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Essential Hotel Room Sales Strategies

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  2. Essential strategies to increase your hotel room sales
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People who plan ahead and don't mind a little uncertainty can take advantage of the cheapest option of all: an opaque site such as Hotwire or Priceline, where you inquire about a type of room in a certain area and either say how much you're willing to pay or are given a price—and don't find out the hotel's name until you've paid. But opaque sites aren't everyone's cup of tea. People who like more control over where they stay can call the hotel directly, book through the hotel's website, or use a travel website such as Expedia, Orbitz, or Travelocity.

Getting Here

Even Priceline and Hotwire also offer conventional booking options, too. Such sites are less likely to undercut hotel prices now that most major hotels guarantee a rock-bottom rate if you book directly. But there might be other reasons to consider a travel site. In addition, travel sites let you book a hotel along with a flight and a rental car, often at substantial savings over the cost of booking separately. However you make your reservation, you'll get the best deal by being flexible.

Hotels set rates based on projected demand, and rates rise or fall based on any number of factors: weather, school holidays, the threat of terrorism, higher gas prices, a canceled convention, and when a major sports team qualifies for the playoffs, sending fans scrambling for rooms.

Essential strategies to increase your hotel room sales

Start looking far ahead and nab a room if the price is right. If possible, avoid high-demand times.

Find Your Room

Change your stay dates by a day or two, book a few miles out of town, or choose from among several chains instead of one. Other tips:. Haggle Only 28 percent of survey respondents tried bargaining, yet 78 percent of those who did won an upgrade or a lower rate. Success rates were higher for people who haggled over the phone than for those who did in person. When we challenged 16 students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to get hotel rates reduced, all succeeded, scoring discounts of 5 to 32 percent.

Ask about nonadvertised specials, and use free parking, a different bed size, or room location for example, if it's next to the laundry station as bargaining chips. Find Internet-Only Offers Terms such as "best available" and "corporate" used to indicate an unbeatable rate. Today the cheapest rates tend to be on the Internet. But they come with strings: full payment when booking, no cancellations, and no changes. But they can be lucrative. Wyndham, for example, offers discounts of up to 25 percent off the otherwise best available rate for advance purchases.

Other Internet specials come and go, so check often.

Video of the Hotel Room

Starwood Hotels Sheraton and Westin features weekly "Starpicks" destinations, giving at least 20 percent off to guests who stay between Wednesday and Saturday. Get in Touch if You Find a Better Deal Almost every chain and online travel site makes the same boast: If you've already booked but find a cheaper advertised price on the same date at the same hotel for the same type of room, submit an online claim within 24 hours of booking and you'll get a refund of the difference plus a bonus.

But chains won't match prices from opaque sites. Be Loyal Frequent guests earn free nights, future discounts, room upgrades, airline miles, and rental-car savings. Among other perks: access to hotel club lounges Hyatt Gold Passport and weekend discounts, fast check-in, and late checkout Marriott Rewards. And you generally accrue points at any of a chain's brands. Show Your Age or Affiliation A 5- to percent discount is the norm for older guests, particularly at lower-priced hotels.

The discount might require an AARP affiliation. At Best Western, you need only prove you're at least Similar discounts often apply to those in the military, government employees, and members of groups such as AAA. Try mentioning other affiliations. At Ramada, for example, members of B.

We Fought In A Hotel Room - تعاركنه في غرفة فندق

Take a Gamble Hoteliers quietly maintain a "fade" rate, the minimum they'll accept per room for walk-in guests. A few years ago, it applied when occupancy was less than 30 percent, but Bjorn Hanson says some hotels may invoke the rate even if at 60 percent.

If you're ready to walk after hearing the lowest rate, the clerk may use the fade rate to earn at least some revenue from a vacant room. You could score a great rate, but be prepared for disappointment. They're called opaque or blind websites: You don't learn the identity of your hotel until after your bid has been accepted Priceline or you've agreed to the site's price Hotwire and Travelocity.

The savings are substantial because hoteliers consider the rooms "distressed," meaning that they'd otherwise go unoccupied that night. To see how much we could save using one of the services, we requested a room at a high-end hotel near Chicago's Magnificent Mile. It turned out to be the boutique James Hotel. We then backtracked to find a better deal, using every trick in our arsenal. We started by searching BookIt. We also revisited Priceline and Travelocity to see what they charged for rooms at the James on the side of the sites that lets shoppers search for hotels by name.

Enjoy delicious dishes and fresh flavors in an elegant setting at all six restaurants at The Hotel Hershey. The Hotel Hershey is an idyllic setting for any type of celebration and has everything needed for a perfect wedding. Located exclusively in the historic section, these newly renovated and spacious rooms are generally between square feet. View Floor Plan. These oversized king rooms are located throughout and feature a comfortable sitting area with an additional double-size sleeper sofa. These rooms complement the historic character of the property and vary in size from square feet.

Different hotel chains have different rules on whether their suites are bookable online. With Starwood , you typically have to call to book a suite using points, while Hyatt, IHG , Hilton and Radisson will show larger rooms as bookable online. For other chains, I will generally book the standard room on points and then try to get upgraded either for free or by paying a cash co-pay.

For larger families, such as my family of eight, things get complicated. And they can get expensive, too. When my kids were younger, we may or may not have viewed occupancy limits as, well, suggestions from time to time. However, now that the children are older, we have two main options when it comes to using our points to book hotel rooms. We use either strategy interchangeably, depending on the hotel or the destination. One thing we are always looking for when we choose to book two rooms is adjoining rooms — rooms that share a connecting door.

For me, it means the difference between sharing a bed with my wife or sharing a bed with a wiggly six-year-old. We always call and ask the hotel for adjoining rooms. While they rarely guarantee it, they usually accommodate us if they can.

Budget Hotel Rooms

My favorite hotel chains for larger families are the ones that comfortably accommodate our family of eight. These are the chains I have found most frequently offer a suite with a door that closes the bedroom off from the rest of the hotel room. This is super important for families with young kids who have early bedtimes, since otherwise it means when the kids go to bed, everyone has to go to bed.

The only room that is bookable with points is the standard one-bedroom suite. In this case, I make a refundable award reservation and then e-mail the hotel even though Richard says not to and ask if I can pay to upgrade. I generally get one of three responses:. A few of my favorite amenities that I prioritize when booking hotel rooms for my family of eight include:. While it is not the primary focus of this guide, I do want to briefly mention another option for large families.

Vacation rentals can be a smart way to book a family vacation on points. You can also use Marriott points to book multi-bedroom units through the Marriott Vacation Club program. Though Airbnb is often touted as a great alternative for large family lodging, I have not had much success in this arena — especially when compared to booking hotels on points. To find Airbnbs that fit my family of eight, I usually have very few options.