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Alaska also makes nonpayment a misdemeanor, but also has a felony option. About the authors:. Subscribe in a reader. All rights reserved. For republishing requests, please contact editor sfbar. Neither BASF nor the editors assume responsibility for statements or opinions expressed by writers and contributors to this website. Legal by the Bay Powered by WordPress. Max Magazine Theme was created by. Must people can't understand her threw the whisle While it will be hard to find a job with your backgrounds it's not impossible.

Try new companies. If you get in on the ground floor most times people won't care as long as you show results You really need to re assess your attitude. Never judge a person until you have walked in thier shoes. You have no idea what anyone has gone through or is currently gone through. Every one makes mistakes and some people that have been deemed "a criminal" really aren't. I happen to know a person who has been labeled as such and this person has more kindness, compassion and work ethic then most people I know.

The reason the world is so full of hatred today is due to so many people having your kind of attitude. It's disqusting to say the least. You are so narrow-minded and need to find something else to worry about. I am a convicted felon. I have been able to graduate college with bachelor's and master's degrees.

I have also obtained my law degree, and I am now a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania. You have no right to discriminate against someone due to a criminal record. We can make it in the world notwithstanding our mistakes. I certainly hope you or a family member never find your self in this situation then maybe you want be so judgemental.

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Lexi in Grand Junction, Colorado. Thats a dick move.. Iv never been in trouble with the law but know that these things happen! Beauty Betty in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a single mother of two who did a crime when I was younger before my kids and I still cannot find a job due to my earlier years actions 7 years ago I really don't know what to do go to school but if I do will I be able to get the job? F4Ever in Palm Coast, Florida. Its the ignorance of people like yourself that make the world the way it is today!!!!

People can and DO change!! Everybody needs to go on over to www. Angela in Cleveland, Ohio. I myself, do not have a criminal record, however, my husband does. You should feel ashamed of yourselves for judging others. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!! To winterville Georgia jackASS: some crimes aren't actually crimes. Because of debt I had no money to have my place cleabed up or get a dog I had groomed and apparently in WA state not having your dog groomed is a misdemeanor offense. Better arrest all the homeless in Seattle with pets cause their dogs sure as hell aren't groomed.

I hope Geirgia has some sort of being an ASS crime you're unaware of and the only job you'll be able to get is at a Denny's! If you're Christian , you didn't pay any attention to the no judging part of your book, did you? A Real Person in Sacramento, California. You need honest people for your very existence. Here you go spreading the same ridiculous nonsense that causes this problem in the first place. Every one who has been convicted of a crime is "criminal minded"? You are part of the problem.

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Little Girl in Albany, New York. You go to Prison and come home to a little Girl that needs her Dad more now thin ever. That little Girl also needs her Daddy too go on with his Life and get back to work. So when can that same little Girl Start her life all over? Because you may not know it but that little Girl will not get up off of that floor, in her mind until the Day her Daddy come Home.

From One Little Girl P. Now that is a Hard working Felon! What did your Daddy Do for you. Be truthful to yourself! Educated felon in Dallas, Texas.

Is Angela Simmons Pregnant By Fiance Fresh Out Of Another Relationship?

Wow that is an amazing story. My father molested Me.

Should I Hire DANIEL L CULVERHOUSE of Florida?

Your a lucky women! If that is the case, then the guy never should have done time. Me shooting someone raping my 6 year old daughter is not the murder, it's the mercy. The crime is what I would be doing to the creep for a few hours before I give him the mercy bullet.

Even at that, the next crime would be what happens to the prosecutor who even thinks about pressing charges. Getting profiled for anything other than your crimes of conviction is in itself a civil liability for anyone doing it, but the problem is that felons are usually too poor to press civil charges. I got convicted of weapons violations only, basic "right winger" stuff, but yeah, it ticks me off when someone then decides to profile me as everything from a doper to burglar to rapist because I manned up and did my time instead of ratting people out for breaking absurd gun laws.

Profiling is a legitimate screening activity for human resources , but badly done or "wide brush" applied just on the basis of someone losing a court battle and nothing else, then it is not just "wrong" but probably illegal. If they transmit the information to anyone with a "no-hire" recommendation based on unrelated crimes, then I think there is a liability. We are talking labor forum here, not people being put in charge of banks. So what if some ex-dope dealer or car thief is kicking boxes in a warehouse?

