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Depending upon the organization type we will be covering organization types later in the course the project staff will be assigned to another project, or they will return to their usual jobs, or their contracts will be finalized and they will leave the organization to take up the next contract.

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Dealing with excess project material. This can mean dealing with the materials and equipment that is lying around after the project has finished. For example, after completing a building there will be piles of bricks, sands, roof tiles, offcuts of wood, bags of cement, and so on. All this needs to be dealt with. Activities related to the completion of the contractual agreements applicable to the project or project phase such as:.

It the work is not up to the agreed standard, the seller should bring it up to standard. This is where you need to be as clear as possible on the scope and quality requirements. For example, on a project I was managing, to produce a new financial system, one of the required functions of the system was to pay contractors at the end of each month, for the work they had done during the month.

We tested the module a number of times. There were a few bugs discovered, but the developer fixed them. But on a full-scale test of the whole system I discovered that if a contractor had no billable hours during the month, the system would process a payment for zero dollars and attempt to make a zero dollar payment to them. Finalizing open claims. This is where you have made claims against a provider for work that you believe is substandard, but the provider is arguing the case. Or it could be penalties built into the contract have been triggered. For example, there may be a penalty in the contract if the provider fails to meet certain milestones.

But I have found in practice, that penalty clauses seldom work, and trying to argue them can cause the provider to stop work. And if it goes to Court, you will pay the lawyer more than the provider owns you. Archiving such information for future use. As well as being a sensible thing to do, most countries have laws to ensure that business records are retained and securely stored. We are examining the activities necessary for administrative closure of a project phase.

These would also include:. Identify lessons learned. Please note that you should be recording lessons learned as they are learned, rather than waiting until the end, because you will have forgotten them. The whole point of the project is to create a unique product, service, or result. But that means you have to hand them over. In most projects, deliverable will be completed and handed over throughout the project, rather than doing it all in one hit.

The one hit problem is you may discover a serious, previously undetected fault in the dying stages of the project. This is a very bad time to discover a serious fault.

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Collecting any suggestions for improving or updating the policies and procedures of the organization, and sending them to the appropriate organizational unit. This will probably overlap with recording lessons learned. Remember to be as specific and focused as possible. The Close Project or Phase process also establishes the procedures to investigate and document the reasons for actions taken if a project is terminated before completion.

In order to successfully achieve this, the project manager needs to engage all the proper stakeholders in the process. My preferred way to do this is by questionnaire and survey. The questionnaire is the question and answer sheet, and a survey is a tool for analyzing the results.

ISBN 13: 9781567263640

The project charter documents the project success criteria, the approval requirements, and who will sign off on the project. People are worried that they may be replaced one day by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning when the truth of the matter is that a few of them could be replaced by a few lines of code. All components of the project management plan are an input to this process. Project documents are used on the project but are not considered part of the Project management plan.

They could include:. Assumption log. This records all the assumptions and constraints that guided the technical specifications, estimates, schedule, risks, etc. Assumptions are what you believe to be true for the duration of the project, and constraints are what you believed to be limiting your ability to manage the project.

I guess now is the times to find out if you were right. My advice is to maintain a record of the source for you believe in these assumptions and constraints because it the project has gone badly, and the blame-game starts, the blame-game will start with the assumptions and constraints — then the risk register, and move on to the Basis of estimates. These documents will be your first line of defense. But… of the records indicate you are to blame for the failure — shredding the records is not an option :D.

The basis of estimates. The basis of estimates is used to evaluate how the estimation of duration, cost, resources, and cost control compared to the actual results. The same note as for assumptions and constraints. Keep a careful record of where these came from. This records the status of all change requests throughout the project or phase.

100 Free PMP Exam Sample Questions

You should have been doing a regular audit of this. But this is your last chance to check that nothing has slipped through the cracks. Lessons learned register. Milestone list. The milestone list shows the final dates on which the project milestones have been accomplished.

