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If you mount two clock pendulums side by side on the wall, they will gradually begin to swing together. They synchronise each other by picking up tiny vibrations they each transmit through the wall.

Things are lazy. It takes less energy to pulse cooperatively than to pulse in opposition. Physicists call this beautiful, economical laziness mutual phase locking, or entrainment.

THE MAGIC LISTENING CAP by Yoshiko- retold by Uchida | Kirkus Reviews

All living beings are oscillators. We vibrate. Amoeba or human, we pulse, move rhythmically, change rhythmically; we keep time. You can see it in the amoeba under the microscope, vibrating in frequencies on the atomic, the molecular, the subcellular, and the cellular levels. That constant, delicate, complex throbbing is the process of life itself made visible. We huge many-celled creatures have to coordinate millions of different oscillation frequencies, and interactions among frequencies, in our bodies and our environment.

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Most of the coordination is effected by synchronising the pulses, by getting the beats into a master rhythm, by entrainment. Like the two pendulums, though through more complex processes, two people together can mutually phase-lock. Successful human relationship involves entrainment — getting in sync. This entrainment, Le Guin argues, occurs organically and constantly, often below our conscious awareness and beyond willful intention:.

Consider deliberately sychronised actions like singing, chanting, rowing, marching, dancing, playing music; consider sexual rhythms courtship and foreplay are devices for getting into sync. Consider how the infant and the mother are linked: the milk comes before the baby cries. Consider the fact that women who live together tend to get onto the same menstrual cycle. We entrain one another all the time. Listening is not a reaction, it is a connection.

No wonder speech is so strong a bond, so powerful in forming community. Sound signifies event. A noise means something is happening. You see the mountain. I see Mount St. Helens out my study window, about eighty miles north. I did not hear it explode in the sound wave was so huge that it skipped Portland entirely and touched down in Eugene, a hundred miles to the south. Those who did hear that noise knew that something had happened. That was a word worth hearing. Sound is event. This event of speech, Le Guin argues, is the most potent form of entrainment we humans have — and the intimate tango of speaking and listening is the stuff of great power and great magic:.

When you speak a word to a listener, the speaking is an act.

Posts tagged '1-2-3 Magic: Effective Listening'

It is a shared event, intersubjective: the listener and speaker entrain with each other. Both the amoebas are equally responsible, equally physically, immediately involved in sharing bits of themselves. The voice creates a sphere around it, which includes all its hearers: an intimate sphere or area, limited in both space and time. Sound is dynamic. Speech is dynamic — it is action. Not only because it is a narrow perspective, but also because they really seem to think that this way of living will truly make them happy.

Another person told me that I always seem to encounter such special persons, regarding the valuable stories. I do not believe that the people or stories I encounter are more special than those encountered by any other person every day.

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And curiosity has nothing to do with age. Of course, young children have this natural hunger for learning, but I can also encounter curiosity in the eyes and smile of elderly people too. According to me, true happiness lies in discovering the candle in another human being, and expanding the flame without them knowing where it came from. I have a degree in civil engineering. Experiencing mental health problems after giving birth to my oldest daughter changed my career, making me become a volunteer in the mental health sector.

My Dutch blog is my way of communicating to the world what matters to me. I love silence. It enables me to catch subtle signals, and refine my listening ability. In this article, I try to explain how listening is incorporated in my life. Tanja Gouverneur is a non-member of Global Listening Centre. You must be logged in to post a comment. When listening becomes magic. The weeks to follow became tough ones, filled with hesitation. Just another patient—who had to be patient, since they had a lot to do.

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Hey, I seem to belong to the world Writing has opened some extra dimensions of listening for me. Four levels of listening In Theory U, four levels of listening are described. At that level, you evaluate what you do in accordance with the impact that it has on the world. Why should we grow in listening?

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Growing in listening is growing from ego- to eco-thinking. At least that is true happiness to me. Every day. True listening gives birth to this kind of magic! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Do You Want Your Staff to Communicate More Clearly?

Search for:. We process auditory input ten times faster than our vision operates, but our automatic brain develops a filter that decides what should get our attention. Only then do we begin to listen. The three types of attention use three different pathways in the brain. The first is the most direct, reserved for sudden noises or other threatening sounds. It begins the fight or flight response and might trigger a startle reflex.