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  3. Unemployment and the Great Depression in Weimar Germany

Fayet, Roger Eine Einleitung. Konstellationen in der Kunst seit Automated Journalism 2. From simple descriptions to real stories. Journalism Practice, 12 4 Varela Braga, Ariane Bern, Switzerland, Building a crowdsourcing platform for the analysis of film color. The Moving Image, 18 1 Kaufmann, Katrin Christian Metz and the codes of cinema : film semiology and beyond.

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Rundbrief Fotografie, 25 3 Figur und Landschaft — Licht und Farbe. Gangster, dampfende Kessel und die poetische Aneignung transnationaler Erfahrungen mit dem Kino — Walk Cheerfully In: Becker, Andreas. The Indigenous Lens? Early Photography in the Near and Middle East. Berlin: De Gruyter Akademie Forschung, Die Dokumentarfilmreihe Berlin — Ecke Bundesplatz. Gesellschaftlich engagierte Kunstkritik. Bern: Peter Lang, Kersten, Wolfgang F Grazia fluttuante. In: Dantini, Michele ; Resch, Raffaella. Paul Klee : alle origini dell'arte. Junge, Sophie History of Photography, 42 2 Blaser-Meier, Susanna.

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Interaktive Webplattform: Timeline of historical film colors. Fuhrmann, Wolfgang ; Uhlmann, Matthias Interview: Cinema expanded —Skandal als Programm. Into the Wild. Kunst und Architektur im globalen Kontext. Investigation of the foil structure and corrosion mechanisms of modern Zwischgold using advanced analysis techniques. Journal of Cultural Heritage, Islamic Stars in the West. Handbuch Gesundheitskommunikation. Wiesbaden: Springer, Epub ahead of print.

Renz, Seraina. Kunst aus dem Kongo - Zwischen Sputnik und Atomium. Herford, Matile, Michael La genesi della raccolta di varie stampe a chiaroscuro. In: Craievich, Alberto. Anton Maria Zanetti e le sue collezioni. Crocetta del Montello Treviso : Antiga edizioni, Lameris, Bregt La ligue du noir et blanc : French debates on natural colour film and art cinema — Matter, Charlotte Mapping digital journalism: Comparing 48 news websites from six countries. Journalism, 19 4 Materiality and idolatry: Roman imaginations of Saint Rose of Lima.

The nomadic object. The challenge of world for early modern religious art. Measuring populist attitudes on three dimensions. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 30 2 Blum, Philipp Methoden des Eigenen — der Film als sinnlicher Begriff des Films. Film als Forschungsmethode : Produktion — Geschichte — Perspektiven. Zagoury, David Leiden: Brill, Wallace, Julian Modelling contemporary gatekeeping: the rise of individuals, algorithms and platforms in digital news dissemination.

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  • Ein Leben fuer die Rose - Arnoldo Krumm-Heller - Peter-Robert Koenig.

Quod scripsi scripsi. Hannover: Wehrhahn Verlag, Medienwissenschaft : Rezensionen, Rezension von Ariane Mensger Hg. Eros, Macht, Moral und Tod um Ausstellungskatalog, Kunstmuseum Basel, Rezension von Stefano Pierguidi: Pittura di marmo. Storia e fortuna delle pale d'altare a rilievo nella Roma di Bernini Florenz: Olschki, Renaissance Quarterly, 71 3 Roma e gli artisti stranieri.

Rome, Italy: Artemide. Blaser-Meier, Susanna Programm oder Zufall? Tomb - Memory - Space. Edited by: Stadler, Harald ; Flatscher, Elias Bozen: Athesia Druck. Self-presentation, kitsch, irony — German sound film around Selling science 2. Public Understanding of Science, 27 5 Shared affinities and "Kunstwollen" — stylistics of the cinematic image in the s and art theory at the turn of the century in Germany.

The image in early cinema : form and material. Situierte Kunstkritik. Slow Violence. Jusepe de Ribera and the Limits of Naturalism. Oxford Art Journal, 41 1 Targia, Giovanna ; Cianciolo Cosentino, Gabriella Stil als nationales Eigentum. In: Blunk, Julian ; Michalsky, Tanja.

