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I'm very curious! Freakin' brilliant. Down the shore everything's alright. You and your baby on a Saturday night. And you know all my dreams come true BlueMind DaysofBlue. Quick stop at Goodwill to get some stylin' new pants. Grayce and Boo enjoying the waves! Watching this little guy swim in the morning is very relaxing. Me neither. RT abestreep: "This felt like creating a sculpture from water. With celinecousteau updating the wise, oft repeated words of her grandfather. And occasional visits to the coast! I know Celine sounds good, she always does!

StephenAtHome wins battle vs. Amazon on day of BlueMind book launch. Gracias, Esteban! Thought the best way to celebrate birthday of oceanshaman and share gratitude would be to launch BlueMind.

Surrender, Pedagogy Ambiguity, Research and Impossibility

What's your favorite water? Understanding and education is best! I was fascinated by these water massage tables Thanks everyone who helped make BlueMind happen. Now get in the water then please share! RT Ecotrust: Drawn to water? RT santamonicacity: Come splash around in the wonder of water with Dr.

See you in the morning! Hanging with Chuy and the girls in Clayton's man cave! Pop is on the road to recovery and in good hands at Duke. Ready for a swim soon! Just as I did on the day I was born. Water time, teaching the girls how to relax to extend breath hold and distance underwater. Love my blue pine "beetle" bowl by Sue Bowers, thank you Sheila. A new breakfast companion! Own it. Drove over the mountain to the ocean with the Camaro top down and The Boss on the radio.

Feels like summer of , after senior year in HS. Propose dates. SHEDtalk , well, some1 call the ball. That easy. Summer BlueMind reading stack. Now we add BlueMind to the list. And espresso. By the water. I feel free. Burned left hand badly blisters, peeling skin. Just have 2 wear blue sequined glove on the BlueMind book tour! Mug of note made by Lance Henriksen holds my daily am coffee.

RT kentjkraemer: Amazing unexpected gift showed up in the mail today. Still use it. Using it now, in fact. We live in Davenport. SFriedScientist NerdyChristie Lance stayed with us for 3 days and read all my old field journals to prepare. SFriedScientist NerdyChristie learning abt contracts. Now Dana steps in b4 I can make lame agreements. Keep quiet. All aboard: good days out on the water. Reminds me of our beloved dog a black lab Blue.

When did u 1st see the ocean?

The ozriginal creative native

Turtle geeks unite! RT bravotvobsessed: nataliedeedah seaturtle SEEturtles ramonasinger good connecting! TV show to TV show! We are human. SharkWeek over-hyped, misleading, fear-based fare has nothing on NudibranchWeek. Check out this beauty, mate! And a glass of red ;. TrancewithMe Yes, hyping facts and science and perhaps some real solutions would be nice for a change.

But not at the expense of the ice cream. Turning old infrastructure into underground swimming pools in Paris! Some nice 2 look at tho not wake to. NicoMarieXo keep us posted. Do it, but choose carefully. Finding good ocean art that will hold your attention takes time. HachetteUS v amazon battle continues. Is being near, in, on, or under water really any different than a forest, the sky, a cornfield, this oatmeal? BlueMind book tour takes to the east coast this fall. RenaissanceGent humanecologist kimswan collegeatlantic Gladwell well done.

Seems a skill that might be an advantage. RenaissanceGent kimswan humanecologist collegeatlantic several Maine references in BlueMind book, my sister lives in Stonington. Does being near, in, on or under water change your brain? Short answer: yes. Slightly longer answer: so does everything around us. Conservation profs: want to help design a BlueMind seminar? I just become a porpoise. DeanaGendron agreed. DeanaGendron the dots were few and far between, but are getting closer and more numerous!

Craigory22 He had some very useful critiques and insights. My goal is to inspire the first generation of neuroconservation researchers! BlueMind NPR scifri. RT littlebrown: What's the value of being near, in, and around water? Put Apple on task of making lightweight unbreakable nontoxic returnusable bottles? Link to pre-order BlueMind audiobook. I READ. Sleeping outside on the trampoline with G, the bats, the mtn lions and our dogs tonight!

