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Catholics such as Dante Alighieri believe in this because they think souls need to be clean before they can be allowed into heaven, as opposed to Protestants who believe that accepting Jesus as one's personal savior entitles one to heaven automatically no matter how filthy your soul is.

It is unpleasant and fiery like hell, but the souls there are not like the damned , in that they love God and are already saved. Part of the torment is the waiting. A "term" in purgatory can vary widely in length, from a few minutes to the end of the world , and in intensity, from "just slightly less bad than hell" to simply kept in a waiting room. Like prison, visitations by angels and saints are allowed for some souls. Purgatory : because your sins have to be burned off.

The Realm Between Heaven and Hell (#1)

Purgatory: the final processing. Purgatory: a very unpleasant place, but at least you age in reverse. Purgatory: hot time in the celestial big house. A state of mind that Roman Catholics believe you go to if you have sinned on earth but you believe in Jesus.

What Is Purgatory? Inside the Spiritual Realm That's Neither Heaven Nor Hell - TheBlaze

You stay in purgatory untill you have paid off all your sins , however some people stay there forever. If I used to ask myself over a coffin : " What good did it do the occupant to be born? FPH Vaguebooking Kennebunkport Surprise Herby Midian, as it should be, is ours once again.

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Well, as much as a wild beast is yours, if you're lucky enough to wrap a collar round its throat. The "rules" of this realm are hard to define. Magic ranging from hellish, divine, and terran run freely as water in a stream.

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Deities, countless as they are, bestow blessings from their realm as easily as the snap of human fingers. Just as easily, souls branded with curses from Hell roam amongst us, the extent of their burdens unknown to us, but a danger all the same.

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For each mystery solved in this world, another reveals itself. Midian, the world we call our home, is yet to be understood. Every time a bar is set, the bar is broken, and another alien code is written out, begging to be cracked, even if we lack the tools to do so. Though this realm is riddled with monsters, malevolent and benign, it is ours to know, to thrive in, to claim.

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It's the only one we have. He describes three states that people might pass through in this realm. In the first state, people are essentially the same as they were in life. They have all of their memories, they have the same beliefs and attitudes toward things, and they may even manifest the same surroundings that they had on earth.

When people first enter the spiritual world, they often meet friends or relatives who crossed over before them. Spouses will be reunited, although not necessarily forever. If two people were truly of one mind on earth, they will live together as spouses in heaven too. However, if they were not happily married, or if their personalities are fundamentally different, they will eventually part ways. Those who did not find love on earth, Swedenborg says, will eventually find their perfect match in heaven—no one is ever alone unless they wish to be.

Between Heaven & Hell

Anyone who has become totally transparent in this life, whether transparently loving or transparently hateful, is fully ready for either heaven or hell, and goes straight in. In the second state after death, the person becomes aware of the deeper parts of his or her inner nature.

They start saying what they really think and act according to what they feel without worrying about appearances or making other people happy. People who are truly good inside will be kind and generous to others, while people who are inherently evil will be openly selfish and cruel. While we can all be generous or selfish sometimes, inherently good spirits will reject the selfish thoughts and work to rid themselves of those impulses, while inherently evil spirits will justify their bad behavior and thereby embrace it as part of themselves.

At this point, like is drawn to like, so the sorting out begins. For people who are ready for heaven, there is a third state, a time of instruction. It is a time for learning about heaven and how to lead a life that allows one to experience it. Swedenborg goes into great detail about the lives of angels, which you can read more about on our angels page. People who have joined a community of evil spirits, however, will continue to descend farther and farther into hell until they reach those people who are most similar to them.

Swedenborg points out that this is not a punishment; it is simply the place where they feel the most comfortable. If they have freely chosen a path that is the opposite of love and wisdom, there is nothing more the angels can do for them. The most merciful thing to do is to let them live the life they have chosen. Regardless of their religious background or their personal beliefs, regardless of their nationality, gender, or race, all people have an equal chance to go to either heaven or hell.

Swedenborg tells us that heaven has three levels: the heavenly or celestial, the spiritual, and the natural.