Stil als geistiges Eigentum.

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Studying Foreign Artists in Rome. Rome: Artemide, Rakin, Jelena Surface and color — stenciling in applied arts, fashion illustration and cinema. Switzerland: Role-Model with Glitches. The European handbook of Media Accountability. Winzeler, Seraina ; Krek, Isabel Cinema, 63 Canciani, Jon ; Walde, Laura. Tendenzen im Kurzfilm und die Aufgabe von Kurzfilmfestivals. Festivaljahrgang, 30, , p. Transcultural Exchange in Medieval Iberia. Tomb, Memory, Space. The Future Is Unwritten.

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Open Arts Journal, 6 Wirz, Dominique S. The populist persuasion: persuasive Wirkungen inhaltlicher und formaler Merkmale populistischer Kommunikation auf politische Einstellungen.

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Wikipedia:Auskunft/Archiv//Dez – Wikipedia

The unsettling of vision — tableaux vivants, early cinema, and optical illusions. Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter. Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos, Zwyssig, Philipp Affalterbach: Didymos. Renz, Seraina Ut pictura somnium? On A Hieroglyphic Dream by Vasari. Utopische Soldaten — Starship Troopers als klassische Utopie.

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Berlin, Bornkamm, Henriette Wild at heart and weird on top : Spielformen der Ironie im Film. Wird die "Science of Science Communication" eine Disziplin? Zgraja, Karolina In: Bohde, Daniela ; Nova, Alessandro. Jenseits des Disegno? Petersberg, Germany: Michael Imhof Verlag, In: Kase, Oliver. Paul Klee. Konstruktion des Geheimnisses. Zwischen kolonialer Wirklichkeit und kolonialer Legende — die deutsche Kolonialherrschaft in Film- und Fernsehproduktionen. Deutschland postkolonial?

Berlin: Metropol, Wasmer, Marc-Joachim In: Mina, Gianna A. Basel, Volmert, Miriam Karikatureske Bildreflexionen der Grand Tour um Europa auf Grand Tour. Bradel, Sabine Verhoeven, Marcel ; Oana, Ioana-Elana Necessary and sufficient conditions for audience success of media product brands; A field report on a two-step fsQCA with 10 conditions and cases. Edited by: Pollali, Angeliki ; Hub, Berthold London: Routledge.

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

In: Gockel, Bettina ; Volmert, Miriam. Wahrnehmen, Speichern, Erinnern. Edited by: Gockel, Bettina ; Volmert, Miriam A digital humanities approach to film colors. The Moving Image, 17 2 Editorial: Arabischer Film. Montage AV, Jg. Einleitung zur Artikelreihe "Feministische Perspektiven". The line as force : Henry van de Velde's scientific approach to artistic problems.

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Unemployment and the Great Depression in Weimar Germany

Schulz, Anne Research method selection. Hoboken, USA: Wiley, Internet und Politik in der Schweiz Internetanwendungen und deren Nutzung in der Schweiz Internetverbreitung und digitale Bruchlinien in der Schweiz Vertrauen und Sorgen bei der Internetnutzung in der Schweiz Complex narration in film — reflections on the interplay of deception, distancing and empuzzlement.

In: Schlickers, Sabine ; Toro, Vera. Perturbatory narration in film : narratological studies on deception, paradox and empuzzlement. Poggiolini, Claudia ; Ryffel, Fabian Zur Wirkung unterschiedlicher Warnhinweis-Formulierungen auf Zigarettenpackungen. In: Lampert, Claudia ; Grimm, Michael. Erfurt: Nomos, The polarizing impact of news coverage on populist attitudes in the public: evidence from a panel study in four european democracies. Journal of Communication, 67 6 Udris, Linards ; Eisenegger, Mark The effect of consumer scepticism on the perceived value of a sustainable hotel booking.

