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Try out both methods to see which one feels more precise.

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Hold the bag vertically above the cupcake. That will most likely create a smeared or sloppy looking design. The bag should be horizontal when decorating a vertical surface. Squeeze the icing bag over the center of the cupcake. An even squeeze with the hand around the bag should produce a dot or star on the cupcake's surface, depending on which design of piping tip you are using. The squeeze should be slow and even, but hard enough to produce a steady flow of frosting. Read the next few steps before you begin so you know where to move the piping bag. Piping in one motion will make your design even and attractive.

Continue to squeeze as you spiral around the center of the cupcake. Maintain the same pressure on the bag to deploy the frosting at an even rate. Without lifting the bag, circle tightly around the central frosting dot until it is completely surrounded. If your cupcakes are large or your piping tip is small, you can spiral outward to create a second circle around the first.

It's easier to make a stable swirl if you don't go too near the edge, however. Continue to squeeze as you spiral inward and upward. When your circle is finished, move the piping tip higher up and slightly inward. Spiral inward to create a smaller circle on top of the first. Complete the spiral by moving the piping tip inward to the center.

Stop squeezing and gently lift the bag. It's important to release all pressure from the bag before lifting it from the cupcake. If you stop squeezing, then lift the bag in a vertical line, your swirl will end with an attractive decoration. Try these simple variations on the basic swirl. There are several variations of the basic cupcake swirl described in the Piping the Cupcake section. They have slightly different appearances and use different amounts of frosting, but don't require any additional techniques. Start near the outside edge instead of at the center, and spiral inward and upward.

This looks almost identical to the basic swirl, but is easier to pipe on a small cupcake. Start at the center and spiral outward. Stop when you complete a circle near the outside edge. This uses less frosting and creates a flat rosette design. Use a French tip nozzle to create a quick and unique design. A French or French swirl piping tip design deploys the frosting in high, thin ridges. You can hold the bag still above the center of the cupcake, then squeeze as you watch the frosting spread evenly outward on top of the cupcake.

Use a petal tip to create a flower.

Step 1: Choose Your Shape

A petal piping tip has a thin, teardrop shaped nozzle. Keep the nozzle vertical with the wider end nearest the cupcake. Spreading a small amount of frosting over the cake with a knife might help keep your petals from falling over. Stop squeezing, then move the bag away.

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Squeeze the bag just long enough to deploy frosting in a small U shape, with the bend of the U resting against the cylinder. Move the bag up as you reach the bend of the U and down again as you move to the other leg of the U. Continue making U shaped petals outward in a spiral pattern until you cover the cupcake in petals.

Remember to stop squeezing before you move the bag between making petals. Use multiple bags of icing to create multicolor swirls. You can use this trick with any piping design to create a swirl of two or more colors. You'll need three or more plastic or canvas pastry bags, not temporary parchment paper ones. A large tip and tip coupler see Preparing to Pipe will make this much easier.

For best results, use different colored frosting of the same type, not completely different recipes that may squeeze out at different speeds. Tie or twist each bag as usual. Flatten each bag of frosting and stack them on top of each other.

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Press down to get a triangle shape and place each bag on top of the last. If there's already a hole large enough to squeeze a line of frosting through, you can skip this step. Place the stack of bags inside a larger bag with a piping tip attached. Push the stack of bags evenly to the bottom. Now, when you squeeze the larger bag, each bag inside will squeeze out a different colored line of frosting through the piping tip. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Things You'll Need Piping bag. Tips If you don't like the way your frosting swirl turned out, scrape it off the cupcake and return it to the bag. Make sure not to scrape off any cupcake crumbs with it, or they'll end up as lumps in your next swirl. Here's an alternate mess-free method of filling piping bags.

Spoon your frosting onto a large section of plastic wrap. Roll the lump of frosting into a cylindrical log shape inside the plastic wrap, then twist the plastic closed on either side of the log. Lower it into the pastry bag, pull one of the twisted ends through the nozzle, then cut that end off so the frosting is ready to be squeezed out.

Your cupcakes will be easier to decorate if they are all the same size. Try measuring each dollop of cupcake batter. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X Before you pipe a cupcake, try practicing on a plate or parchment paper so that you know exactly how much pressure to apply. Did this summary help you? Made Recently. Add a photo Upload error.

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    How to decorate your cupcaketree cupcake stand

    Glad to see your recipe because the only other recipe I have is with eggwhite. Freezing Once they are frosted, I don't recommend freezing them. The colors may run when they defrost. Take them out and wait for them to come to room temperature, then frost. Well planned and photographed. This would be very easy for a first time baker to follow Reply. Thank you! Thank you everyone for the blog birthday wishes! I'm looking forward to another great year of recipes and cooking ahead.

    Food coloring Hi Esther, I use assorted food colorings that I've collected over time.

    Cake decorating project sheets

    Your best bet is seeing what you can find with kosher certification in a store near you. Excited to try these cookies! Congratulations on a year with this amazing blog! My daughter and I look forward to making these. Thank you for the fantastic instructions. Adorable and delicious cookies. What a brilliant use of food coloring and cutter.

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