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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Josh Olin interview | Technology | The Guardian

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Batman: Gotham Knights. Batman: Gotham Nights.

Batman: Gotham Nights II. Batman: Gotham Noir. Batman: Harley Quinn. Batman: Harvest Breed. Batman: Haunted Gotham. Batman: Haunted Knight. Batman: Haunted Knight New Edition. Batman: Heart of Hush. Batman: Hidden Treasures. Barring a sellout, same-day tickets can be purchased onsite at the EY Centre. To buy tickets online, click here.

Yes and No. Children 6 to 12 inclusively will need to purchase a Child Pass for Saturday only. Entry is free for Children aged 6 to 12 on Friday and Sunday. If onsite tickets are still available, they can be purchased with cash, debit, or credit card. Guests could cancel their appearance or change their appearance schedule because of other professional commitments or reasons out of the Ottawa Comiccon control. In such circumstances, the Ottawa Comiccon cannot be held responsible.

All sales are final. No exchange or refund will be issued. At the end of your online transaction, your eTicket will become available, as well as sent to the registered email. Please print out the PDF and bring the tickets with barcodes with you. We will scan those in when you arrive at the EY Centre.

Most events in the programme are included with a daily, 3-day, Deluxe, or VIP pass. However there are a few specially ticketed events, like a concert, that will require an additional ticket. We have a limited promotional discount if you buy more than 20 tickets of a single type. Sometimes auto-generated emails are filtered somewhere other than your inbox. Please check your spam or bulk folder.

You can also log back into your Tix account here and select My Tickets at the top of the page. Scanning stations will include a scanner for mobile phones. Make sure your phone is fully charged. This is not a problem. Tickets can be given to anyone for redemption; however you can only give 1 unique ticket per person. Should a duplicate ticket arrive at the event, the ticketholder may be refused entry. Yes — however not all panels and programming are appropriate for children.

Please be vigilant and read the programming guide to avoid any potential misunderstandings. Children up to 5 years of age get free entry for all 3-days. The Saturday Child Pass can be purchased online or at the door. Single Day ticket holders do not get front-of-the-line-access for autographs. This service is unique to the VIP ticket. The autograph will need to be purchased separately.

Single Day ticket holders do not get front-of-the-line-access for Photo Ops. A single day pass is valid only for the day indicated on the ticket. For example, those who have a Friday pass but decide to come on a Saturday instead will be denied entry into the convention. Deluxe ticket holders will be in immediately after all VIP ticket holders on all three days: 60 minutes early on Friday a. Children up to 12 years of age will be granted early access to the exhibit halls when accompanied by an adult with a Deluxe or VIP pass. Children up to 5 years of age get free entry all 3-days.

The Saturday Child pass can be purchased online or at the door. Deluxe ticket holders do not get front-of-the-line-access for autographs. Deluxe ticket holders do not get front-of-the-line-access for Photo Ops. Entry is free for children ages 6 to 12 on Friday and Sunday. VIP ticket holders will be the first to be let in on all three days: 60 minutes early on Friday a. Children from 6 to 12 years of age will be granted early access to the exhibit halls when accompanied by an adult with a Deluxe or VIP pass. VIP ticket holders will get a lanyard, a badge, a T-shirt, a Ottawa Comiccon tote bag, an exclusive comic book and a lithograph.

Priority access for Photo Ops will be accommodated when accompanied by an adult with a VIP pass, but only to participate in the same photo shoot. VIP ticket holders will be allowed to enter the Main Events room prior between 15 to 30 minutes before the Event starts. Priority seating will close 10 minutes before the scheduled start.

At that time VIP priority seating will be forfeit, releasing those seats to other patrons. If you arrive after this period, there may be no more seats available. Priority seating is strictly reserved for VIP ticket holders. Children that are too big will need to sit in the regular seats or purchase a VIP ticket. Of course! Please note that there will be restrictions on photos and recording during panels and other events, but you are free to take photos on the show floor, as long as you are courteous to those you are photographing.