FCousteau any neuropsychological thoughts on living underwater 4 a month Mission31? BlueMind RT idolbeat Ended my run here! Pen shopping for the DaysofBlue BlueMind book tour because as oceanshaman reminded me, the right pen matters! Do you want to be a sponsor of the DaysofBlue BlueMind booktour? Seriously, is there a slaughter rule that kicks in when this happens to the host team? Watch for it soon kiwi friends. Just a little water on the cover.

Whale Enemy 1? Whale Watchers. Tourist boats cause most collisions. Want a better travel experience? OutsideMagazine gets it's BlueMind on! San Francisco Magazine gets it's BlueMind on! RyanBingham outsidemagazine Merci beaucoup, un esprit bleu profond. Je vous souhaite eau. All the Nichols girls out on a Saturday night in Paris. Focused reading during dinner. A book by Christian Dior, after all. Fun daysofblue. GREAT people In Paris! Notre Dame on the Seine. Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke.

Alas, no BlueMind in the City of Love tonight. My girl places heart lock on Paris bridge, drops key into River Seine. Hope so! Hot day in Paris moving between sun and epic shade. The girls loved meeting up with their friend Sahil Patel and his mom and dad in Paris! A bar near the apartment? Paris family tradition: Boo poses for her portrait at Montmarte as Grayce watches. Paris family tradition: Grayce poses for her portrait at Montmarte as Boo waits her turn. Maggie White explains the BluePassport project, what is your watershed nation?

Many interesting conversations learned much DaysofBlue. Can you pass along a pdf? Heat Index is degrees Fahrenheit in Hong Kong at 7 am in the morning. RT christinelu: Ok, I can watch this. Our boys came out on OT2 with some fire. One of the best Round of 16 matches so far. Join us for daysofblue the bluemind book tour and show us your water! You can't be a good CEO unless you understand the water cycle.

EstuariesForum bluemind daysofblue. Now 4 some WorldCup action, France v Nigeria! Far before money motivated us, neurochemicals drove our behavior. Still do. RT EstuariesForum: Mayor ephilippe says explorers set sail to reach the seven seas from Le Havre once upon a time. Good morning English. Costa Rica! Not a lot of fans on this ship from England to France, but I'm celebrating for my Tico friends! Pura Vida! It's Day 9 of DaysofBlue join us for the next 91! Next ferry from Portsmouth to La Havre.

Good fun with the Norman girls, thanks Olivia and Jonathan! Summer now has my attention. RT littlebrown: "Hark, now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea, and feel the sky. Camille, who loves the ocean, and her BlueMind in London. Have water, will travel. One for your list? First stop, Natural History Museum!

My girl finally fell asleep. Ours is the next stop. Will wake her up in a moment, but too sweet. Until now. G on the Underground, like a boss. Best way to get your BlueMjnd on? See turtles! Inasmuch as it greatly reduces stress! KellyGrrrl73 any instances where water helps decrease symptoms of pms or cramps? Grayce is looking forward to seeing our friend Ilaria Bulgari when we get to London tomorrow! Coming soon to an independent bookseller near you!

A couple of new ocean books for your shelf coming out in July and August. Kind of wish I'd chosen the upright bass instead of marine biology, sea turtles and neuroconservation. UK is already on it! We call it BlueMind and Fabien has it! Perfect timing : LittleBrownUK. Wave of BlueMind support building for DaysofBlue. I have a signed copy of BlueMind for you. Ever wonder why being near, in, on or under water makes us feel so good?

I did too, so wrote this book for us. It was overrated, anyway. A reminder, your brain the center of your universe is underwater in the dark. Always has been. Sign up for DaysofBlue and show us your water this summer! Strongest memories of films frm childhood are of people I was with, old theater balconies, or at home the color of blanket covering my eyes!

Up to nearly 2, recipients on DaysofBlue list. Show us your water! Rachel with a special copy of bluemind for Laura and her dad. The amazon FirePhone is worthless in, on, under water. London calling. Beach girls. Thanks to everyone who has been subscribing today! Sometimes a blue marble is the absolute best tool for the job. Get it? Are your best summer memories of being near, in, on, or under water? Me too! Thx 4 shout out from weatherchannel Jencarfagno Days of Blue begins tomorrow! EDT are you in? Pleased 2 announce that thru BillionBabyTurtles.

I asked Ray Kurzweil: Why do you love the ocean?