Project communications. Project communications include any and all communications that have been created throughout the project. Quality control measurements. The quality control measurements document the results of Control Quality activities and demonstrate compliance with the quality requirements.

Quality reports. The information presented in the quality report may include all quality assurance issues managed or escalated by the team, recommendations for improvement, and the summary of findings from the Control Quality process. Requirements documentation. Requirements documentation is used to demonstrate compliance with the project scope. Risk register. The risk register provides information on risks that have occurred throughout the project. Risk report. The risk report provides information on the risk status and is used to check that there are no open risks at the end of the project.

Accepted deliverables may include approved product specifications, delivery receipts, and work performance documents. Partial or interim deliverables may also be included for phased or canceled projects. What are business documents? They are documents created outside the project, which result in a project being initiated.

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The Project Manager uses them but does not update them. Business case. The business case documents the business need and the cost-benefit analysis that justify the project. And now is the stage to check if the justification was valid. Benefits management plan. The benefits management plan outlines the target benefits of the project. This will also be used to determine when to confirm when the benefits are to be verified as achieved, who will check them and the criteria to be used.

The actual requirements for formal procurement closure are included in the Procurement Management Plan and can be checked against the terms and conditions of the contracts.

6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process Develop Project Charter Inputs (1) | 4squareviews

Project or phase closure guidelines or requirements e. The configuration management knowledge base containing the versions and baselines of all official organizational standards, policies, procedures, and any project documents. Expertise should be considered from individuals or groups with specialized knowledge or training in the following topics:.

Trend analysis can be used to validate the models used in the organization and to implement adjustments for future projects. This is important because there is a tendency to blindly trust business models, even if some weaknesses are beginning to show. The models need to be checked against reality, and then be adjusted or replaced. Variance analysis can be used to improve the metrics of the organization by comparing what was initially planned against the end result.

Meetings, such as close-out reporting meetings, customer wrap-up meetings, lessons learned meetings, and celebration meetings, may be used to confirm that the deliverables have been accepted, to validate that the exit criteria have been met, to formalize the completion of the contracts, to evaluate the satisfaction of the stakeholders, to gather lessons learned, to transfer knowledge and information from the project, and to celebrate success.

However, it has been my experience that a celebration meeting works best if held in a restaurant. All project documents may be updated and marked as final versions as a result of project closure and archived in the organizations records management system. A product, service, or result, once delivered by the project, may be handed over to a different group or organization that will operate, maintain, and support it throughout its life cycle.

This output refers to this transition of the final product, service, or result that the project was authorized to produce or in the case of phase closure, the intermediate product, service, or result of that phase from one team to another. It can include information such as:. Return to Book Page. Step-by-step, this popular guidebook walks you through the writing of a well-prepared and thorough Statement of Work. The SOW is the most important document produced during the procurement process -- yet most procurement professionals have received little practical guidance on how to write an effective SOW.

How to Write a Statement of Work dispels the confusion of the statem Step-by-step, this popular guidebook walks you through the writing of a well-prepared and thorough Statement of Work. How to Write a Statement of Work dispels the confusion of the statement-writing process by offering a logical framework for planning, organizing, and writing the SOW.

This guide is must reading for any contracting professional responsible for SOW preparation. In six concise chapters, How to Write a Statement of Work offers plain-English advice and strategies on writing solid SOWs that prevent confusion, claims, disputes, or other potential problems during the course of the contract. Whether you're solely responsible for writing a SOW or part of a procurement team, you'll find that the "from the trenches" advice in this guidebook will add tremendous value to your next contract.

Rely on How to Write a Statement of Work to find proven ways to: -- Choose the appropriate type of SOW for the contract at hand -- Establish a realistic and well-reasoned outline -- Organize and compartmentalize your information for improved communication -- Present the technical requirements in a clear and logical fashion -- Recognize and clearly reference special and unusual characteristics of the contract -- Develop a reasonable and realistic performance schedule -- Use words and phrases effectively to maximize performance on the contract and minimize confusion and mistakes And much, much more Get A Copy.

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