Most people coming in costume will be happy to be photographed and will even pose on request. Certain guests may have policies wherein they charge for snapshots or have exclusive deals with professional photographers at the con. Please keep in mind that, though they might be celebrities, our Guests are people first.

Others simply do not like candid shots of themselves to be taken. Please respect their decision. Or they may just want to get to the bathroom ASAP. If they say no, please respect their wishes. A purchase of a celebrity Photo Op gives you an 8X10 full color photo of yourself with the celebrity. Yes, it is necessary to be attending the convention both to get your photo ops taken and picked up if they are printed for dispersal at the convention.

On rare occasion a patron will be upset that we must keep the line moving, however please know that our celebrities need to also do their on-stage presentations and sign autographs, generally all in the same day, and they often need to catch a plane or make another engagement. The Photo Op lasts less than 15 seconds. Your photo will no doubt be highly prized and saved for years, so we suggest giving some thought to your wardrobe. White does not photograph well. We will post a link on our site once it is live. A firm date has yet to be determined. At the show: You can purchase your vouchers at the Photo Op booth located inside the Exhibit Hall, near the Autograph area.

Photo ops are purchased per session, not per guest. What does that mean? It means that when you buy your photo op, you choose either the Friday photo op slot, the Saturday photo op slot, or the Sunday photo op slot based on availability.

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The actual times of the Photo Op sessions will be posted a few days before the show. An updated list will be included onsite, at the Photo Op booth inside the Exhibit Hall. They will be right next to the Photo Ops booth inside the Exhibit Hall. One line will be for VIP ticket holders with purchased vouchers, and another for all other ticket types with vouchers. You can have up to FOUR people in a single photo op shoot not including babies or the media guests!

The photo op price is per posed picture, not per person. We can only supply ONE photo, no matter how many fans are in the picture. You are free to order as many photo ops with the same celebrity as you wish. Guests who are not at the convention all three days will have a note at the foot of their bio on the website indicating which days they are available. Considering there are a limited number of photo ops for sale per session, it is highly recommended that you purchase your photo ops as soon as you get into the convention.

You can purchase your Voucher as soon as you get into the convention, for any future time slot that is still available. Arriving minutes beforehand is sufficient. Because there are a limited number of photo ops for sale per session, you need not worry about people showing up on Saturday afternoon for your photo op with Laurie Holden or whoever your guest of choice is. Therefore, you do not need to line up ahead of time for your photo op. This is extremely important as it prevents unnecessary congestion in the photo op area inside the Exhibit Hall and will ultimately make everything run much more efficiently.

You should make sure that you are in the appropriate line by the scheduled time. If there is no one left in line, the guest will leave. Photos are available right after they are taken. Please see the Photo Ops booth for more details. Some of our Media Guests prefer to do photo ops at their table.

We love to encourage long lasting friendships, however, our VIPs have paid good money for their passes and if everyone started to bring their besties in the line-up with them then the value of the VIP pass would be diminished. Ah, in that case, the friend you choose share the photo session with can have any type of pass. We typically start listing guests prices on their profile about weeks before the event.

Most of the celebrities will have a cost associated to their autograph. These costs are indicated next to each celebrity bio on our website and our mobile app. For the most part comic book creators do not charge for autographs. There are some big name guests that may charge a low fee for an autograph. In that regard, you can get as many signatures as you are willing to pay for possibly limited by how large the remaining line is behind you, of course. Autographs can be purchased at the Ottawa Comiccon, at the actual booth where the autographs are being done in the Exhibit Hall.

The celebrity will usually have a guest liaison that will take care of the monetary transaction. You can bring your own items to autograph. However, it is up to the guest to accept or refuse to sign a given item. Guests will refuse to sign any bootlegged material or items unrelated to their career.

The photo op time slots are strictly for photo ops only. There is no coat check or designated area where items can be left. The EY Centre will set up a food court in the backlot of the building enter from the back of Hall 3 and food services are available near the two main entrances. Attendees are also expected to take proper measures to maintain a clean environment and dispose of any food or drink including packaging related garbage properly when they are done.

