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How do I mean? Many folks did not read through just one book last year and they are not planning and willing to read through any book this year, but they want to have a different year.

If this sounds like you, your is already as old as ! To have a new year, plan to grow by buying and reading through good books. Also, start walking with those who have been to where you want to travel to and who know what you are trying to know and who are already walking through the door that you are trying to open. Nigerians gag a lot with the issue of leadership.

Leadership Nigeria Newspaper

They think they would wake up one day and just find out that Nigeria has moved from 3rd world to 1st. The truth is; Nigeria is not going to become better than the corporate quality of her leaders.

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Lazy and wishy-washy leaders cannot produce a strong nation. To change Nigeria, you would need to change her current leaders. If our current set of leaders is retained come next month; then no prayer is going to cause Nigeria to truly move forward as other serious nations are moving forward. Also, it will be a great error to send Nigeria back to where she is coming from. If that happens, then expect a repeat of what happened for 16 years in Nigeria!

People of excellent character: A rare treasure. Becoming generational conscious. A serious clash awaits you in the days to come. There is certainly a dearth and drought of true leadership in Nigeria. Every fiber of our national life is crying for true leaders, leaders who are genuine; leaders who are willing to take responsibility for the present situation and conditions we have found ourselves in Nigeria; leaders who are willing to accept the challenge of nation-building—to face it head-on with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand as David did.

The current president of Nigeria only has what looks like integrity of heart, but he clearly lacks skillfulness of hand! To truly move Nigeria forward, we need a president who has both qualities comfortably residing in him. Our homes are crying out for men who are shepherds, who have integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand. Recently, Tambuwal said that he is well-prepared to provide the 21st century and dynamic leadership that Nigeria and Nigerians deserve. He disclosed this during his engagement with delegates of PDP in Ekiti state on Friday, September 21, as part of his nationwide consultations.

The governor who solicited for the support of the delegates at the forthcoming national convention of the party, said that his past leadership positions have prepared him for a time like this when Nigerians are clamouring for a dynamic leader that can save them from the hardship inflicted on them by the current government. Latest Politics News. Source: Legit. Efforts were made by the Buhari administration in its first term to address the grievances of the region. Nonetheless, the Niger Delta Avengers have just ended their ceasefire with the government claiming that the government has not made good on bringing peace and development to the region.

There is every reason for the government to make efforts to better foster peace and development in the region especially given the havoc the Avengers and similar groups have already brought to the country. Cameroon Neighbouring country Cameroon is on the brink of civil war. In , what started as a series of protests by the Anglophone community against the increasing use of French in their region, eventually turned into a full-blown deadly crisis. The Anglophones are now calling for the secession of their territory which they call Ambazonia.

In the past year alone, this intensifying conflict has led to the deaths of about civilians, military and police officers and hundreds of secessionist fighters.

News Central TV

As a consequence, over , people have been displaced from their homes, and about 32, people have fled to Nigeria. The increasing influx of refugees into the already fragile Niger Delta region will have untold consequences on local host communities and Nigeria as a whole. The government needs to be proactive in its response to the conflict through helping to mediate and deescalate the conflict and also through making proper arrangements for incoming refugees.

Nigeria, given her economic, cultural and demographic might must use its influence and power to contribute to peace in West Africa and the broader African region; especially as its stability has an inextricable impact on the peace, progress, and prosperity of the continent. Nigerian foreign policy has historically focused on this.

The Type of Leader Nigeria Needs

In recent decades, Nigeria has contributed to the deescalation of conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone and most recently in the Gambia. Nigeria must continue along this path. To live up to the title of the 'Giant of Africa', it is imperative that Nigeria puts out the fires in its country and on its doorstep.

President Buhari must take these issues seriously and ensure that Nigeria moves away from this seemingly perpetual cycle of conflict and instability and realizes its potential as a formidable African power. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. I accept. New Report: Are we saving enough for retirement?

Elections: Why Nigeria Needs Quality Leaders to Emerge

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