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  2. Like Melvyn Bragg, I had an affair - and years later, fell for my old flame all over again
  3. Emotional Affairs - Rekindled Past Flames
  4. Your Brain's Response to Your Ex, According to Neuroscience

If old emotions return, it does not mean the marriage is wrong. You may very well have chosen wisely when you married. But your new contact with your lost love has brought your past into the present and there was a collision, like a time machine that puts you in your teens and in simultaneously—that feels crazy, right? It's as if you are in an elevator and part of you is outside the door, part inside, and you feel squeezed. Contact with the old flame brought you back to a former You, a different developmental period before you had so many responsibilities with work, children, home, extended family.

Just you and your lost love Easy then, when you were young.

Top 20 Movies about Older Woman Young Man Affair

But it's no longer just you and your lost love. There is no real time machine. The two of you are in a bigger context now than when you were young. But if you are in a secret affair, the affair hides the context, as if it were once again just you and lost love.

Once you go public, there's that context: divorce adjustments; lost friends from your marriage, and new friends; angry ex-spouses to deal with, especially if you are co- parenting ; lost love's children will become your stepchildren, and your children will become stepchildren, too; blended families, visitations, different parenting styles.

This will not feel romantic, not the carefree lost love of the affair. There were very few lost love divorces that surfaced in my research project, but these occurred because of blended family considerations, as in many second marriages. You will also have geography to deal with where will you and lost love live? So, is your spouse wrong for you? How can you compare? A long-time marriage partner is the same every day, year after year. But contact with a lost love is new again, exciting, just like when you were young. The deck is stacked against the marriage if you are looking only at emotions of the moment.

Affairs are exciting: anxiety creates the same hormones as sex , e. Being a parent creates other, calmer hormones, as does the security of a long partnership and shared history. Each has its own rewards. I am not saying that dissolving a marriage to be with a lost love cannot be worthwhile; only you can decide that. I just want you to look at the whole picture, to make an informed decision you will not regret.

Look at the whole package that will be your future, after a divorce—the context—not just the current sexual pull of the lost love.


Maybe you did make the right decision, choose the right person to marry? Maybe you have just confused yourself by traveling in the time machine? It's worth stepping back to consider this, isn't it? You said "The deck is stacked against the marriage if you are looking only at emotions of the moment. Affairs are exciting: anxiety creates the same hormones as sex, e. How does the married partner to someone in this time machine counter this? What happens, from my perspective as someone whose spouse is in this time machine, is that my time with my spouse is being re-written because I cannot compete -- as you said and point out why.

Sure I have told my spouse this, and intellectually they get it, but right now they crave the "connection" they get from the feelings from the old partner. I guess I will just let a darn good marriage with sound finances and kids just turn to crap, as I am moving on. You quoted my words, but you missed my meaning. This is not hopeless! You offer something your husband cannot get from the lost love. That is my intent. But he has to want to leave her. He cannot stay in the middle.

I understand why your patience would wear thin, believe me. So once he gets his fill of instability and adolescent excitement he will crave the hormones that come with stability, shared history, long term stability again. Then, when those needs are filled again and the excitement stores are empty, he will again seek the excitement. Sounds like a selfish roller coaster where I lose every time I fill up his stability tank, as I then become domestic and boring again.

Thanks for writing back and I get what you are saying about what my marriage offers, he get's it too intellectually, but not with his heart. I think its time I instead stop being such a giving person and become half as selfish as he, and seek some of my own excitement hormones. I too have travelled this path except for it was my wife who got tired of the monotony of family life and went looking for her high school sweetheart to rekindle the flame.

Like Melvyn Bragg, I had an affair - and years later, fell for my old flame all over again

By nature, people are selfish and crave excitement and variety. Since the divorce, I have spent time looking inwards and trying to find myself and to redefine myself on my terms. You had mentioned that you want to "stop being such a giving person and become half as selfish as he". By doing so, you will only be untrue to yourself by coming down to his level.

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I suggest that you take the high road. If he is not willing to work on the marriage and give up his affair, then you need to let him go and focus on yourself. You will be amazed at how strong you can be and remember to always LOVE yourself. If you have children, I will be forthright and tell you that it WILL have a negative impact on their lives. However, you can minimize this by keeping your children out of the conflict. Approach the divorce like a business transaction by trying to keep your negative emotions out of it.

