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Not long ago, when I called the two most comprehensive mystery book stores in New York City, I learned that neither had his most important collections in stock. His centenary was two weeks away. Some of his admirers threw a memorial tribute Friday, at the Mercantile Library of New York on East 47th Street, in the white rage of a Manhattan blizzard. Woolrich was a shy-arrogant man who, on the few occasions when he went to a party, would rudely dismiss people who praised his work. A furtive homosexual, he pocked his fiction with scathing descriptions of effeminate men. He shaved three, sometimes seven years off his age, volunteered no details of his early or private life.

Every item of autobiography offered him the opportunity for deception, misdirection, lies. To choose titles just from the three short-story collections available on alibris. You read it for the atmosphere, the smoky, urban settings that enshroud his helpless or conscienceless characters. This world-view is so consistent, it must be personal. In his fiction, the mystery man wrote his own autobiography, one page at a time. And, one frame at a time, Hollywood put it in the minds of the mass audience. The Woolrich mood translated into other languages. Since the s, his prime crime time, not a decade has passed without at least one Woolrich movie.

None of this made Woolrich famous, or rich.

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Nothing could make him happy. But then, who said that life was going to be fair? The most one could hope for, in the Woolrich world, was to find meaning in misery. For that love, he kills himself. The woman feels no guilt, only satisfaction. He stayed with her, excepting one bizarre interval, for the rest of his life. Stuart Blackton. The marriage was doomed from the start. He left behind a diary, which Gloria discovered.

I suspect with all the windows it may get rather noisy when te restaurant is crowded. All in all, it was a quite pleasant experience. On the pricier side, but not outrageous by any means. Would go back again!

Peinture américaine

Looking forward to a return visit. Sign up Sign in. Best Tapas Restaurants in Remington. Cuisines 20 of See All Cuisines. Quick View 1.

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Germano's Piattini 2. Contemporary Italian Little Italy ,. Quick View Booked 3 times today. Quick View 2. Cava Mezze - Baltimore 2. Mediterranean Harbor East ,. Quick View Booked 14 times today. Quick View 3. In the columns of black newspapers, the bodies of murdered freedpeople in the South became political tools deployed by African Americans to seek justice, equality, and the rights of citizenship.

In the African-American press in the South and the North, editors described heart-wrenching and horrific scenes of murdered blacks in order to galvanize African Americans across the country to combat what they considered to be the origin of this violence—racial prejudice nationwide. In doing so, black newspapers entered into a larger discussion about the fraught legacy of the Civil War.

I argue that African-American newspaper editors in the North and South used the deaths of freedpeople to spearhead a movement that demanded that the federal government fulfill the promises of the Civil War and emancipation. Paulette D. Paper trails, census records, and artifacts intrigue historians who seek to understand their significance in documenting change over time. Nevertheless, these bones from the skeleton of the past mean nothing until someone assembles them into a meaningful story that illustrates their cultural, psychological, and political significance.

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This essay borrows historical evidence from the U. Suffrage Movement to examine the process of imagination, stories, and history. To understand what human experience means requires projecting from the past into the future, which then results in change possible only because someone envisioned the improvement, the innovation, or the reform.

Newspapers often provide the narrative thread that connects ideas, stories, and historical progress. Livingstone, I presume? A Herald editorial claimed Great Britain had been too slow and cheap in exploring the continent, but the newspaper would show what decisive action could produce. After finding Livingstone, Stanley joined him in exploring the region and discovering, among other things, that Lake Tanganyika was not connected to the Nile River as some had supposed. Traveling by rail to the Missouri River at St.

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  • Joseph, he continued by stagecoach, foot, and mule for another 2, miles to introduce his readers to the wonders of the continent. Greeley set the example, it has been the manifest destiny of every enterprising journalist to take an occasional trip across the continent, and personally inspect his subscribers. The study will investigate the motivation and technologies of travel and reporting, the content and structure of the reportage, and the prominent role of the journalist as eye witness and author.

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    Her undercover expose led to extensive reforms and increased funding for the treatment of the mentally ill. Bly continued her investigative reporting with similar methods about jails, factories, and political corruption. The pioneering journalist gained global fame with her stories about her day race around the world.

    Considered by some as a promotional stunt inspired by the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days, Bly took nearly every available means of late 19th Century transport to make her east-west, around-the-world trek in 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds from November 14, to January 25, She later authored a book about her adventure. Ebooks and Manuals

    Meanwhile, another New York journalist, Elizabeth Bisland, sponsored by the Cosmopolitan newspaper, was competing with Bly by traveling around the globe from west to east. When Bly triumphantly arrived back in New York on a Pulitzer-chartered train, Bisland was four and a half days away on an Atlantic Ocean steamer. By this time, more than a dozen daily newspapers competed for the growing New York City readership.