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Thx 2 everyone who worked 2 make OurOcean our1planet a success! But we already knew that. BlueMind oceanrevolution. Oh, well. Ocean conservationists this is our decade to seriously kick it! Can we get the same people who invented these new high powered hand dryers to work on solving plasticpollution in the ocean?

BarackObama announces new protections for oceans, calls for seafood traceability, some GOP call it overreach OurOcean Without a doubt, far and away, head and shoulders above Tesla and Testarossa my favorite vehicle is the Bookmobile. RT our1planet: Individuals have the power to change their behavior, and the behavior of their governments. RT ayanaeliza:. We must have the audacity to act. OurOcean EarthEcho. Join Days of Blue, beginning June 21st!

This video makes MUCH more sense to me now than in did in Incredible job by both. Look who I ran into in London's Heathrow Airport! Turtle Powers Unite! Torrugueros Unidos! MayaPlass let me know your thoughts and thank you for all your help and ideas BlueMindMe. This is where we did the international BlueMind book launch. Appropriate, no? Next time you go to the ocean, to that special place, take somebody with you.

Share your love for the sea BlueMind. Professor M. The conversation doesn't end here. Huge thank you to everyone who made BlueMind possible. Incredible people in an incredible location. Amazing energy here. Exploring the scientific, social, and ethical implications of what people are doing here at BlueMind. RT vccleland: It is so refreshing to hear from a combination of artists and scientists in one place BlueMind. SensoryTrust makes places accessible and sensory rich so everyone can enjoy them. Seaweed has more minerals and vitamins than any other food group. Amazing products come from our ocean BlueMind CornishSeaweed.

Now the CornishSeaweed is sharing how they are bringing local seafood to plates in England. Yum BlueMind. Great to hear from so many local business and organizations dedicated to various aspects of our oceans. Think global, act local BlueMind. CornwallNature "AND we need need to be clear about the serious threats to our seas. CornwallNature is working on sustainableseafood as well as monitoring marine wildlife BlueMind.

Brilliant ideas, we need more creativity! Inspiring people of all ages to go outside and be on the water, great work Lizard Adventure BlueMind. Immerse yourself in nature with Lizard Adventure and take the plunge into Cornwall from a different perspective BlueMind Coasteering. GB Boardriders helps children help themselves by using the natural environment. Getting outside helps all of us really BlueMind.

Could BlueMind be applied to late night weekend hospital ER waiting rooms? People who live on the coast exercise more. The closer you live to the coast, the better your health. Eliot BlueMind. The video of Paul Piff will be up soon! Water and awe go hand in hand. Google awe and you'll find photos of water. BlueMind OpentheBlueDoor.

Awe connects us to that larger than ourselves. Awe can alter our perception of time. That is powerful BlueMind. Awe is one of the most transformative experiences we have. We are in awe of the ocean BlueMind. RT vccleland: People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Educators: keep your passion alive! Question 1 to consider during our break: what do educators need to know from the bluemind conversation?

More to come after break. Getting people into nature as children is essential in building relationships with the environment. Bring kids outside! Matilda van den Bosch explores the sound of water in making the virtual come true bluemind. We can use virtual world- be it photos, movies, or aquariums -to connect people with the ocean.

Yet reality still holds more power bluemind. Aquariums have a role in conservation. Each creature in an aquarium acts as an ambassador for the oceans bluemind. And we're back with afternoon at bluemind here in beautiful Cornwall! Follow the livestream at bluemind. On schedule to come back with the livestream in a few minutes! Getting into the ocean can change you for the better: the ocean has incredible healing qualities bluemind. Martin Pollock shares his story of transformation, a veteran who found new meaning through surfing OperationSurf bluemind.

Urban blue places, such as rivers, have the power to enhance our health if we keep them clean. Water is powerful bluemind. Sebastian Voelker is opening the urban blue door and bringing the conversation into urban blue spaces bluemind. No coincidence that blue is the most popular color and water is the favorite landscape of people from all around the world bluemind. Life only appeared on earth after oceans were created. We truly live on a blue planet bluemind 1bluemarble.

Children should go to the beach and fall in love. A first experience should not be collecting other people's trash bluemind. Memory and creativity are intimately connected, especially as we look towards conservation bluemind. Artist andyhughesphoto shares how his memories and experience inform his creative side bluemind. Starting off with memory and creativity: our memories are the building blocks of our creativity bluemind.