I know that this is hard to do but your children's well being need to come first. Thanks for the message and for hope of life after the demise of marriage due to this LL crap and selfishness. I will say, I have managed to protect the kids so far and have every intention of minimizing the effects of this one them. That is why I have stayed totally clear of any affairs or revenge affairs of my own. I cannot imagine their lives if both of us were caught up in this reliving our high school adolescent, just pubescent life crap!

But I digress. Thanks for the encouragement. I will take the high road. I might bitch about it on the way, though sometimes, but I know you are right, stay true to myself, keep being a giving person, and get rid of the dead weight! What if I am not in a time machine, but rather have come to realize that I love my husband but I do not like him? He's inconsiderate towards me unless MY family is trying to make me feel like crap- then he's with me otherwise it's all well I have to work.

Well now I have 2 jobs and still attending college I have 4 classes left until I graduate so I'm not quitting now. I like working, he has an issue with one of my jobs because I have to work 1 night 3 or 4pm to sometimes 10pm. I have talked about how I have been feeling for the past year to no avail. I am not having an affair nor am I interested in having one. What I am interested in is getting myself back- my self esteem especially.

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Don't get me wrong my husband isn't a terrible person in general- he doesn't say I am ugly or anything; he thinks it's funny to call me a hoochie all the time , but I am no longer happy. Which in turn makes me stressed out and can't enjoy it anyway. If we get to do anything- it's going out to eat then go straight home- he can't even enjoy looking around somewhere without our children.

Is being unhappy enough to tear my family apart? We do not argue in front of the children - well honestly maybe twice in the past 5 years of marriage, we usually wait until we are in our room and they are in bed or we don't talk about it at all and time goes on. I don't want to wake up one day and look at my life and regret not living and doing things that I enjoy. I cannot do them alone since my husband insinuates that I am cheating or meeting with someone.

I have so much more that I could say but am limited on time, so the above is just present issues that do not include past issues that also come into play. Usually I do not comment but since children are involved, I cannot in good conscience ignore your plight. You asked the question "Is being unhappy enough to tear my family apart? Besides having their parents pass away, divorce is the next worse thing that can happen to children. You had mentioned that your husband is a good man and is not abusive. His only failing is that he does not make you happy.

Why is it his job to make you happy? Only YOU are responsible for your own happiness. When you put that responsibility on your husband, you are opening yourself up to disappointment and resentment from your spouse. Find hobbies or activities that make you happy and act on them. Even though we do not want to admit it, most men are very insecure. If your husband is worried that you are cheating on him when you are out alone, tell him that he is more than welcome to accompany you whenever he wants and that you have nothing to hide.

Your plight is not unique as millions of other marriages have gone through this stage. The survival of you marriage will depend upon both you and your husband being willing to put in the hard work to communicate and to strengthen your relationship. Just be aware that if you do contemplate divorce that you do so with the serious understanding of the consequences. I have known many women who think that divorce is the only answer to an otherwise unhappy marriage. They think that this will resolve all their problems and that the grass is greener on the other side.

In actuality, they are only turning in one set of problems for another. The decision is yours but make sure that you fully understand the consequences as many lives will be impacted. I would never tell anyone to stay in a marriage - or leave a marriage, for that matter. That is completely a personal decision full disclosure: I divorced years ago, no lost love. Probably the majority of these are men. Some of the women on my website, who have been in lost love affairs, have left their marriages as well as their lost loves the lost love men remained married. The reunions were just catalysts to look at their marriages and decide, even if they remained alone, they might be happier.

These women are doing okay, dating new men. The women who chose to remain in their marriages without the lost love affairs are also doing okay, with the marriages sometimes even better than before usually with counseling. There is a lot of soul-searching that goes into staying in, or leaving, a marriage.

I am confident that you will make the decision that is right for you. I relate completely to this article, it could very well be about me. Im sorry if this has happened to some of you i hope what i am writing will not upset you but this is my story. I very innocently befriended my high school sweetheart about a year ago and we started talking online.

I was happy and really enjoyed talking to him, we had a lot in common he was married with kids so was i we enjoyed discussing the same topics. However, a few months ago he said he still loved me and at first i was flattered then i thought oh no Well we continued to talk and my reasoning was to know why he felt this way and why he was telling me now after all this time. As the past few months have progressed I have found myself waking up every morning wanted to talk to him all i do is think about him and he felt the same way.