Did he have a record of employee theft? Any allegation of it? I am always looking online for my husband He has done CEO which is center for employment opportunities, he has done College Initiative - he goes into stores and everything. John in Sorrento, Florida said: Ok guys Mark V in Longmont, Colorado. Can you Imagine being the spouse of this person that lacks basic human compassion for his or her fellow man sad…. Sassy in Port Orchard, Washington. One in twelve citizens in the United States is a convicted felon. You will never be able to avoid them.

What makes you think you're perfect, anyway? News flash: You aren't perfect. You're ignorant. As a child I had no father. Came up with my mother, but she was never around do to abusing drugs. I was starved, neglected, and lock out of the house as a child. I began to hang with the wrong people. Food , money, and clothing were very low so I began to sell drugs. This brought nothing but trouble.

One day my supervisor told me I was on crime stoppers. I turned myself in, march 21st. I learned from my mistakes. I have a 7 month old daughter now, and an expensive apartment. All I want to do is turn things around and show people the real, and new me. Roxan in Des Moines, Iowa said: I'd say try Iowa it seems here they seem to hire people who have criminal records here. Its us normal people that can't seem to keep a job here because of the criminals. So I moving to Wisconsin.

Hope this helps you. And its people like you who down us "criminals " that makes life hard so some, not most, not all 'criminals" return to our old ways. Then there are those of us who dont let negitive people like you bring us down and we better ourseves to be the highly respected lawyers,probation officers,nurses,and or doctors that you yourself use today. And i do have a degree in one of these fields and work in the field of it,just asame you dont know which one. We may have met a few times!

Man u are an idiot. Not every felon is a person who abuses children you twirp. YorkiePud in Gardendale, Alabama. Me included.

Daddy's Little Felons

We sit here thinking we know everything about a person when really, we have no idea what that person has done. As far as the comments "time" has made, you could say the same about Catholic Priests, they're notorious for raping kids. I will straight up admit that I'm far from perfect, so me or anyone else here judging anyone here is stupid. Yea, I think we can all agree with the fact that someone who commits certain crimes are in a league of their own and they have their own rules as far as being in the community. Jason in Champaign, Illinois. I recently got a felony, an aggrevated battery charge against me, I was not intentionally trying to hurt the other person.

I was under alot of stress, i. As i stated before, i was not intentionally trying to hurt the other person, i was under alot of stress and did not know how to handle it. I know i was in the wrong for doing what i did, i feel real crappy and wish i could take it back. Byron Stewart in Boise, Idaho. Alex Portland in Vancouver, Washington.

You know, I was not exactly a gladiator type in prison, but perhaps felons and violence thing is starting to ring true. I am really seeing not a whole lot of other options when it comes to dealing with people's prejudices. I am guilty of what I did, and that's it. When someone implies that I am a rapist, mass workplace murderer waiting to pounce or a tool theif or embezzler since I have a "felony" and they don't even care what it was for , I start to think that the only way someone will get it is through a lot of pain.

I mean the pain that comes from a good old "you offended my honor so I am beating you down" pain. You know, people used to do that over issues of honor. Now I am being told that I can't work on a house remodel job where Bank of America is the "owner" of the property because at the corporate level, they are taking OUR tax money on their bailout funds and using it to refurbish their real estate portfolio that grows every day with foreclosures they can now fund, and they are telling the contractors that no felons are allowed on the property for any reason, with background checks being mandatory.

Now we are talking basically abandoned houses, so with no residents present, I don't even see much of an issue having someone working for me who is a sex offender. This stuff has got to hit a point somewhere, I mean I can get away with lying in part because I don't look the part and my record is more difficult than most to look up due to the nature of the particular case, but there have been sooo many people in my life who I declined to press charges on or let go on things that could have been prosecuted, it burns me to think they might be laughing all the way to the bank while I go broke over my mercy on them.

Now Bank of America is basically making their "No Felons Policy" something that reaches outside of anything at the bank which would be remotely security related. They don't want felons mowing yards or painting houses the bank owns. This is something for you guys. You could have a nightmares before you have a good dream and a more nightmares before the next one. Sometimes you think that the lord has abandon and he hasn't.

He steps in your life when its necessary to being it to order. We always say why lord why me things happen mistakes are done. We have to be strong and stay strong. For he will never abandon us. We love lord. JJ in Pinckney, Michigan.

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You know I think this comment is very RUDE! People make mistakes and should be able to be forgiven for them! People who do crimes, pay time!


They paid for it, why should they keep paying?