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Michael's book is a totally different angle - life just happens, don't try to figure out why and how it's happening, you're not doing any of it, just follow life, and it'll be just fine. So with great intrigue I was looking forward to reading it. Even though I knew his perspective on life was different than mine, I do believe in surrender - meaning it's fine to envision something but then completely let go and allow the Universe to do its thing. So even if I used Michael's viewpoint in that way, I was open to hearing what he had to share on the topic of surrendering.

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Love Michael Singer's work a whole lot, yet I believe we're each here to have our own unique life experiences on this earthly ride. I go within to see what life experiences my inner being wants to usher me into next. So my own experiment will be a merger of expressing my desires to the Universe AND surrendering a whole lot more to whatever shows up. Different than Michael Hey, life is a playground and I'm gonna play it any way I like darnit! What life experiences led to the wisdom expressed in that earlier work?

Well, The Surrender Experiment answers the question with an amazing story. They contain truth and wisdom, eloquently and accessibly expressed. I am fortunate to have discovered them. I got this because I liked untethered soul so much, mostly because it reads very much like eckhart tolle's power of now. This book is about an hour or two of what you'd expect from reading untethered soul, and then it just goes into hours and hours of what feels like the authors attempt to clear his name of any suspicion regarding the incredibly boring account of the lawsuit he faced.

There are about 5 straight hours of anecdotes that could have been reduced to "I did X and everything worked out better than I could have imagined. I'd read and enjoyed the author's book "The Untethered Soul". Loved it and was surprised so many people around me not interested in "this sort of thing". One thing lead me to another This struggle to get calm enough, centered enough is difficult after so many years of believing the "chatter" that's my mind. The book is beautifully written, well told by the author soothing voice , and a page turner. As an autobiography it's an I rarely use this word awesome.

It's what I imagine surfers feel when riding on one of those massive waves with exhilaration while possessing the calm of stamina and strength. That's the tremendous life I just finished reading about. Grateful for such a gifted share, well thought out and executed work. Head bow. When it comes to spiritual literature, I like stories the best. For example, by sheer statistics, since ive listened to Way of the Peaceful Warrioer probably 50 times by now, it must be my favorite. Others include Dying to be Me and Proof of Heaven. Ayway, this book is a praticularly fascinating story.

What I love about it is that Mr. Singer isn't sick, or dealing with any great adversity. He simply notices the little voice incessantly commenting on every little thing in his life. And so he decides to not let his life be controlled by it. This means that he will follow impulses, say yes to assignments, jobs and projects he 1 doesn't want to do 2 doesn't feel qualified to do 3 feels would be risky or foolish, including physically dangerous The journey this sets off was stunning to me.

Incredible moving. It leads to fulfilling careers, a family, and a fantastic spiritual life. As I've thought more about the story, what stands out is the benevolence of the "universe's" assignments.

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When I speak about "relaxing" and "not judging" to my friends, they'll sometimes say things like "well, if I were to answer every call and silly idea presented to me, I'd have nothing else to do shortly". But as Mickey's story shows, when you really trust your life to go the way it's "supposed" to go, i. My own life is the best proof I can give of this approach's worth: I found my best job while minding my own business, driving a cab.

I met my current wife and mother of my child, while minding my own business at a lunch buffet at a conference. I am done running my life. I am convinced Life does a much better job and so I leave it to Her. This book is a great way to remember why. I can really feel what he means to surrender. I'm so grateful for his message. I loved The Untethered Soul. Every time I bought a copy, I would end up giving it away. I was excited to experience another book by Michael Singer and listening to it gave me the freedom to enjoy it in my car etc.

What I found in this book has been immensely powerful and important in my spiritual journey. The concept of surrender has been extremely challenging for me. I was actually recently really feeling like life was against me because of 10 years of health issue after health issue I'm young , but in listening to this, I experienced a paradigm shift. What if all of this was in response to my prayer to be relieved of the bondage of self? What was good and positive about these experiences? What if I saw life as my best friend, loving me in bringing me experiences I needed?