Blue Mind 4 is Coming Soon! Working out the logistics details in preparation for the summit. Oop, there it is! Need some Father's Day ideas? Happy WorldOceansDay! Great to see Jonesy jonathancoffin alumni weekend. RT SEEturtles: Our co-founder wallacejnichols had a seaturtle named after him, and after a lot of rehab, the turtle is back home!

Good to be back, on a beautiful late spring Indiana night. Vintage Selfies had 15min of fame then marketers made them uncool as Uncle Bob's ponytail. Having basic needs covered is critical to a healthy mind. I count occasional access to clean, wild water as a basic need BlueMind. Non-booksellers can reach Special Markets Dept at Often asked why BlueMind? Your fav lake, river, ocean or waterway is medicine. Really, truly. Reggie and Brandon, working hard for Greenpeace, and their well earned blue marbles! I practice that myself ;. TV occupies half of leisure time of people in the US but is not considered satisfying or creating happiness BlueMind.

What do you think? Thanks Karen! Do your weekend plans include water? Picked up the used trampoline. Getting a smoothie then we'll dive into reassembly fun! Picking up one slightly used springless trampoline for the kids today maybe for dad too ;. Creating BlueMind audiobook taught me if I need 2 filibuster on behalf of r planet Wendy Davis style I have a perfect text. Just now getting around to putting warnings on tanning beds? BlueMind audiobook's going swimmingly though due to my stuttering rather how I manage it by pausing recording takes longer than usual ;. A lesson from book publishing: learning 2 let go of tiny little typos that slipped thru.

Apple buys cruddy headphone maker--ranked 17 of to upgrade their cruddy headphones? Makes sense 2 me! Apologies in advance, there are a couple spots on BlueMind audiobook where I got a bit emotional. You'll see or hear. More tomorrow. Cory says Disney is still the domain of "art" expenditures on wonder that don't make rational sense. New respect 4 those who do voice over 4 a living BlueMind. Big alder and bay laurel down x the road. Hiking it to home Words fail us, do go to the ocean. Was the person who decided it would be a good idea to put micro-plastic beads in toothpaste asked to leave?

End of the day, girls went for massages I went for the red black and orange. Go Giants! One more, in flight Beaches 2 ourselves today :. In every boat too. Wanna help? You'll find Boo in the tide pools every time. Because they can. You make science way coolisher. For 4 yrs DePauw Rev. Hear Baths if u can. TBT throwbackthursday teaching guitar lessons DePauw in ' Not another book abt everything broken on r planet. BlueMind: Days of Blue begins on June 21st. Sign up to join us this summer. BlueMind: Think u could get stoked watching little plastic people surfing a paper wave?

RT Bcbobcat82Wolfe: wallacejnichols Teachers can have fun! Thank you! Chats with aleximurdoch about BlueMind always go for hours Then a moment later he called to talk about BlueMind … in the flow. Ultimate BlueMind Wedding!

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DawnFlare The name suits. Nice Blue Mind book review in Elle Magazine. BlueMind is all around us…open your eyes and brain and jump in! Taking Chef Erik on a birthday hike up the ridge then dinner with the family at our place We joke she never lets her girl even SEE the ball. It's easy to like someone if you don't know what they are talking about. Beachiegirl13 I think you need to unfollow on your end!

Social media team is ramping up for DaysofBlue this summer! Microplastics polluting Oregon shores, killing wildlife, biggest environmental crisis most people haven't heard of? Tough game for the Giants, but the girls were glad Buster Posey got in! Thank you to nautica for sponsoring BlueMind 1, can you believe 4 is coming up? At least one geeky marine biologist things so. Hit that mystical magical 12k twitter followers mark today. Looking for a ride from Newquay to Monterey on June 13th if anyone has an extra seat. Other ideas? Maybe jetBlue would like to sponsor the BlueMind book tour this summer?

Even eminent climate scientists being interviewed NPR scifri begin their answers with "Yeah UAAA uasaem http…. Can we be both concerned about humans AND oceans at same time? Why ask which is more of a concern? RT 1bluemarble: How about sharing 1bluemarble with everyone attending SB14sd pass it on. The BlueMind 4 agenda rocks! Remember when you were only a child. Start to see with your BlueMind. Dont be afraid of what you find. Art before bed, after Spanish homework and fish tank cleaning. They are but parts, any thing is but a part.

