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By Russ Crossley

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Trouble at his finest! The wickedly clever black cat is back, more wily than any coyote and more British than any Brit. Bone-A-Fied Trouble is an intriguing mystery replete with victims who must be avenged and criminals who must not get away. Toss in a crime against the environment which cannot be allowed to propagate and a cliff-hanger ensues. When lovely psychic medium Tabitha Kingsley arrives in Zinnia to meet with his aunt, Roger Long is immediately suspicious. It turns out Roger has reason to be suspicious but not for the reasons he thinks.


Fortunately, Trouble is at hand to uncover clues and nudge Tabitha and Roger toward trust and love as they race to solve one murder and prevent another. Fans of the Trouble series will happily settle into another excellent mystery featuring Trouble, son of Familiar. Feb 04, Judy Dickerson rated it it was amazing. Bone-a-fied Trouble is a bonfied fantastic addition to the Familiar Legacy series of books about Trouble, the Black Cat Detective, son of Familiar, the ever-so-slightly-more-famous Black Cat Detective. Pluto has a mystery to solve— the biped belonging to his lady-love, a marmalade kitty named Vesta, has gone missing, leaving Vesta in less-than-ideal circumstances.

So, Pluto calls out to Trouble. Is she investigating on her own? Or trying to cover her tracks? The final twist is really an eye-opener about how even the people we think we know the most can surprise is. Mar 13, Cheri Schaefer rated it it was amazing. Another extremely entertaining Trouble mystery!


I'm so fascinated by this series! Trouble is one of my most favorite cat detectives!

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I'd love to see him and Familiar team up!!! Now that would be phenomenal!! This mystery was my favorite so far. I loved the 2 other cats, Pluto and Vesta! Great story line and intriguing plot! Hope not too long until the next Trouble mystery!!! Mar 14, Liz Dawson rated it it was amazing.

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Trouble, the Cat Detective, visits Zinnia, Mississippi!!!!! It just doesn't get much better than this! It's really hard to put this book down. Mar 11, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: cats , cozy-mystery , arc. I really enjoyed reading this book. The mystery was intriguing. Trouble the cat, Pluto the cat, and Vesta the cat are my favorite characters. I liked the setting. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.

Mar 05, Donna Townsend rated it it was amazing. Exciting news! Trouble is visiting Zinnia! All loyal Sarah Booth fans will love this different perspective of our Zinnia friends. Which the eru Exciting news! Which the erudite Trouble does not believe, of course. Trouble is able to insinuate himself into every aspect of the town and the mystery. He is quite the gourmet and manages to eat better than most humans as he charms those he meets.

List of The Tribe characters

The mystery revolves around important environmental issues, which the author is known to champion. This is a fun romp with some romance, old friends, and a cleverly plotted mystery to boot. Now where will we find Trouble next? This series is just plain fun! Mar 04, Barb Foerst rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. Trouble visits the land of Sarah Booth Delaney. Trouble is visiting Sunflower County with his owner at a book conference. Tabitha comes from New Orleans to search for her sister. Her cover is she is a psychic.

Trouble begins to tag along with Tabitha to solve the mystery. This story is woven well. As Tabitha searches for her sister she makes friends with the family she initially thought she might be involved with her missing sister. S Trouble visits the land of Sarah Booth Delaney. Sarah Booth and Coleman are off on vacation during this book; however, Pluto puts in a guest appearance.

Feb 28, Liz Caldwell rated it it was amazing. Trouble the black cat detective has come to Zinnia, Mississippi with his human, Tammy Lynn, while she attends a book conference. But he realizes his skills are needed when a supposed psychic shows up in town. The psychic, Tabitha, is actually looking for her sister, who disappeared from a local farm.

After a rocky introduction, she teams up with Trouble and the farm manager, who is almost as worried as she is. Haines always creates a great cast of characters, and this cast is wonderful. You ca Trouble the black cat detective has come to Zinnia, Mississippi with his human, Tammy Lynn, while she attends a book conference. You can't tell who to trust, and there are multiple collisions of tradition and the modern world, and of course there's a Southern Belle.

Trouble, of course, helps the humans around him head in the right direction, and his commentary is priceless. And it's a bonus to have a visit with characters from Haines' Bones mystery series. I always enjoy the Trouble stories, and this one is even more fun. This review is based on an ARC from the publisher. Mar 04, Emilie Davis rated it it was amazing.

Trouble and his friends do it again!! Carolyn Haines paints a pretty picture of life in the Delta. Except there are quite a few villains lurking behind all of that gentility. Thank goodness for Trouble, Pluto and newby Miss Vesta. This was quite a journey and I loved ever word of it. Kudos to Ms. Haines for a particularly nasty plot that was neatly curtailed by the aforementioned trio and their human counterparts!