We have spoken on the phone many times and have seen each other two times. Our relationship has not gone any further than talking, we have not even touched. Yet our conversations have become more sexual and i find myself thinking of him in this manner. I have found myself in love with him, again. Well, i think?

I am not sure if its love or just infatuation. We talk about how our life would be together, our kids our spouses down to where we would live and how our families would feel about us. We talked about everything. Very recently his wife was curious about his behavior and has found all of our messages. We have not talked much in the last few weeks but i cant help but feel like i lost my best friend.

My spouse has not found out, yet. I am just so confused as to what to do I am a very strong person but this is really tearing me up inside, part of me wants to run away and part of me want to run to him. He is separated from his wife but i have no confirmation that he wants to pursue anything with me due to our limited contact. Is this just a fantasy of what could be or a reality of what can be.

But what it is, guaranteed, is something that is stopping your current marriage from being all it can be, as there are now 3 people in your marriage. So now you are married to someone and in limerence with another person, a person from your past who has time traveled into your present. And your husband, the guy willing to walk down the isle with you, stand by your side, father children with you, commit to you, currently had no clue what he is up against. You are already in quick sand.

Give your marriage a chance, tell your husband at once. Give him the power to decide if he wants to work on this, and give him a level playing field to try to fight for his marriage on. Also, you are now an other woman. You are a lost lover, but also an other woman. Google some of the other woman forums and you can see some of the heart ache you are about to venture through. Good luck to you, your family, and your old high school boyfriends family.

Emotional Affairs - Rekindled Past Flames

Lots of destruction in coming all of you all's way! I was in a physical and emotional affair with my teen sweetheart for a few years while in my mid thirties. I love my husband and would not normally cheat. Only through expressing your feelings and feeling for yourself how far you are willing to go with this man you also love, will you find out what is right for you. Maybe leaving your husband is right for you, maybe staying married feels right. I realized that my husband is better for me and I am now able to appreciate him and not imagine this picture perfect life with the other one.

I still miss him and, but I know him or us well enough to know that it wouldn't have been picture perfect. This is the power they have the first loves - they have lived in our imaginations for so long and become symbols of everything we've ever missed out on. Well, I didn't miss out. I took the liberty of trying this out as an adult keeping my loving husband in the dark.

A terrible thing to do - I know. But I simply had to to be able to move on. The best of luck to you - and do not listen to anyone trying to make you feel bad about this love. Thank you. Things have changed some, he is for sure getting a divorce and we have talked. He is saying that this is his life now, he will be divorced.

He is not asking me to choose him, all he wants is for me to do what is best for me, if that's him great, if its not ok. He does not want me to leave my husband just for him he wants me to make a decision based on what i want. He has said in the past that he is not asking for a week, a month, a year, he is asking for forever and that his feelings have not changed in 20 years and they will never change. I have such strong feelings for him, every time i hear his voice my heart skips a beat I know that may sound silly but it is true.

All my life i have tried to forget him, pretend he does not exist, or image how happy he was with his life and his family. But i would always wonder what if, what if i ever saw him where we would be alone and could talk, what would i say how would i feel what would i do. Whenever i would see him in passing through the years, which i did a few times he moved back to our hometown, i always became nervous,shaky and i felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

How could i feel that way about someone i dated when i was 17? I am afraid i will never be able to let him go unless he tells me too So here i am, in a place i don't want to be, wishing each second of the day i could be with him and having neither the strength or nerve to say it is over with my husband. I do not wish this on anyone. Please point out where I was being mean? Please try to point out where I was trying to make anyone feel bad? Now I did give advice, and you gave the total opposite advice. Who is right?

Who knows. Each situation is different and to each their own. My marriage is in the throws of this situation, but thank God my spouse has had the courage to let me know exactly what they feel about their lost love, exactly where I stand, and their confusion and struggle. We either split up amicably and I have the luck of knowing why, or have a chance at a genuine recovery without the deceit and dishonesty you will take to your grave.

Again, to each their own. What works for you I would not want, and luckily neither would my spouse. Maybe that is why we have a heck of a chance at both getting past this, either separately or within a stronger union, but with authenticity and genuineness. Hi Anonymous, I did not know that you were the spouse of someone in a lost love dilemma. If I had known that I would have understood how your perspective is different. It is just that when I was in the throws of this affair I would hear the same warnings over and over again.