    Essentially, London invented himself from London felt that war correspondence was all glamour and he wanted to report on the Russo-Japanese War in the way he believed 19th century correspondents such as Stephen Crane did in the Greco-Turkish War and Richard Harding Davis did in the Spanish-American War. Frustrated by Japanese restrictions and censorship, London reverted to racism in his efforts to report on civilian life. Simon H. Historians have begun to rethink the Sino-American relationship in the 19th century.

    As to the connections between China and the American Civil War, however, few solid researches have been produced. During the political upheavals over slavery in the s, the doughfaces were mercilessly lampooned in the northern popular press. Newspapers, magazines, books, broadsides, pamphlets, plays, political cartoons, and parade banners portrayed the doughfaces as less-than-ideally manly. Such representations proliferated in northern print and political culture at the critical moment in which ordinary northerners were questioning their allegiance to the Democratic Party.

    The disparaging representations of Buchanan and other doughfaces in the northern popular press played a role in the growth of negative perceptions of the Democratic Party—and the rise of the anti-slavery Republican Party—during the decisive political realignments that precipitated the Civil War. Andrea R. Buchanan was a seasoned politician, having held a variety of elected and appointed offices and diplomatic posts, and he was the least objectionable Democrat to both the northern and southern wings of the party.

    As some scholars have noted, Buchanan entered office with more political experience than nearly any of his predecessors and high expectations to meet the challenges of holding the nation together as sectionalism intensified, but left it as one of the most disgraced presidents in the midst of a secession crisis. At a time when women were excluded from voting and political office, representing Buchanan in female attire and roles emphasized his inability to perform the duties required of a sufficiently masculine president.

    Evan C. During the Secession Winter, November — March , both James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln were criticized by the press and their contemporaries for acting in unmanly ways. Buchanan, many argued, did nothing to arrest the course of secession and simply allowed the southern states to leave the union. In this comparison Buchanan came off worse. Lincoln, on the other hand, was savaged by the press for sneaking through Baltimore into Washington in the early morning hours. People derided Lincoln for taking seriously the rumors of a conspiracy to kidnap him.

    Both men, in other words, were attacked because they did not embody martial masculinity and personified restrained masculinity. This paper highlights how Republicans and Democrats staked claims to martial masculinity during the Secession Winter and criticized political opponents for not living up to these visions.

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    It also analyzes how both parties invoked the image of Andrew Jackson, the ultimate exemplar of martial masculinity, to make their case. This was a particularly interesting choice for Republicans because their party was principally composed of old Whigs who never had much use for Jackson. The desire for a strong leader caused both parties to venerate Jackson and this criticism made Lincoln less attentive to his personal safety while President.

    Scott D. First, this paper argues that the slow development of baseball journalism in FLIN mirrored the reluctant acceptance of the game by the middle and upper classes across that period. Secondly, the paper argues for the effectiveness of the method advocated by Johnes and Nicholson that involves a combination of traditional close reading of texts obtained through a digital search of electronic databases in contrast to a page-by-page search of the same source.

    The paper also defines three types of sports journalism, Curiosity Shop, Toy Department, and Beyond the Toy Department, and discusses their roles in the development of visual baseball coverage in FLIN from to Skip to Main Content. West Chair of Excellence in Communication. O'Neal, Auburn University, "The Role of Newspapers in Alabama's Redemption Election" In , Democrats in Alabama utilized divisive rhetoric to animate disaffected whites, driving voter turnout and bringing about the end of Republican Reconstruction. Polk's War" This paper follows the members of the Arkansas Volunteer Regiment during the Mexican War, focusing specifically on discord within the ranks.

    Terry, USU, "Turn Their Back on the Fire: Prelude to Civil War through the Electoral College and the Presidential Election" Until the author of this paper researched and created one, there has never been a complete academic collection of the entire membership of the Electoral College from , a total of 24, individual ballots.

    Quinn, Slippery Rock University, "Exploring the Lifecycle of Conventions of Breaking News in the Nineteenth Century: Disaster Reporting on the Virginia City Fire of " This research takes a systematic look at coverage of the Virginia City fire of to investigate the lifecycle and conventions of breaking news disaster reporting in the nineteenth century.