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Money for the local project will be raised through several means, said Elaine Teague, a Lake Oswego certified public accountant helping the effort. The first will tap the pocketbooks of an estimated 20, people who have studied transcendental meditation techniques in the Portland area during the past 40 years.

Crafting Friendship: Mary Delany’s Album and Queen Charlotte’s Pocketbook – by Madeleine Pelling

The second will involve the development of an organic-produce business on recently donated land near Silver Falls in eastern Marion County, she said. Successful fund raising could see construction beginning before the end of the year.

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Yogic flying, considered an extension of transcendental meditation, speeds practitioners toward a state of heightened enlightenment, they say. The pair sat lotus-style — cross-legged with opposite feet pulled up on top of their thighs — on twin mattresses. On an unseen signal, both maintained the lotus position while bouncing from one end of the mattress to the other. Once they reached an end, they scooted around and repeated the maneuver, perhaps 15 times. Both said they are beginning yogic flyers and thus not capable of the extended levitation they say advanced flyers can achieve.

The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living by Russ Harris -

Citing a number of studies he called scientifically valid, he said the claims have repeatedly been verified. Possibly Related Products. The exchange of craft works and other objects between them within the context of gifting and a domesticated sociability further facilitated and sustained elite female friendship. Later relating events to her niece Mary Port, Delany described how the queen, princesses and ladies-in-waiting had absconded from the overtly masculinized events of the hunt in order to attend the duchess within the feminized, private spaces of Bulstrode.

The Duchess of Portland returned home in order to be ready to receive the Queen, who immediately followed, before wee [sic] could pull of [sic] our cloaks! We got home a quarter before eleven, and the Queen staid till two.

Current work in wildlife, rivers, public lands, and climate

Queen Charlotte, Embroidered needlework pocket-book containing stainless steel and mother-of-pearl tools and gifted to Mary Delany , Without appearing imprudent towards Mrs. Delany, and indiscreet to her Friends who wish to preserve her as her excellent qualities well deserve, I cannot have the pleasure of enjoying her company this Winter which our amiable Friend the Dutchess [sic] Dowager of Portland has so frequently and politely indulged me with during the Summer.

I must therefore desire that Mrs. Mrs Delany attempted to write to you to express her gratefull [sic] acknowledgements to the Queen, for the magnificent present Her Majesty did her the Honour to bestow on her; but is miserable to find her Eyes fail her too much to gratifye [sic] her sensibility on this occasion; indeed I think nothing can exceed her gratitude, she was delighted!

In November, Mrs. As Boscawen reveals, for Delany and those in her social milieu, handicraft could function as an alternative form of communicating emotional attachment and recalling absent friends.

Lost Teachings on Keys to Spiritual Progress – Pocket Book

For Delany in particular, it served as another medium in which to invest her voice as writing became more and more challenging. The pocketbook worked in much the same way, revealing the broad encompassing of craft as an emotional and social language.

The methods and experience of producing both paper-cuts and embroidery had much in common, sharing materials, tools, and techniques. Often, scissors and knives used in needlework would be similarly employed to cut and slice delicate cut-paper designs and would be associated with works produced in each medium. This conversational overlap of both materials and methodology in the two disciplines is clearly represented in the tools gifted by Charlotte and contained within the pocketbook.

In a letter to her niece Mary Port, written in the autumn of , Delany records how the queen was a regular witness to her craft:. On Saturday, as I was at my usual work, and the Dss D. She would not suffer me to remove any of my litter, but said it was her wish to see me at my work; and by her command I sat down and shewed her my manner of working, which her great politeness made her pleased with.

It is generally agreed that Delany rarely, if ever, used graphite to sketch her patterns prior to cutting the paper. Rather, it was done by eye.


If she cut from life in front of her, then the album gifted to Charlotte can be viewed as an intimate record of interactions between the two. A silhouette of George III at the start of the album points to an intimate acquaintance with and regular proximity to the king. Appearing as a sort of pasted-in frontispiece, it sets the tone of the work and, possibly, serves as a visual dedication to the monarch.

This would also suggest, then, that the album was created as a gift and that Charlotte was, most likely, the intended recipient from its earliest inception. The material expressions of friendship shared between Queen Charlotte and Mary Delany were valued for the physical and intellectual labours of crafting by which they came to exist, as much as by their qualities as finished and gifted items. Composite and collagic in their designs, work done by each woman drew on the productions of the other. I am particularly grateful to Professor Arthur Burns for offering me the opportunity to contribute to this exciting research project and to Dr.


Oliver Walton, Dr. Roberta Guibilini, Dr. Carly Collier and all the staff of the Royal Archives and Royal Library for their support and suggestions during my time in the archives.

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