What if I stopped judging things as good or bad and just practiced deep acceptance and letting go? Thank you, Michael Singer. What were intellectual concepts have shifted to a place of moment to moment practice. I needed this and it arrived at the exact right time. Thank you, life. Help me stay the course. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

Another narrator who can present the material better. What was most disappointing about Michael A. However, I would think that if he narrates his own book it would be better since he should be passionate about the material, but he's not. At least it doesn't come off like he is. I was bored to tears and couldn't stand to listen to it anymore. The story doesn't pull me in either. Would you be willing to try another one of Michael A. I would read his book instead. Your audiobook is waiting….

By: Michael A. Narrated by: Michael A. Length: 7 hrs and 46 mins. People who bought this also bought Singer Narrated by: Michael A. Singer Length: 2 hrs and 17 mins Original Recording Overall. Summary of Michael A. Hawkins MD.

Seven Nights To Surrender

Publisher's Summary From the author of the New York Times number-one best seller The Untethered Soul comes the astonishing true-life story about what happens when you just let go. Singer P Random House Audio. Critic Reviews "A lone voice in the modern wilderness calling for surrender instead of striving, Singer shows how surrendering to life does not mean giving up our dreams.

The Surrender Experiment is such a book. Inspiring, authentic, and intensely compelling. With courage, spunk, and thoughtfulness, he has reached beyond the status quo to dare to trust life and surrender to its ultimate perfection.

Letting Go (Surrender Trilogy #1)

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Particularly since no one understood the hows and whys of the tattoo. Least of all Mac. Heavy muscles flexed. Navy ink moved in concert, making his friend wince and…ah, hell. There it was, the problem in plain view. Color swirled inside the design, the pattern flickering like fire. The red glow started at the outer edges and bled inward, reaching toward the center as it spread. Bright color took over, flowing through the tattoo, flaring in ominous warning, heralding the beginning of bad news.

Kept the glow at bay…whatever. Just as long as Tania soothed the male enough for him to sleep. Dragonkind fledglings were fragile at first. Mac was no exception. Four months after his change—and the upheaval of having his dragon DNA activated—he still needed extra care. Good food.

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Lots of sleep. Loads of TLC. Spend as much time with her as you can. All right. Stupid advice.

Seven Nights To Surrender – Jeanette Grey ♥ love where you'd least expect it…

Being with their females was as natural as breathing. First and foremost, I want people to enjoy Fury of Surrender. No matter what happens in our lives—good or bad—books have the power to transport us. I love this scene. Popping the door open, Mac slid out of the Denali. The truck door slammed behind him. A shimmer in his ocean blue eyes, he hammered Forge with a be-reasonable look.

His eyes narrowed. Glancing at his partner, Mac tipped his chin. Already out of the truck, Angela gripped the rear handle. The back door of the SUV opened.

A navy blindfold covering her eyes, a female stepped out and— Forge lost his ability to breathe for a moment. Hands raised, palms up and out to the side, Mac approached on silent feet.


His ability to focus on anything other than the female vanished. Nothing penetrated the thick fog of attraction. Even with the blindfold covering half her face, she was beautiful.


Red gold hair tied in a ponytail. Gorgeous mouth made for kissing. Pearl white skin with the faintest smattering of freckles. Brilliant aura glowing like a supernova. Lust clawed through his veins, hardening him so fast it was painful. His dragon half snarled. The sound echoed inside his head. The noisy rush made his heart throb. One beat pounded into another. His mouth went dry. His skin grew more sensitive, sending a clear message: get closer. Speed would close the distance.

A few strides. A quick touch. Would draw on her power, assuage ravenous need, learn what raw energy felt like against his skin and how well she would feed him. Footsteps sounded behind him. A chuckle drifted over his shoulder. Idiot male. Gage needed a serious attitude adjustment. He needed to pound on someone. Right now. Dangerous seemed a better word. A safer bet too considering his reaction to the female now shoving the blindfold off her head.

Big green eyes blinked in the bright light.

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Her ponytail swung as she pivoted, small booted feet rasping against the floor, and met his gaze. Her soft inhalation of surprise battered him. Bloody hell. Trouble—he was in serious fucking trouble. Forge stifled a growl. Which left him with two options. Scare the hell out of the female by letting lust out of its cage. Or beat the shite out of the male responsible for bringing in her into his sphere.

Dragon warrior Forge has been sentenced to death by the Dragonkind elite.