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Capitain Petzel , Berlin. January 9, Natalie Czech, Voyelles I , Five color prints, five frames, and museum glass, each part 62 x All images courtesy of Capitain Petzel, Berlin. Photo by Jens Ziehe.

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About the Author. Czech asked ten different authors, poets, curators, and artists to each write a one-page letter to themselves in her name. Assuming authorship of the work by way of multi-leveled acts of appropriation, she frees the figural image from the burden of representation, reinventing debates that surrounded photography in the late s. However, because these texts are enlarged in photographs, they no longer conform to the medium of its delivery in the way that we experience them in everyday life—as pages of a book, LP liner notes, iPad interfaces, and words on Kindle screens—but rather as a photographic copy.

Photography, as presented here, becomes the perfect medium for exploring such repetitions.

Phillis Wheatley - Poems, Life & Death - Biography

Take, for example, works like A poem by repetition by Emmett Williams , which are made up of multiple images, each highlighting a single line of text. A Woman. The first is a photograph of the entire page, the second is a close-up of its right half, and the third is an even more extreme close-up of its left half.

Fire Still Burns. With age in my body, but youth on the page A sword old and rusted, now tempers with rage These bones may be brittle, with feet slow to drill But fire still burns —in my memory and will Villanova Pennsylvania: December, I'm last in everyone's brain Last in everyone's heart Last on everyone's mind I thought I was at least first in yours but I was wrong You told me that I was your number one I know that's not true You have your friends, the band, your family, then you have you.

Where am I on your list? Dead last Just like I am on everyone else's. Two lonely empty hands for you. They didn't touch but love you.

They didn't promise but want you. They didn't beg but hug you.

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I know. You didn't want me to fulfill you. I know You didn't Ask to love you I can stop For you. Not me Because of love..


For simple touch. For lonely kiss. For empty hand.. Don't ask..

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Just beg.. I will.. I want. Whats It All About? I still love watching waves as they go by, crashing against each other and the whole process repeating all over again.

Song of Myself (1892 version)

That late night buzz. Only After Leaving. We're unhappy with what we're But we don't want to be happy By being what we may be. As they dance on the garden of life They realize they dance on fallen leaves Death that had come and gone But the death that will return. All rights reserved. It seems as if everyone has someone but me All I have is my art It get pretty lonely here I can't fall asleep next to my art I can't surprise my art with flowers I can't confide in my art It seems as if I'm the only one forgotten about All I can do is feel But I don't know if I want to feel anymore.

Cashmere Summer.