See ever so far, there is limitless space outside of that. Loved watching the kids dance in class tonight A new batch of CauseBars hatched! Impressed me until I realized it was an elaborate ploy to not share cake. Care to join us? It works. BlueMind tour begins in UK?

Almost to 12k twitter followers. Not too bad for an ocean-loving Turtle Geek. Boo 77 has her final lacrosse games today in Mountain View, it's been a fun season and the sport suits her nicely. Crying really, really hard doesn't fix anything but is sometimes necessary. Best done while not driving, though. It'll be epic! The 1st foreign translation of BlueMind will be to Russian. Will US embargo on Mexican seafood be the unfortunate result of ignoring 2 decades of research?

LBEditors page88 BlueMind contains plenty of whitespace. And is meant to be read slowly. Possibly in a bath tub. I'd like to learn to speak an extinct language. But'd need to find a partner. So there'd be someone to chat with. You know? Turned back at security for trying to carry on Dad's lacrosse stick from Tufts days Safely checked. Mom is rocking her wildcoast tahirt on moving day. Turtle sculpture goes first! Mesmerized by the beauty of a quail family I've been following at a distance all morning. My mom commented on how nice all my friends and colleagues UofA are and how she felt so welcomed this weekend.

So true! Dad 'a badge. Kinda handy with all these speed traps! Love my hat from Shaun Pipes of the Fin Foundation. He got me excited abt sharks 20 yrs ago! Picacho Peak, site of second westernmost battle of the American Civil War. So good to see the amazing Shaun Pipes today and hand him an overdue blue marble!

The ozriginal creative native

Getting your BlueMind on in one of the many public ocean or waterway locations is the ultimate collaborative consumption. If there is such a thing I'm pretty sure that I'll be reincarnated as a wonton, gnocchi or tortellini. I can feel it in my gut. RT johnlegend: Yep, these charity awards are most often driven by fundraising strategy.

My BlueMind elevator pitch has never worked. Just got news from littlebrown that BlueMind will be translated to Russian! Keep ideas flowing! Select sustainable seafood with these environmental pointers for protecting fish stocks! Our goal is 4 everyone on the planet to understand their own BlueMind. Want to help? Here's a cool global project that needs you! Went through a period of serious Farkle-mania the dice game in our house.

Just calling to tell you to…". Parents and alumni gathered at Pacific School to celebrate 30 years of Food Lab today! None of the cool kids I know are enamored of Bluetooth headsets or Google Glass. BlueMind RT healthylakes: Nice! Just in case you missed this earlier today. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

More water time! Ocean 3. Why or why not? Gross or the wave of the future? BlueMind home stretch. Stoked to host PeakTeams crew 4 dinner tomorrow night theSlowCoast celebrating a year of leading positive change! O truth of the earth! I scale mountains, or dive in the sea after you. The science of carbon emissions is there. The politics is not. Wow, 27y ago! Show us YOUR blue marble!

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  • Where to Submit: December, January, and February – ENTROPY!
  • Hydrogène : lavenir de la voiture (ARCHIPEL.ARCHIP) (French Edition)?

RT GlassIsLife: wallacejnichols happy earthday! From our ocean-loving family to yours. Is DisneyNature more disruptive? DSN did a good summary. Sounds cheesy but I had the best wild dolphin dream last night. Home stretch, baby! RT carlsafina: Four years ago on April 20, , BP's leased drill rig Deepwater Horizon blew out, killing more than just the 11 men who d….

I don't think the hens will recognize their eggs today! First full day back on the tractor since the accident Upgrade to 1st class on United because I brought my reusable coffee mug. RT MelissaGaskill: Harvesting seaturtles is not sustainable. Five days left to reach our goal getting close! SeaTurtleBrie Very well done Brie! Many people want to buy "turtle men hug" shirts from you! Thank you. Dave O shares a great story in our Deep Wisdom session. Compounded problems exist now. Kicking off the sea turtle conference in style!

Prototypically correct way to read such a book. Either the most or least appropriate welcome to New Orleans one could dream up. Last night BlueMind was described to me as the science of anticyncism. That works. Worst 2 weeks of my life. This week'll be better ists CaptDavidRyan the dream was vivid, like a movie. Imagine flying in an A cross country under power lines, touch-and-goes on interstates. Though I'm sure he found my?