Attendees who cause damage or are otherwise abusive of their food and drink privileges may be expelled from the convention. The consumption of food or beverages is forbidden in all panel rooms and the Main Events room. Only water bottles will be accepted in these rooms. Costuming and Cosplay costume and play is the act of dressing up as a character from comics, anime, videogames, manga, movies, TV, or books. Costuming and Cosplay is not to be confused for a Halloween costumes.

There is a remarkable amount of passion and attention to detail that is involved in the creation of a piece as well as dressing-up and displaying it. Yes… No. Really, you do not have to get dressed up to attend Comiccon. But if you would like to, it would make us really happy. Steampunk Zombie? Nothing is too obscure or mainstream. Surprise us. Or come as Batman. Be Batman. The Masquerade is one of the highlights of the Ottawa Comiccon. It is a non-professional costume competition featuring costumes from comic books, movies, Japanese animation or video games.

You can enter the masquerade on-site at the masquerade booth in the Cosplay lounge. The booth will be open on Saturday from 10 a. Application forms will be available. There are a limited number of entry slots. The masquerade is a non-professional competition. Costumes bought online or rented are not eligible for any award, same as professional or theatrical costumes.

Please note that priority is given to the costumes created by the non-professional contestants. The person does not have to appear on stage, but his or her presence in the waiting room is mandatory. You can find those details here. A complete guest list sorted by category is available in the Guests section of our website. We welcome suggestions. Feel free to submit your suggestions by filling out this form.

A complete list of panels and presentation will be available 7 to 10 days before the event. A detailed schedule will be available 7 to 10 days before the event. We encourage everyone to download the Ottawa Comiccon App for all scheduling details. Most guests are scheduled to be at Ottawa Comiccon for all 3-days. A few guests will only make a single or two day appearance. There are a number of reasons why someone cancels, from last minute emergencies, to illness, to jobs, to moral crisis about their appearance, to a myriad of other reasons.

When we book our guests, both enter the agreement with the expectation that they make their appearance. The best advice we can give is to try to enjoy other aspects of the convention while you are there. There is quite a lot to see and do. That information will be posted much closer to the event date.

Schedules tend to change several times before they can be posted, and even then it should always be considered tentative. As soon as some information is available, it will be shared next to the celebrities bio. We ask that attendees line-up no earlier than 60 minutes before a scheduled event. Simultaneous line-ups for back-to-back to panels will not be permitted. Attendees can line up for Panel A as of PM 1 hour before , but cannot line-up for Panel B between to PM, as this would mix the lines and lead to confusion and congestion. Lineups for certain events can be lengthy.

Therefore, we recommend that you arrive at the designated site 45 minutes prior to the scheduled presentation time. Please be respectful to others in the line. Everyone in the line is just as excited as you are. Cutting in front of other audience members is unacceptable. That being said, there will undoubtedly be alterations due to last minute changes.

As we announce tentative schedules, we try to keep up and list them on our completely Schedule Grids on site in front of each room. No matter how early you arrive, there is no guarantee what type of seating will be available. That said, we recommend 45 minutes. Most panelists allocate a specific time for question and answer sessions. They will let you know! Due to security considerations and guest concerns we cannot facilitate the giving of gifts to guests.

Please note that because guests usually travel by plane they are unable to take gifts home with them in any case. If you are unsure whether photography or videography are allowed during a particular event or in a particular area, ask permission from Ottawa Comiccon Staff first. Yes, we require all volunteers need to be pass-carrying attendees. However, we do offer a rewards system based on the amount of hours volunteered. This is only applicable to those who have purchased 3-DAY passes.

Volunteers can work for as many or as little hours as they want. Before being scheduled, all volunteers will be asked how many hours like would like to volunteer for. Please remember though that all volunteers must be pass-carrying attendees, even if you are not planning on working enough hours for a reimbursement. During your free time, you are free to enjoy the convention as an attendee, including going to meet the guests.

Due to agent requests and busy schedules, we cannot guarantee that you will meet all the guests. You will also be responsible for the autograph and photo fees. We are always happy to have new volunteers. We will be hosting an orientation meeting for the volunteers and while it is not mandatory, attendance will be highly encouraged, especially for first time volunteers. All volunteers will be given a Ottawa Comiccon volunteers t-shirt, and a food voucher for the day s that they are volunteering. Unfortunately parking is not included for anyone.

