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Charlie is a fantastic character, very much a scientist, who doesn't really have time for social foibles. He wants things to work in the most sensible and efficient manner possible, and as a result is a bit misunderstood and misunderstanding. Machine Man is also a sharp commentary on technology and how it affects our lives. When the book starts, Charlie can't find his phone — and as he goes about looking for it, thinking perhaps it fell behind the bed, or it's out in the living room, or it must be in his car, or he must have left it at the office, you can feel his building anxiety which reflects your own over-reliance on this one little device.

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He feels, as we often do, entirely lost without that slight weight in his pocket. The book also talks a lot about what it means to be human, and even as Charlie becomes less organic, he starts to become a bit more human. While so much of the book is quite over-the-top, it really works well. I hear that a movie is now in development, with Darren Aronofsky signed to direct. As Barry points out, Aronofsky was working on a Robocop remake before it fell apart, so he might just be perfect for this project. I love the way that the book was partly crowd-sourced not entirely, of course, but Barry incorporated some ideas from readers and took their reactions into account while writing it.

Even the cover image was influenced by popular vote, picked from a group of six, which is quite unusual in the world of publishing. And although the book is sort of science fiction and there are parts that seem outlandish, the world of Charlie Neumann might be closer than you think. Check out this video from MIT's Biomechatronics Group, which talks about, of all things, smarter prosthetics.

Hugh Herr certainly seems much more personable than Charlie, but he has some similar ideas about the state of prosthetics and how they could be improved — even including a neural-machine interface. If you like a smart, cynical book packed with both action and very geeky ideas, check out Machine Man. You can read the original serial online or buy the book.

Heck, do both. I was fascinated by the way that familiar bits from the serial appeared throughout the book, but not always in the same order and with a lot of new material worked in. Either way, it's a fun ride.

I don't know if Barry has any plans to do a serial again, but if he does I'll definitely sign up for the real-time updates this time around. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.

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Author: Aarian Marshall Aarian Marshall. When a scientist makes a man super-powerful by increasing his mass, Senator Brickman's aides see a way to please their boss by using the man to discredit Machine Man. A scientist seeking a source of clean energy is accidentally transformed into a cloud of ionised hydrogen gas.

Trying to help the scientist puts Machine Man against the Torch and the Thing. She has come for help with a strange pain, but once Machine Man and Ultron are added to the mix, chaos ensues The world celebrates Hulk's amnesty and declaration of hero status.

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Machine Man ( 1st Series) comic books

Not all parties are as happy as Hulk Review Consent. Real Name: X Occupation: Adventurer; Insurance Investigator. Birth Place: None. Identity: Public. Origin: Robot. First Appearance A Space Odyssey 8 v2. Gender: Male. Weight: lbs. Eyes: Red. Hair: Black. Universe: Earth Comic Information. Cover Date : July Release Date: April Writer: Jack Kirby. Art: Jack Kirby. Cover: John Verpoorten.

X-51 (Earth-616)

Cover Date : August Release Date: May Cover: Mike Esposito. Cover Date : September Release Date: June Cover: Mike Royer. Cover Date : April Release Date: January Cover: Jack Kirby. Cover Date : May Release Date: February Cover Date : June Release Date: March Synopsis Unavailable. Cover: Walt Simonson. Cover Date : October Release Date: July Cover Date : November Release Date: August Cover Date : December Release Date: September Writer: Roger Stern. Art: Sal Buscema.

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Cover: Al Milgrom. Cover: Sal Buscema. Writer: Marv Wolfman.