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As well, visiting the milestones raises community awareness of the priceless value of these historic monuments so that important remnants of our colonial past can be preserved for our future generations. As new roads were being constructed in the colony, milestones were originally at one mile intervals.


Old Windsor Road

In rural areas, milestones were not usually placed for the entire distance between towns. They were usually placed a few miles on the approach and then again for a few miles after the stagecoaches left the town. Due to the loss of many original milestones, the distance between each remaining milestone can be more than one mile. An attempt has been made to make an as accurate as possible catalogue where these milestones were originally positioned with a description and photograph of those that still remain either in their original or new locations.

Parramatta Road | Canada Bay Connections

The survey taken for this book has attempted to be thorough but we acknowledge that our survey is not complete. There are still milestones and milemarkers to be discovered. Although the milestones indicate two directions, for ease of cataloguing, the milemarkers in this book are identified by the location that they lead to away from Sydney and incorporates sandstone, concrete and timber milestones along the major roads leading out of Sydney.

Photographs in this book are taken on one face only.

  1. Discovering Australia's Historical Milemarkers and Boundary Stones!
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Mileages on those remaining in their original locations have been checked for accuracy to the final destination and are still correct. The GPS for some milestones has been recorded for those who are familiar with this technology.

Unless otherwise indicated, all the milestones can be found on the left hand side of the road leading towards the destination inscribed on the milestone. Safe community access to the milestones is not always possible as many existing milestones remain in their original locations on major arterial roads with limited or no safe car parking nearby. Milestones that do not have safe community access are identified. Although the milestones have been retained for community enjoyment and many have safe footpath access, extreme vigilance and caution should be exercised as there is a high risk of injury to children or pets near major arterial roads with.

Stranded Stones of Sydney

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Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about boundary-stone. William John Hinke, Carole Bailey. Ancient Front Cover.

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Carole Bailey, This boundary stone is now very weathered. Families may take the opportunity to visit historic Elizabeth Farm when visiting this Boundary Stone. Robert Crofts, Great Britain.