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  1. Getting Fired: How to Avoid Getting Fired from Your Job
  2. You may still leave, but there are better and worse ways to go out.
  3. How Not to Get Fired

Few companies have any tolerance for employees who speak out publically about them period let alone negatively. For some reason folks think it is exciting to have sex on company grounds. Realize there are security cameras all over the place now and that this generally falls into one of those categories of being fired on the spot. It may not even be a written rule, but you get caught doing anything sexual while on company property, you are gone.

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Getting Fired: How to Avoid Getting Fired from Your Job

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You may still leave, but there are better and worse ways to go out.

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  5. Get the best of CIO One of the quickest ways to be shown the door is drinking too much at lunch and walking into a wall. Maintaining your own clarity is extremely important. Staying on top of the mountain of details that go into making a business run smoothly requires focus—and sobriety. And checking adult-oriented Web sites on the job? Yeah, don't do that. Hint: It's usually not the boss. When working with numbers, scrutinize your work carefully.

    One stray zero could make the difference between being employed and unemployed, advises Star. To do your job effectively, you'll need the cooperation, support and good will of those around you. Becoming detached from those you work with could get you replaced with someone who can work well with others.

    Take ownership of your job. If you make a mistake , own up to it. Don't try to sweep your mistakes under the carpet—or worse yet, blame somebody else—because the truth will usually come back to bite you on the bottom line. And nobody wants to trust or employ a liar, says Star. If the depression is too much to handle, see a counselor to help you cope with these dark hours.

    Reassess Your Skills

    Remember this:. The truth will set you free, or, at least, a lie will cost you a job. Potential employers may ask why you left your previous job. Tell them the truth. Also keep in mind that most new companies ask your immediate past supervisor for a reference.

    This may seem a little scary, but here are some strategies to prevent a negative impact after a job termination. Most companies are more interested in your qualifications than bad references and lost jobs.

    How Not to Get Fired

    Unless you were criminally prosecuted or made a serious ethical breach, the lost job is not as bad as you think. Keep that in mind, dishonesty always disqualifies you from a job. Looking for a new job is daunting. Careers are investments, and losing one is the equivalent of overdrawing your checking account. It may take a month, or longer, to even land an interview.

    It may take several interviews before finding the right fit. Discouragement from a job loss comes off as low self-esteem in an interview. Hiring managers pick up on those subtle emotions and make judgements on your abilities. Preparation and dedication go a long way in keeping your faith and preventing depression and loss of motivation.

    Stay motivated by:. We are all human and make mistakes. Some mistakes just have more severe consequences. Use the experience to learn from your weaknesses.