Eisenegger, Mark ; Udris, Linards Basel: Schwabe. Vogler, Daniel Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Lights on! Illuminating color notes from a dark nitrate room in the Netherlands. Mit Kopf, Haut und Haar? Eintauchen im Film und in Filme. Bonfadelli, Heinz In: v.

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Berlin: de Gruyter, Bonfadelli, Heinz ; Friemel, Thomas N Konstanz: UVK. The search for the lost colours of Albatros film. Journal of Film Preservation, 97 10 Film als Sprache : Semiotik des Films und Strukturalismus. Twitter and Middle East respiratory syndrome, South Korea, a multi-lingual study. Color negatives at the demise of silver halides. Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication. Maurer, Jacqueline S : Challenging the museum with Sarah Oppenheimer. In: Gleich, Moritz ; Stalder, Laurent.

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European Journal of Communication, 32 5 A Mission for Quality? Why Some Newspapers are Better than Others. How journalists verify online sources during terrorist crises. Analyzing Twitter communication during the Brussels attacks. Social Media and Society, 3 3 :online. Keller, Thomas.

A practicological modernism: Wyndham Lewis and british art rock. Konferenzbericht: Exploring the transnational in film studies [international conference organised by the Film Institute of the University of Zurich from the th of June ]. The effect of an avatar's emotional expressions on players' fear reactions: The mediating role of embodiment. Computers in Human Behavior, Exceeding national borders?

Grasping everyday life in longitudinal documentaries. Observing color film stock production across the Iron Curtain. Nordisk judaistik, 28 1 Zettl, Nepomuk Audiovisual enclosures in Jim Jarmusch's The limits of control. In: Heboyan, Esther. Les variations Jarmusch. Abstimmungsmonitor - Vorlage vom Mai Hagen Hodgson, Petra ; Eberhard, Peter Green Spaces of the Second Half of Life.

Schamal, Vera Kommunikation gesellschaft, online. Algorithmischer Journalismus - Eine Analyse der automatisierten Textproduktion im Journalismus auf gesellschaftlicher, organisatorischer und professioneller Ebene. Public Understanding of Science, 26 4 Commercial communication in the digital age — information or disinformation?

Open Access: De Gruyter. The Italian diaspora and the impossibility of home in Swiss cinema. Comunicazioni Sociali On-line, 2 Art in Translation, 9 S1 Rieger, Diana ; Hofer, Matthias How movies can ease the fear of death: the survival or death of the protagonists in meaningful movies. Mass Communication and Society, 20 5 Lurati, Patricia Renaissance Studies, 31 2 Journalisten auf Geldsuche. Esser, Frank ; Steppat, Desiree News media use: international comparative research.

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Stuttgart: Reclam, A blind spot in public broadcasters' discovery of the public: how the public values public service. A high sensitivity, low noise and high spatial resolution multi-band infrared reflectography camera for the study of paintings and works on paper. Heritage Science Alemanha-Brasil : uma historigrafia do cinema transnacional. An Artist Monk in Pieces. Towards an Archeology of Tuotilo.

Kinderarbeit in Pakistan

In: Ganz, David ; Dora, Cornel. Basel: Verlag am Klosterhof, Animation und Kartografie — zur Vermessung einer Problemzone. In: Gertiser Riniker, Anita ; et al. Marburg: Schueren Verlag, Anthropomorphe Kamera und ethische Haltung. Arabischer Film. Edited by: Echle, Evelyn Architecture, Ornament and Colour. A fashionable style: Carl von Diebitsch und das maurische Revival. Architecture, ornament and colour : The fascination for the islamic heritage of al-Andalus in 19th-century Europe. Was will eigentlich Journalismus?

Medienwandel kompakt In: Constantini, Marco. Miroir miroir. Lausanne: Mudac, A Reader. Edited by: Baltzer, Nanni ; Stierli, Martino Befundsicherung oder neuzeitlicher Ersatz? Die wechselvolle Geschichte der Cordobeser Mosaiken im Beitraege zur Islamischen Kunst und Archaeologie, Bipolar Populism? Brute force effects of mass media presence and social media activity on electoral outcome. MDE-Rundbrief, Campania felix? Reframing the Neapolitan Still Life. Nuncius - Journal of the history of science, 32 3 Caring is not enough: the importance of Internet skills for online privacy protection.