This will grant the holder in and out privileges, and parking will be behind the EY Centre. These passes are limited and are strictly for registered Exhibitors and Artists. A comic book is the art of sequential storytelling through narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that represent individual scenes. Despite their name, comic books are not necessarily humorous in tone; modern comic books tell stories in a variety of genres. Often the central menace of a work of Horror fiction can be interpreted as a metaphor for the larger fears of a society.

Anime are Japanese animated productions, made for film and television. In English, the term is defined as a style of animation originating in Japan, which often features colorful graphics, vibrant characters and action-filled plots with fantastic or futuristic themes. Tabletop game is a general term used to refer to board games, card games, dice games, miniatures wargames, tile-based games and other games that are normally played on a flat surface.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by the Industrial Era in Western civilization during the 19th century. The goal of being Special Services-aware is to do what we can to ensure all our attendees can enjoy the con, regardless of their individual circumstances. We provide support for those with reduced mobility who are in our entry or events line-ups.

Challenges that impact how our attendees enjoy Main Events and Small Panel presentations are mitigated by, for example, seating vision-challenged attendees with the best views of our stages or television monitors, seating hearing-challenged attendees close to speaker systems where possible; and so on. Read on for more details about more services that we offer! We provide seating for attendees who cannot stand in a line-up.

We ensure those with reduced mobility or with service animals enter the event or panel rooms before able-bodied attendees of the same ticket class to allow for any extra time, maneuvering and personal setup that may be needed. In addition, we give our section Team Leads and their volunteers the flexibility to assess situations on a case-by-case basis; for example, if attendees who qualify under our Special Services criteria cannot wait for their ordered place in line to reach the autograph or photo op opportunity, we will give them priority status — just let us know.

Service animals are welcome, as long as the animals do not pose an unreasonable threat to other attendees. If you do not plan to participate in any autographs, photo ops, and other Comiccon activities yourself, and you are only planning to attend Comiccon to help an attendee who qualifies as requiring significant personal care under our Special Services criteria, you do not need a ticket.

We do restrict the number of Personal Care Attendants to one person per ticketed attendee. The EY Centre consists of a single floor; there are no staircases that would impede attendees of reduced mobilities. As with all public spaces, there are a number of wheelchair-accessible washrooms. Written policies cannot always support every possible scenario; we thus give our section Team Leads and their volunteers the flexibility to assess situations on a case-by-case basis and to make helpful decisions on the spot. During Registration, you can identify yourself as wishing to take advantage of our Special Services program.

You will be directed nearby to the Special Services kiosk where a sticker will be appended to your Comiccon badge; this simply identifies you as being part of the program — as you meet staff and volunteers throughout the event, they will know you were briefed on the services offered and will proceed in helping you enjoy the con! It can be found here. Ottawa Comiccon is a safe place for fans to interact with each other, their favorite creators, celebrities, and generally be themselves.

This means we expect it to be a safe environment for fans from any ethnicity, creed, religious background, political background, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, fandom, etc. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. This includes, but is not limited to: physical assault, verbal harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, unwanted physical contact, unwanted advances, or inappropriate photography. Ottawa Comiccon does not tolerate physical or verbal harassment of the attendees, guests, vendors, staff, or volunteers.

Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence. This includes comments and statements made via email, on websites or any of our social networks. Inappropriate photography is defined as photography where the subject feels they are being stalked, exploited, degraded, or disrespected through being photographed.

While it is reasonable that photographers will be photographing attendees and other parts of the convention, should this photography become harassing or sexual in nature, the photographer will be subject to the above harassment policy. If it is determined — either by observation or by complaint — that an individual or group has harassed another attendee, any or all of the following things may occur. That individual or group may be:. You did not find the answer you were looking for?

Please contact us. General Questions. Ticket Information. Single Day Tickets. Deluxe Tickets. VIP Tickets. Candid Photography. Photo Ops. Hotels, Convention Centre and other Logistics. Costuming and Cosplay.