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One must go about it with great care. The particular gods one needs to call up, once the object of choice has been spotted at the dump, are probably in the category of hungry-ghost gods. One must be indifferent to the outcome of any attempted purchase when calling on their help. Too strong a desire renders these gods insatiable; they can easily sabotage the haggling process.

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Excessive desire creates a reverse alchemy that can work against you. In the flash of a lightning bolt, desire can turn your particular piece of junk into solid gold, which will then be priced as such! Bored indifference and a reverent appreciation of the dump gods are helpful in securing interesting objects. My dump-wise finesse informed me that I would need to seriously consider my level of desire for the lightening bolt before attempting a purchase.

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Generally speaking, the women who work at the dump are far more sympathetic to the plight of the starving artist than are the men. You would never ask the owner and spiritual leader of this dump to price a thing. A simple smile of acknowledgement when he cruises by in his noisy, fenderless, old truck is enough. Your smile is a bow to his disheveled eminence.

He is omniscient; he knows everything there is to know about junk. He is personally attached to all of his junk, so he sees value in everything. Indeed, a man after my own heart, but not one, I learned early on, to ask to price anything. To prevent this from occurring in my own yard, I try to take only what shimmers and what I would use for a particular art piece.

This is a spiritual discipline and a basic rule for me. One of the other divine laws of dump spirituality is to spend only the money I have in my pocket when I arrive. I like the people at the dump and I think they like me. I fulfilled a long apprenticeship to learn the subtleties of dump etiquette. Often, when I was negotiating a purchase, both the dumpworker and I knew that I was being overcharged, yet I would quietly pay and thank them.

Somehow this helped to develop a relationship of trust and generosity. An event that helped the process and became my claim to fame in the eyes of the crew was the discovery of a large old painting of mine that had been thrown into one of their dumpsters. The attendant who found the painting pulled it out of the trash and nailed it, Christ-like, to a wall.

Loosely inspired by the theme of The Last Supper, the painting did have Christ as the central figure, so this crucifixion seemed appropriate. I had made the painting years earlier. I was working with a group of bright, creative teenagers at a liberal religious camp in Massachusetts. Having absorbed some of their youthful energy, I produced this painting in two days.


Lightning holds no fears for Fever in GF

Many of the personalities reflected in the painting belonged to the teenagers. The painting had a history of being crucified. The day I was to complete my short residency at the camp, the teenagers hung the painting in the large meeting hall. Apparently after I left, the painting caused quite an organizational dilemma. The imagery of the painting was upsetting or frightening to some of the camp administrators, while others liked it. Some wanted it to stay where it hung and others wanted it out immediately.

Lightning holds no fears for Fever in GF | The Courier

Shortly after I left, the administration informed me with profuse apologies that they were returning the painting to me. I had few possessions in my life at that time so I gave the painting to a friend in New York. Years later, this same friend moved to Whidbey Island. He became unhappy with his move here, decided to go back to New York, and in the process, delivered the painting to its final, unrestful place at the dump.

The painting now resides and has for years as an installed icon at the dump. People have told me, over the years, that when they approached the owner of the dump and offered to buy the painting from him, he would not sell it. The painting does officially belong to him. When he discovered that I had painted it, he gave me a fifty-gallon metal drum for free that would otherwise have cost me three dollars. He deserved the painting; he did resurrect it from the dead.

Lighting My Hand On Fire With Hand Sanitizer

The alchemy required of this entity is the transformation of thousands of tin cans into green-gold, compressed bundles of metal cans, which are sold for cash to the larger recycling centers in the city. The people who were making a documentary film about my art and life In the Hands of Alchemy decided to film the painting at this unusual location.

Our director, Phil Lucas, impressed the staff with cameras, lights, and the squawky walky-talkies he used to stage my drive into the dump. After that, I was fully accepted as an honorary friend of the dump by those who worked there. They came to know the particular kinds of things I looked for and would often set them aside for me.

I was happy to be considered a friend. You could easily end up on their wrong side if you were not considerate of their working environment. The hard-working staff at the dump had to deal with an enormous amount of junk on a daily basis. They could sell only a small percentage of what arrived there so they needed to be paid fairly for these items to keep the place running.

I once witnessed a heated transaction when a rather brash young man attempted to override dump protocol and con one of the wise women on staff. Junkyard dogs are notorious for their ability to pounce ferociously on those who threaten their territory. Their ferocity, however, pales in comparison to the warrior spirit of an irate junkyard woman whose economic sense of fair play has just been violated.

Lightning Holds My Hand

Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction, is alive and well in the hearts of these powerful women. This makes it more difficult for unsuspecting petty wanderers, seeking to take advantage, to identify them as dangerous. When I saw the shimmering lightning-bolt-to-be, I was sure they would want more than the seven dollars I had in my pocket. This belief proved to work to my advantage.

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  5. It created the proper demeanor of indifference as I entered the final stage of price negotiations. I was resigned to not getting the piece as I went to find Jo Ann, who was indisputably the most fair of the dump divas. Calling it a lightning bolt may have rendered it more valuable than just so many pounds of deadweight brass. The pair trained against each other for years before Bassett walked out on the Fever at the end of Bassett led Sunshine Coast to the title last season, and Bruce has resisted the urge to text her former teammate in the lead-up to Sunday's grand final.

    Fowler scored a league high goals during the regular season - a whopping goals ahead of her nearest rival Romelda Aiken, goals. Lightning will be eager to limit the supply to Fowler, with goal defence Karla Pretorius holding the key in that aspect in her match-up against veteran Nat Medhurst. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Bruce says her team have nothing to fear. The big thing is the home court advantage.