Information, Communication and Society, 20 8 Chantal Akerman. Color and Subjectivity in Film. Subjectivity across Media : Interdisciplinary and Transmedial Perspectives. Communications about biotechnologies and GMOs across Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Esser, Frank ; Vliegenthart, Rens Comparative Research Methods. International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell, Esser, Frank ; Pfetsch, Barbara Comparing Political Communication.

In: Caramani, Daniele. Comparative Politics. Trumpy, Giorgio ; Gschwind, R Conflicting colors : film scanning versus film projection. Color and Imaging Conference, 25 Hofer, Matthias Confoundation Check. Textile terms: a glossary. Emsdetten: Edition Imorde, Das Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation. Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation. Flatscher, Elias ; Zanesco, Alexander Das Skelett von A bis Z.

In: Zanesco, Alexander. Forum Hall in Tirol. Neues zur Geschichte der Stadt. Hall in Tirol, Sahli, Jan Stuttgart: J. Metzler Verlag, Data journalism: il giornalismo oltre i confine delle redazioni. In: Antenore, M ; Splendore, Sergio. Data journalism. Guida essenziale alle notizie fatte con i numeri. Kaufmann, Katrin ; Wyss, Helen Flatscher, Elias ; Stadler, Harald In: Hauser, Walter ; Mittermair, Martin. Jahrhundert, Bd. Bozen: Athesia Druck, Der staunende Blick auf die Schatzkunst.

Die Aneignung des Orients. In: Flatscher, Elias. Handel und Wandel auf und am Inn Brixen: Verlag A. Weger, Die Schlangen der Kleopatra. Dantes 'Contrapasso' und das Bildkonzept selbstverschuldeter Strafe im In: Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. Die Zeitdimension der Selbstwiederholung. In: Krieger, Verena ; Stang, Sophia. Digitaler Journalismus zwischen News und Native Advertising. Risiken und Nebenwirkungen einer heiklen Beziehung.

In: Meier, W A. Abbruch - Umbruch - Aufbruch : globaler Medienwandel und lokale Medienkrisen. The climate strikes are a sign of civil engagement, not skipping school. The World Future Council foundation advocates for climate protection, percent renewable energy, ending fossil fuel and nuclear powered energy sources and supporting climate resilient and sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, it campaigns for greater inclusion of environmental and sustainable practice across our education systems.

A new handbook on Education for Sustainable Development ESD shows how a more holistic, progressive, hands-on education can play a central role in empowering learners of all ages to positively respond to local and global challenges and act in a more peaceful, just, inclusive and sustainable manner. This approach is already helping people develop the skills, values and attitudes necessary to create more resilient societies and transition towards the skilled, green, low-carbon economies of the future.

All the key facts concerning climate change are on the table and international political decisions have been made. To achieve this, we focus on identifying and spreading effective, future-just policy solutions and promote their implementation worldwide. We are an independent, non-profit organisation under German law and finance our activities from donations. Direkt zum Inhalt. JavaScript muss aktiviert sein, um dieses Formular zu verwenden. Neues Passwort anfordern. SID Hamburg. Sie sind hier Startseite. Sammlung von Newsfeeds. Wir bieten Dir: eine unbefristete 0,5-Stelle ca. Jeder macht sein Ding welt-sichten - Eine Studie hat untersucht, wie Hilfs-, Entwicklungs- und Friedensorganisationen in Somalia zusammenarbeiten.

Eine bessere Abstimmung scheitert an eingefahren Routinen. Geberkonferenz 83 Prozent der Syrer leben unter der Armutsgrenze epo.

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KG greenjobs - Stromversorgung in Venezuela nach einer Woche wiederhergestellt welt-sichten - Schwierigkeiten bestehen weiter bei der Trinkwasserversorgung.