Keep up the good work!!! Apr 13, CarolKat rated it it was amazing. I love a mystery and I love cats, add in a touch of romance and it's book perfection.

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Trouble is a visiting cat with a knack for solving mysteries. Pluto is the cat of a local detective who is off with the Sheriff her significant other on vacation. When Trudy the receptionist at Long Agricultural Products disappears, her cat Vesta does also, only to show up at the Long residence.

Tabitha is Trudy's sister and when her calls are ignored she decides to find out what's going on. Pretending to be a me I love a mystery and I love cats, add in a touch of romance and it's book perfection. Pretending to be a medium she manages to infiltrate the Long home, Charline and Samuel aren't a problem but Roger is definitely skeptical and Tabitha needs to win him to her side.

Tabitha quickly learns that Trouble and Pluto would be a help in finding the clues needed to locate her sister. There are many twists and turns in this tale, as Roger aka Raj finally starts aiding in Tabitha's quest. A bit of romance to add to the intrigue and a surprise I truly didn't see coming!

bad loyalty the trudy wilson mysteries book 2 Manual

I am now going to the beginning of this multi-author series another book by Carolyn. I also must investigate to see if Pluto has a series. Apr 14, Laura Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: what-an-animal , cozy-mysteries-read , psychic-mysteries , what-an-animal Trouble comes to the Delta in response to a call out from his brother black cat to help find a missing person. What we get in this cross-over novel is the power of three, cats, that is, to help solve a mystery of murderous proportions. Told from alternating viewpoints, Tabitha Kingsley, sister of the missing Trudy Wells, must go deep undercover as a psychic to pick up Trudy's trail.

A good mystery is when the reader can not tell who is the bad guy until the end. A great mystery is when we are un Trouble comes to the Delta in response to a call out from his brother black cat to help find a missing person. A great mystery is when we are unsure of who is on either side, good or bad, before all is finally revealed. This book qualifies as a great mystery. Lots of great clues, a little a romance, and some finer feline points of view as they teach their human counterparts how to solve a mystery and survive dangerous encounters.

If you have not read the series these characters visit from, I know they will move higher up your "to read" list. Entertaining and intriguing, whether you believe in psychic communications or not, this is a book you will not want to leave until the final revelations. Apr 19, Donna Van Braswell rated it really liked it. Carolyn Haines writes a wonderful and sometimes lyrical murder mystery in her Bones series. She uses her talent for this fun cozy set in the sultry south, with interesting characters, struggling with the disappearance of family and friends, and possibly murder.

Misconceptions can tear a family apart or lead to financial ruin. They can also be the fodder for some really fun plot twists!!!!! I hope you enjoy the ending as much as I did. It was Apr 12, Gayle rated it it was amazing. As soon as I started reading, I was drawn into the story and did not want to put the book down.

Great characters in addition to it taking place in the hometown of Sarah Booth Delaney made it even more fun to read. The story will keep you in suspense and guessing until the end. Jun 24, Sandy Van domelen rated it it was amazing. A Fantastic Mystery For Trouble! I am totally wowed by this book. Every single book has been great. This was a step above which I have to admit I wasn't expecting.

I knew it would be good but it was great. Carolyn did a fantastic job with the storyline. From beginning to end there was one surprise after another. Look forward to reading more of her books. Jun 11, Rita rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Starts out with a call for help from a friend. Someone has gone missing.

A woman shows up claiming to be a medium and able to connect to a loved ones spirit. The woman is sister to the missing employee. A black cat is in the middle of things. Doubts arise. People set out to discover what is going on and where the missing person is. Apr 24, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Such a fun, witty cozy read that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I loved this book! I instantly fell for the characters and the cats of Bone-a-fied Trouble! This book is full of wit and personality. A marvelous mystery that keeps you turning pages as fast as you can!

I devoured this book. An absolute must read! Apr 27, Marissa Broadus rated it it was amazing. A fun read starring everyone's favorite cat sleuth Trouble. This book is a fun fast paced mystery featuring beloved characters from Haines popular Sarah Booth books. I loved visiting the delta once more and enjoyed the new characters we got to meet along the way. If you enjoy a good mystery this is a must read.

May 07, Kathy rated it really liked it. I liked this book! It was quite different, using the cats as detectives.

