Manual Men on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail

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  1. Men on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail
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  3. Sheep Driveways gather in Black Canyon City | The Verde Independent | Cottonwood, AZ
  4. Humans Are Destroying Animals’ Ancestral Knowledge

Men on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail

We learn about how the men live and work in the mountains, along the trail and in the winter deserts where the lambs are born. This book also includes a brief history of sheep in Arizona and the driveways used to walk the sheep miles from winter pastures to summer grazing lands. The sheep walked the Heber-Reno Trail for the last time in the spring of For immediate download.

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Wild Sheep Foundation Sheep Show 2019 Wild Sheep Biologist Wall of Fame Award Presentation

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Sheep Driveways gather in Black Canyon City | The Verde Independent | Cottonwood, AZ

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Men on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail

Cordes Station looks much like a little ghost town now, but John and Lizzie's great-great-granddaughter Cathy Cordes still opens the store for business on weekends. These days it's full of antiques for sale, instead of the groceries, grains and mining supplies that sheepherders and miners needed in years past. The sheepherders would stop at Cordes Station where water was available to rest their herd. They would dip, brand and shear their flocks before continuing up the trail. A railroad spur took wool fleeces to Prescott. Young Cal would help care for the sheepherders' burros and horses.

Cal's Dad would make narrow burro pack boxes to snugly hold Dutch ovens, and the family still has a few in the barn. Cal's mother and her helpers would feed about 65 people three meals a day at 50 cents a head per meal. At one time, herders moved about a million sheep up and down eight sheep driveways in Arizona.

The federal government created them to reduce conflict between the sheep and cattle families. Just two Arizona families continue the tradition of driving sheep herds, the Manterolas and the Auzas who are related and headquartered in Casa Grande. They are good people.

We'd go get a Coke there. It was really kind of a treat for us. In the early days Cal remembers Joe's dad Frank Auza using two gray mules to carry a canvas cot, bedroll, white sheets and a pillow for his camp. In the fall, they truck them back down to the valley. The whole family gets together for the Verde River crossing, said Carmen, who has been married to Joe Auza for a half-century now.

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Family in Cottonwood brings lunch and the grandkids play in the water. The long drive with the herders, dogs and burros helps the sheep get in shape for breeding in the high country, and provides good forage along the way. The route dates back to the s, and it became a federally designated livestock driveway in Sheepherders left inscriptions and artwork along the trail over the decades, and volunteers such as Diane Lovett and Fran Whetten with the Verde Valley Horsemen's Council are among those tracking down trail routes and sites throughout the desert.

Bureau of Land Management. The group then dedicated a new sheep driveway interpretive exhibit at the Black Canyon Heritage Park, S. The sheep were sold in Sept and the trail is no longer in use. I have four children's books with my pictures from the trail.

Humans Are Destroying Animals’ Ancestral Knowledge

They tell about the sheep, burros, dogs and men on the trail. I also do presentations all over the state to let people know about Arizona's sheep history. It makes me very proud to be a small part of this project and to be able to contribute. After the gathering, people are invited to the groundbreaking of an interpretive exhibit at p.

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