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The story begins when Atolli, his best friend Mecatl and some other adventurous boys from the warrior school that Atolli attends, roam the palace walls at night, drinking octli , a potent drink reserved for the warriors of the tribe. This is a serious transgression, but an adventure they have taken before. This time, they are discovered and chased and Atolli and Mecatl fall over the wall into one of the palace gardens. There they meet Chictli, the beautiful daughter of the second son of the Emperor, and Atolli is smitten. At the same time, the Emperor dies, making Tecpatl vow to support his first son as the new Emperor, thus putting him at odds not only with his son, but much of the Tepenic elite.

Tecpatl is thus forced to choose between his duty to the new Emperor and his family, which ultimately puts them all in danger. Sakuna uses her skill with herbs and healing to deal with the crisis.

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The characters come alive; because of her detailed research on everything involved in tribal life — customs, food, clothing , jewelry — the reader feels like they are there, amidst the action. Family dynamics, especially in this book, are very recognizable, even though the tribal dynamics are complex.

These emotions fuel this story.


I highly recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction but more widely to any reader who likes a barn burner of a story with great characters and lots of action. All are based on more than a decade of research of pre-contact cultures. She is convinced this history of the Americas has been completely overlooked, and she brings it to life through her writing.

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She has also written The Peacemaker Series of four books, stories surrounding the creation of the famous Iroquois Confederacy, one of the oldest democracies on earth. I reviewed Two Rivers, one of these books, in a previous post. Great review.

The Jaguar Warrior (Pre-Aztec Trilogy, Prequel Book 2)

The Jaguar Warrior is my favorite in this series. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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  • Acamapichtli is a wise man of vision who has every intention of gaining independence while developing and expanding his empire. To that end he wants sanction to subdue the trouble in nearby settlements. Atolli refuses, uncomfortable and annoyed at feeling used. His allegiance is tested and his encounter with Chictli forces him to leave his reckless youth behind. The small Aztecs island is busy trying to gain their independence, while helping the Tepanecs expand their Empire, engaging in more and more wars.

    While struggling to achieve their aims, the main characters find themselves on different paths, each fraught with losses and danger. This last of the pre Aztec series takes place mostly in the Tepanec capital of Azcapotzalco. Atolli has returned from Tenochtitlan a changed man after his experiences there, he has a purpose and is determined to make his mark.

    Mecatl has fallen in love with a rescued slave girl, Mino, who arrives with them and their new recruits. Atolli has been offered the position of leading warrior by the Aztec ruler if he succeeds in conquering the targeted settlements during his raids with his band of Aztec warriors. He is not alone in resisting independence for the Aztecs. His father shrugged. Most see the Aztecs as barbarians with no finesse. Their history to date was not inspiring, starting from their nomadic ancestry and ending with the flayed princess of Culhuacan. They make good warriors, and that is why they are tolerated.

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    These are such well crafted narratives with wonderfully developed and engaging personalities. As always, Zoe Saadia writes excellent and absorbing stories, imaginative and detailed, bringing the characters to life vividly. Informative and enjoyable at the same time, a great way to learn about history.

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    I just finished the Currents of War and as true to the others this is a good book. I still hope this becomes a movie or mini series. After reafing the Gary Jennings Aztec series I struggled to find another author who demonstrated ample knowledge of pre-comlumbian Mexico and wrote in such a way that you were hesitant to put the book down, and then I discoverd Zoe Saadua! I have read the pre-Aztec series and am curently on book 3 of the Aztec series.

    You will not be disappointed, but be prepared to purchase one book after another. You won't want to miss what comes next Go to Amazon. Back to top.

    Pre-Aztec Trilogy | Awards | LibraryThing

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