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Forgotten your password? Weekly resources to enrich worship and learning all week every week. Preparing for 30 June — 6 July 1 Kings Moments of decision Paul boldly declares that Christ has set us free and urges us to use our freedom to serve one another. PostScript Linking this week's reading to the news headlines. PostScript for 30 June: The sooner the better! View PostScript. I want those who don't know Jesus to see His nature accurately represented through our lives, and this representation comes through demonstration.

We need to learn how to give away what we have received in the Holy Spirit, in both our Christ-like character and demonstrations of power. Cry Out for More. It is legal for you to want to experience more of the Holy Spirit.

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No, you are not asking for "another" Holy Spirit. Rather, you are desiring to encounter more of the One you have already received.

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Big difference, even in how we ask. If we feel like we need a new, more upgraded Holy Spirit, and God is holding out on us, we become inclined to beg like paupers, hoping that our begging will compel the Father to give us a "new measure" of anointing.


Sound Bytes: Full Music Edition

You are anointed. You have the anointing. God Himself lives inside of you. It goes without saying that you can't graduate from that! However, Paul writes in Ephesians for us to be filled with the Spirit. The Greek for "filled" suggests a continuous, on-going process of being filled. Note the word, though. Paul does not talk about receiving another outpouring from Heaven; he is discussing being filled with the One Who already lives within us.

I want the Holy Spirit to fill every area of my life, and I imagine you do too! Yes, I celebrate the power and gifts He has made available, but I also desire for the Holy Spirit to supernaturally fill my mind, my words, my relationships, my attitude and my character to where every area of my life is under His divine influence. When we cry out for more , we are basically asking the Spirit Who lives inside of us to start resting upon us.

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Video Ministries : Oakhill SDA Church Caseyville IL

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