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Why do traditional leadership methods no longer work? How important are empathy and communication for leaders and the ability "to see people and to recognize their individuality"? The criminal punishment of wrongdoers is as old as human kind itself. But why do we punish people? And does it work? The American sociologist Ross Koppel on the use of information technologies in clinics, necessary workarounds of doctors when using them and the possibilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The American roboticist and roboethicist Ronald C. Arkin on the possibilities of robotics, artificial intelligence and robot companions. Which ethical questions follow here and why is it necessary to deal in a responsible way with the programming and pretensioning of emotions in robots? A video interview on the occasion of the 48th St. Miriam Meckel on trust and credibility, changes in the media landscape and new formats such as live journalism. What challenges will publishers and journalists face in the coming years?

Which journalistic forms will prevail and what are the possibilities of virtual reality journalism and automated journalism? Reinhard Jung on classical transactions and the distributed ledger technology "blockchain". What is a "blockchain" and how does the decentralized accounting system work, that is necessary e. How secure is this technology and what influence do blockchains have on our economic system? How does the building fit into its surroundings?

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What are the project's focal points and which aspects are decisive for a modern learning environment that embraces the digital future? Christoph Aymanns on the Bitcoin boom of the last couple of months. What characterizes the crypto currency? How can it be used and what could the future of the crypto currency look like? Gallen, takes a look at the rise of both Amazon and Alibaba.

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In the last few years, companies have increasingly combined stationary and online sales. Succession is one of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur, particularly in the context of family businesses. Guido Cozzi, Ph. The model will allow policy makers to forecast the effects of their choices on the macro-economy in general and on society. He spent his whole life trying to fill that hole.

That's the essence of Donald Trump. Gallen Symposium Sharing goods, sharing resources: This is the basic idea of the "sharing economy". It is organised in cooperation with the Mexican consulate in Switzerland. The Spanish-language event. At the Education Fair of Eastern Switzerland prospective trainees and students will be able to obtain information about the University and its degree and executive education courses. Special topic: Swiss Elections In our special topic, HSG experts analyse current political, economic and social developments in Switzerland.

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The contents are loading please wait. There is no content for this configuration. Let the data decide Permanent algorithmic representation of the political preferences of the Swiss people would make Switzerland a truly digital direct democracy. Newsroom Find all our news at a glance. Annual contribution of the University of St.

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Gallen in the region amounts to CHF These and other questions are answered by the Customer Barometer. Interest in the new Joint Medical Master programme continues to grow. Events Find all our events at a glance.

Gallen HSG is honouring three research projects that have achieved a special social impact. Dies academicus The University of St. Gallen HSG celebrated the dies academicus with guests from politics, academia, business and the general public. Show more. The first company only ranked 30th.

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Kinder an die Macht (English translation)

Off on exchange — but where to exactly? An article by student reporter Niels Niemann. Media: The recipe for survival is quality The media stands in the middle of a digital transformation. The electoral system also influences electoral success The Swiss parliamentary elections will take place in October Who is going to win? The nominee with the most votes?

A look at the Swiss electoral system shows that it is more complicated than that. By Silvano Moeckli. A commentary by Christa Binswanger. HSG is the university with the best research when it comes to business administration, says a new ranking in "WirtschaftsWoche". Swiss Federal Council elections: No content please! Fundamental political issues seem to barely play a role in the public debate surrounding the Swiss Federal Council elections, to be held on 5 December Gallen HSG , paints a picture of the current mood.

By student reporter Sascha Duric. By Dana Sindermann. Seven speakers examined decision-making cultures from a range of perspectives. The three new IT professors presented their teaching and research activities. Sino-Swiss free trade agreement A current study shows that companies benefit in both countries.

Business schools need to prepare future leaders to prevent climate disruption. Doing Business in Eastern Europe An interview with Gulnaz Partschefeld on intercultural challenges for students and their importance from a Russian perspective. A second campus for the HSG The cantonal government has adopted the dispatch about the construction of the Platztor campus for the University of St. Gallen HSG. Gallen HSG has an impressive collection of modern art that is open to the public and can now also be discovered with an art app. Pension provision: Raising the retirement age?

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Why substantial adjustments to the Swiss pension system are necessary. An opinion piece by Martin Eling. Have the limits of tourism around Lake Constance been reached? The new, border-crossing think tank "DenkRaumBodensee".

Stahlmann – Kinder der Sehnsucht Review

Thinking, writing, buzzing: Terraces at the University of St. Gallen Dana Sindermann reports. Gallen have voted He died at the age of eighty-five in New York, the city towering over his beloved home-town which he enshrined in many of his thirty-one books. Which leaders make companies more sustainable? An interview with Judith Walls. Kind also: Chevreauleder. Now, I want to emphasize that not every autistic kid is going to be a visual thinker. It's the dumb kid , the troublemaker, the one who never does his homework. Kind also: Wickelkind , kleines Kind. He has not been seen since ; his daughter was an infant when he was taken hostage.

This is why music is immensely important in the awakening of sensibility, in the forging of values and in the training of youngsters to teach other kids. Kind also: kindlich. We should therefore be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. But in this area, we must not throw out the baby with the bathwater either. Verwenden wir diese Entscheidungen eine Gesellschaft zu formen, die besser ist, die erfolgreicher ist, die freundlicher ist?

Ist das die Art von einfach, die offensichtlich aussieht, oder sieht es irgendwie tiefsinnig aus? Jemand mit dieser Art von Herz, da muss es doch einen Zusammenhang geben. Es ist, dass das Produkt mit der Art und Weise wie die Menschen leben wollen assoziiert wird. Dieses Engagement, liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, hat allerdings seinen Preis. Aber um ganz ehrlich zu Ihnen zu sein, liebe ich das Fernsehen irgendwie.

Solche Programme sind uns aus diesem Grund herzlich willkommen. Synonyms Synonyms German for "Kinder":.

English form genial sort tolerant variety. Context sentences Context sentences for "Kinder" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. German An den Wanderungsbewegungen von schutzsuchenden Menschen sind leider stets Kinder beteiligt. German Kinder nicht zur Schule gehen. German Die Kinder werden nicht nur zum Lernen ermutigt, sie bekommen auch zu essen. More by bab. German kiesig kiffen killekille killen kilometerlang kilometerweit kiloweise kiloweise verkaufen kiltbekleidet kilttragend Kinder kinderarm kinderfeindlich kinderfreundlich kinderleicht kinderleichte Sache kinderlieb kinderlos kinderloses Paar mit hohem Einkommen kinderreich kinderreiche Familie Moreover, bab.

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