nationalisation and the destruction and dependence it caused.

We were abducted and Mike was beaten so badly in their attempt to get him to sign a bit of paper that we would withdraw from the courts, that he never recovered. Courts are not good for the unjust. Mike was buried on De Rus opposite another farmer who was murdered in his bed on his farm. Some of the more compliant white farmers are allowed to go back onto stolen farms — but, like dogs that need to be controlled, they are kept on a very short leash. Those that partake in it are controlled. None of the white farmers who have gone back to farm will speak to the press.

None of them will expose injustices going on around them.

Serfdom (Civ6)

If they do, they know full well that all they have invested in growing crops will once again be taken away. Afterwards, I met up with one of the farm workers from De Rus. Last year nearly of them had jobs. This year none of them are working. Like the jacaranda trees, the farm lies eerily dormant.

A Life Under Russian Serfdom

I was horrified. I thought about it. In a dry and thirsty land water is essential to life. On a flat farm with no rivers or dams, the people would die without water.