Great things about going 2 airport at 4am on a Sunday: no traffic, no lines, no one in my fav massage chair at the gate. Dreamed that my pilot on the flight to NOLA was a big purple guy who decided to fly the whole way very close to the ground. Completely tweaked my gluteus medius. Re-injury from tractor accident. Serious pain. No dancing tonight. Anyone else seen an uptick in funny business? Come by the Airstream and get one.

Back at the front of the room inspiring leaders.

So proud of our friend Shane. Even on "Shark Tank" a wide range of emotions other than greed drive decision process. Boring era of pretending we are rational is ending. Any questions? One of the very few naps Grayce has taken in her twelve active years on Earth. You can still sponsor BlueMind meal, speaker or student scholarship. RT NeilShubin: Sea turtle, human, crocodile. Can you guess which is which?

In Defense of the Electric Car – Part 1 | Watts Up With That?

The very best brain training app I know of is called OFF. Followed by BLUE. Small of BlueMind 4 spots remaining. If you have interest in joining us in June in Cornwall, UK get in touch fast! Annual exam at doc this am. Nearly full recovery from that tractor accident intermittent vertigo on stairs, escalators, surfboards. OCEAN 3. How we think about how we think about water has begun to evolve, BlueMind style. Grayce's fav sleep sound app is mostly comprised of water sounds: surf, rain, creek, whales…and works great BlueMind.

Not everyone. Chose the huggee carefully! If you have important questions to ask deep thinkers and wise elders, do not wait. Do not wait. His voice will be deeply missed. Boo: Sure. My copilot is napping. Letise and her blue marbles! Happy to see her on the west coast again. Our thoughts are with the men, women and families dealing with fear and loss in Fort Hood, Texas today. Me: NYC makes u tired. G: yes. G: how about in 2 weeks? The good news is that NYC drinking water is clean enough to support a healthy population of copepods. The bad news Katsuyama vs. O'Brien - who won the fight?

Do your kids spend less time playing in water than you did as a kid? A couple of ocean guys with blue marbles on top of the world. He feels comfortable in the inner city and fits in with his colourful eccentricities. I first remember meeting Falemaka back in the s at the opening of an exhibition at djamu Gallery in the old Customs House building near Circular Quay. The opening was for blak beauty , an exhibition curated by Wiradjuri artist Brook Andrew and held in conjunction with Sydney Mardi Gras.

Falemaka never featured in a djamu exhibition but sold his work through boutique stores and worked at Cooee Gallery for fifteen years. Falemaka exhibited in a host of group shows, most notably Body Pacifica at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in , an exhibition produced by Leo Tanoi and run in partnership with the Australian Museum.

I initially got to know Falemaka while working as a Technical Officer with the Pacific collection at the Australian Museum — The museum was after objects that spoke to its historically significant Pacific collections: new pieces that showed a connection to the past but acknowledged the large community of Pacific people who now called Australia home. His walls were lined with an amazing array of lei floral neck garlands and woven panels of natural and man-made materials.

Jurassic Park Michael Crichton Audiobook

A huge loom took up a quarter of his lounge room and artworks and objects filled every nook and cranny. It was a sight to behold — a visual feast. I acquired five pieces for the collection that day — three kahoa feke Pacific style neck garlands made from recycled buttons and semi precious beads, and two woven kete baskets — one hand woven from recycled 16mm film and the other similar to a Maori muka flax fibre kete, but this one was loom woven and incorporated emu instead of the expected kiwi feathers.

That acquisition was the start of a friendship that continues to this day. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and an understanding of what it means to be a Pacific artist living in a non-Pacific society, with all of its trials and tribulations. We work within a Pacific framework and support each other through the sharing of workshop opportunities, materials, friendship and food. The exhibition focused on the storytelling traditions and narratives contained within the cultural practices and ancestral objects of the people of the Pacific.

Blacktown actually has the highest population of Pacific people in NSW. The exhibition was part of a three-year Pacific strategy driven by the art centre and supported through Blacktown City Council. The exhibition went on to be used by the State government in their Cultural Policy document as an example of best practice, to demonstrate how state and local organisations can work together to share resources for positive outcomes.

The suspended panels made up an ethereally suggestive ancestral spirit house.