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  2. Kiwi Spotting with Sally Campbell (Senior Guide)
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Every trip combines optional hiking, cycling and adventure activities with stunning accommodation. If you love the outdoors, love adventure and want to travel "beyond the tourist trail" these tours are for you. With small groups of like-minded travelers you will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Trip Introduction

Does this sound like you? Starts From Auckland or Christchurch can start loop anywhere. Our most popular trip and the best way to see and do it all. Get off the beaten track with accommodation in spectacular locations as we cover all the best national parks, hikes, activities, bike rides and secret spots. Tour Length 15 days. Starts From Auckland. Starting your tour in Auckland? This 2 week adventure experience could be the perfect way to fill your time.

Try NZ's best great walks, cultural highlights and mix mountains with beaches as you head to the countries adventure capital - Queenstown. Tour Length 6 days.

P.G. Wodehouse The Adventures of Sally (1922) Audiobook. Complete & Unabridged.

Starts From Christchurch. Stay in wonderful accommodation and enjoy as much hiking, adventure and snow as you want!

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  2. The Adventures of Sally by P.G. Wodehouse?
  3. Things that made me go hmmmm.

Tour Length 9 days. Enjoy the best of New Zealand's stunning South Island on this ultimate winter 9 day adventure. Mix NZs best mountains with the south islands best activites on this winter adventure.

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It's been absolutely fantastic, I've loved it and I can't really take in all the brilliant things I've seen and done. I've discovered beautiful places that I will revisit in my mind forever and hopefully will come back to see them. I couldn't have imagined it going so well. The people, the energy, jokes and activities were unreal!

Kiwi Spotting with Sally Campbell (Senior Guide)

The was a trip of a lifetime. The difference between a so-so trip versus an outstanding trip is all the little details. Flying Kiwi did an amazing job of handling all the big AND small things, so I could relax and enjoy the trip. Travelling with Flying Kiwi was so much better than expected.


I've had a great time! The enthusiasm of the guides was great and very motivating to ensure we didn't miss anything. A truly action packed adventure! Easily the best trip I've been on. Not just for the itinerary but also the company I had going on this trip.

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The trip was just amazing. I was always fun with the guides and the people on tour.

New Zealand Tour Reviews | Flying Kiwi NZ Adventure Tours

Everything was well organised. Within seconds Liz was pulling one sleepy kiwi out of its nest and putting it into a dark cloth bag. This was a known kiwi so not of special interest. Another one was pulled out, a bit more feisty. This was handed to me to hold by its back legs, supporting its body and cradling its head, kept it calm and then the third which was the transmitting kiwi. We watched enthralled as one apparatus was removed and another attached and taped carefully on and tested.

It was a delight to help the weighing of the Kiwi. A big thank you to the Duncan and Liz for allowing us to share this special experience. It is no wonder the 3 day Outer-Sounds Adventure has such a reputation in our guiding fraternity. General Menu Skip to content. Pages Menu.