The Black Tower (1975) - P. D. James - Audio Book - Crime Fiction, Mystery

May 24, Pamela rated it really liked it. Trouble Cat Detective I had trouble getting into this book but once I did, the narrative flowed with many twists and turns. Enjoyable read. Trouble certainly lives up to his name. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Carolyn Haines. Carolyn Haines. Born and raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Alabama on a farm with more dogs, cats, and horses than she can possibly keep track of. Other books in the series. Familiar Legacy 10 books. S1, Ep5. Bray still hasn't returned, and Trudy continues to be ill, preventing her from feeding the newborn baby and prompting Dal to make the dangerous trek to his father's surgery at the abandoned hospital for antibiotics.

S1, Ep6. Trudy's illness has worsened, and Bray's persistent disappearances are increasingly aggravating the rest of the group. S1, Ep7. Salene is fed up with the lack of respect for the chore assignments around the mall. S1, Ep8. Upon learning that he's the father of Trudy's baby, Zoot is strongly encouraged by Bray to give up his leadership of the Locos. S1, Ep9. Unexpected "guests" have been found in the mall, prompting a new method for assigning chores -- now, if only the various tribe members can adhere to their assignments.

S1, Ep The tribe holds an election to determine their leader, choosing between Amber and Lex. It's up to Lex to get Jack off the hook for hiding food from the rest of the tribe -- otherwise, Lex's own secret supply of water may be revealed as well. Frightened by ghastly sounds coming from beneath the mall, the guys accompany Lex into the sewers to investigate -- that is, all but Bray, who seems to know what the others are after.

Despite having won the election, Lex appears to be losing his war against Amber as the boys begin to help the girls with their assignments, and he takes it out on Bluebell. With Cloe missing from the night before, Lex organizes a search party, but unfortunately they're headed in the wrong direction. While in danger of being caught by the Locos in the forest, Cloe is rescued by a mysterious girl named Tai-San.

Zandra is ready to take things to the next level with Lex, but when their date goes horribly awry, the other girls in the tribe feel Lex should be punished. Bray's been captured by the Locos, and their new leader, Ebony, wants to know everything he has to tell about Zoot's whereabouts. Much to Zandra's chagrin and Lex's relief, the wedding is interrupted when Ebony is discovered within the mall and imprisoned by the tribe members. Following her encounter with Lex, Ebony escapes the mall, leaving the Mallrats to wonder if they're safe in staying.

As the Mallrats prepare for the impending attack on the mall by the Locos, Bray sets Ebony straight with the truth about Zoot's mysterious disappearance and comes to an agreement with the Locos' new leader. Trudy decides to take her depression into her own hands by downing a bunch of sleeping pills and is discovered by Salene, who chooses to do nothing about it. Tensions are high within the Mallrats. Trudy has woken from her self-imposed slumber, becomes confrontational with Amber and gives Bray the silent treatment.

Fed up with the tribe, Trudy and Dal have left the mall, leaving only a note behind. Tai-San continues to elude Lex's affections the morning after their trysts, much to Lex's confusion and frustration. Meanwhile, Ryan has romantic -- though odd -- dreams about Zandra. Thinking it will land him more late-night encounters, Lex encourages Tai-San to teach him the ways of spiritual awakenings.

The Nomads have decided against Dal's leaving the tribe and have taken him prisoner. Sasha's attempt to release him lands him in custody as well -- but what do the Nomads have in store for their prisoners? Dal and Sasha work out a plan of escape from the Nomads. Back with the Mall Rats, Zandra's anger and distrust of Tai-San goes on, prompting her to assign Lex a true test of his loyalty.

Most of the tribe head to the gathering at the beach. Meanwhile, Salene, Patsy and Trudy remain at the Mall and encounter troubles of their own. The tribal gathering goes horribly awry, with Lex meeting an old foe and the gang getting on the wrong side of Ebony. Meanwhile, at the Mall, Salene confesses all to Trudy. Food continues to go missing from the supply, and though Trudy has forgiven Salene the wrongdoing, she encourages her to come clean to the rest of the group. A lot more food has gone missing, and people are starting to notice.

Sasha is becoming more and more a favorite among the Mall Rats, including Amber. Bray, however, isn't nearly as keen on Sasha's presence. Sasha leads a group to trade with another tribe living at a nearby farm. But despite Bray's warning to leave the mall after the wedding ceremony, Sasha finds himself getting even closer with Amber. The mall is hopping with everyone working on the upcoming wedding of Zandra and Lex. Lex and Zandra celebrate their honeymoon away from the others, while Amber and Sasha spend their own time away.

With the place in complete disarray, Trudy is becoming increasingly frustrated with being the only person who works around the mall. Jack wants to become more mobile and enlists Dal and KC to help make it happen.