Some people would try to do their best to make me feel guilty and ashamed: "Lots of destruction in coming all of you all's way! We KNOW that, we feel that, we live that! However, my point is. I HAD to try is out to be able to move on. There is no closure in the sense that I am over him. I never will be - but I have come to terms with all the things that happened when we were young and I realize that my life probably would not be better had I been with him.

For "Very Confused": Go talk to this man. Maybe the butterflies and the skipping heart is merely like a knee jerk reaction to an old song? You have to dare to look at those feelings in order to be able to move on in life. With your marriage or with this first love. My story is exactly the same as yours. Only I was 15 :- and he still drives me crazy. Best of luck to you. Be Brave and adventurous. I do not wish this on anyone".

I begged my lost love to look me straight in the eyes and tell me that it will never be us, and let me move on. He wouldn't or couldn't do that - but he dared not leave his wife and three kids either, so I took charge myself and cut i off. For you it is of course different because your LL is divorced. It is extremely difficult, I know. But feelings of guilt are of no use in this situation. Greetings from Europe.

Eventually, you will be fine :. It is really great to know i am not alone and there are others out there that have gone through or are going through this same situation. I am sorry, i know that must of been hard for you, it hurts when the other person wont take that jump.

A slippery slope

I understand what you went through, all you want to do is just walk away and say thats it its over but you cant. We have both tried to just rationalize this whole thing. Telling each other that its to complicated, that i would have to move closer to him, that now we would have 4 kids between us and dealing with our x spouses But, neither of us can say goodbye the connection is just to strong. You expressed gratitude for each other on a daily basis and consistently vowed to achieve more and more, together.

Keith, little do you know that you and your 'Guinevere' from the Camelot concept are meant to do something very unique in this lifetime, although it will have a very different bent and net result'! By the way, the timeframe for this process to begin is approximately next May or June, of next year. This time around, the way that you're meant to express your loyalty, caring and love for each other is ultimately to share with many others what you've learned, about what makes a truly wonderful, committed relationship. I see you doing seminars together, being on TV, writing books, etc' You will be inspiring many thousands of people to create a more perfect relationship--despite, in some cases, major obstacles from the past.

Lastly, you asked about Julie's adorable cottage and her business, plus her unwillingness to give them up, at this time. I can see that this is in part due to the fact that she understands, intuitively, that it is not yet the appropriate time to let go of her current life style Start to learn to let things flow, without the need to control what happens--or when it happens. You will be SO much better for it! I have been having an affair with an old flame for over two and a half years Read on for Victoria's reply I asked about the intelligence of meeting up with an old flame, who is now married.

I said I was asking for a friend but I'm sure they are all smart enough to know I was asking for me. Old Flame is my college boyfriend. Our relationship lasted several years, through college and both of us taking different paths afterwards: he joined the Navy like his father and brother before him and ended up in Hawaii, I became a flight attendant and moved from Minneapolis to Detroit. We did the long-distance thing for several months before I decided to end it, citing the difficulties of keeping love alive with thousands of miles between us. And that was that, until a couple decades later when social media invaded our lives.

A lot had happened during those years: Being a flight attendant wasn't the thrill I'd expected, and I moved back to Minnesota where I settled on a career in retail. I'd been married for 13 years, had four children and gone through a harrowing divorce which made life very interesting for a while. He'd waited longer, finally settling down in a neighboring Minneapolis suburb with his wife and young children. He sent me a friend request on Facebook a few years ago and on occasion, we exchanged messages.

Nothing flirtatious, nothing scandalous. Lots of laughing about old times, old jokes. Old lives. Sometimes our talks went late into the evening, though. A cocktail or two would be had, and memories would bubble up to the surface, some of them still tender even after the passage of so much time. One recent chat turned into an exchange of YouTube videos of songs that reminded us of each other. During a recent conversation, he suggested meeting for lunch somewhere, to catch up.

In my naive mind, it was no big thing. We even joked about how different we look now. But I have a habit of being blissfully oblivious as to what constitutes a societal no-no. I should check with some of my single people.

Your Brain's Response to Your Ex, According to Neuroscience

I was being vague with my readers because I'm pretty sure Old Flame reads my blog and I didn't want to be rude. Also, I'm a Minnesotan who is also a Libra and terrified of offending people. Regardless of intentions, no matter how innocent it may seem, most of my awesome readers felt it was a terrible, no good, very bad idea. We ended up not meeting, and communication has dwindled. Which is probably a good thing, right? See, I am so clueless. It's frustrating. So many of the comments were disparaging of my Old Flame.