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  1. Gila River diversion project: Can New Mexico meet 12222 federal deadline?
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Gila River diversion project: Can New Mexico meet 12222 federal deadline?

To date, developers have reclaimed and developed the land around at least one of the former sand-and-gravel pits. Now area residents enjoy concerts, fishing and other forms of recreation along an attractive waterfront venue. Whether you have a business inquiry, media request or general question or comment, our colleagues are available to assist. We Make a Difference.

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Our corporate culture demands excellence and rewards innovation, teamwork and an impassioned entrepreneurial spirit. Project Director. Related Projects. Gila monsters at the park were outfitted with a small radio that can be tracked using a radio receiver.

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Then, they were located and observed approximately once a week all year round. In addition, to location, we collected data such as temperature, behavior, and nearby plants and other habitat features to help us understand the lifestyle and activities of these lizards. The second area of focus was genetics. We are learning a great deal from DNA collected from individuals during this study, especially how closely related individuals are from nearby and more distant populations.

Another part of the project involves collecting photographs of all individuals that are seen within or near the Park's boundaries. Like fingerprints, a Gila monster's pattern is unique to each lizard.

Gila Resources Information Project

Therefore, it is possible to identify individuals by the pattern on their bodies. This aspect of the project relies heavily on photographs taken by "citizen scientists", who can be visitors, volunteers, employees, and researchers.

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Because Gila monsters are venomous, and spend most of their lives underground, finding and photographing them can be challenging. For this reason, we are requesting that if you see a Gila monster in the National Park, please only take its photo from a safe distance! Send it to us, and count yourself as lucky to have spotted one!

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We will use this photo in our research. Learn more about what we do with your photos after you send them in and our results!

Take a look and print out our Gila monster brochure!